Deep Emotional Core Wounds Healing Seaside Nature Mini Retreat


Sun Aug 18 2024 at 03:00 pm to 05:00 pm



Worthing | Worthing, EN

Are you ready for some deep healing?
About this Event
  • Are you tired of always working on yourself but never feeling like you can see considerable improvements in your life and circumstances?
  • Have you spent years reading books, going to therapy etc...but it still feels like you keep having the same issues or difficulties just in different circumstances and with different people?
  • Are you wondering how you can finally understand what is really going on and so start to make changes that are life changing?

If this is you, then this nature mini retreat might be for you.

It is a certainly a rather special event.

It doesn't focus on therapy, coaching or mentoring modalities.

It focuses on trying to gain a practical, starting point from where to start self healing and understanding one self and one's life.

Let me explain.

Christian teachings make reference to our core or deep emotional wounds all the time in the form of “original sin.”

However, once we put aside the dogmatic associations connected with this notion, we see that “original sin” reveals something profound about our deep-rooted core/emotional wounds, i.e. how issues such as generational guilt, self-rejection, abuse, and self-hatred have passed on from generation to generation.

Often, our deepest emotional wounds start in childhood. When we’re little we are free spirits, and we exist outside of the confines of societal conditioning. We can even go back to tracing our emotional life starting in our mother's womb, but it is in childhood, that we truly begin to experience constraints that solidifies our deep emotional wounding. And yes there are those that exist that are well rounded, healthy, vital human beings but this is not the majority of people.

So why go this far back to address deep emotional wounding? Why even bother if part of this journey of life means that things will happen (good or bad) that will leave a mark in our lives. The answer is simple: if we do not understand our deep emotional wounding and take steps to heal it, we will spend the rest of our lives caught up in Groundhog Day reliving it until we can heal and move on from it. No amount of wishful thinking, positive thinking, intention setting etc..will change that unless the inner work is done.

So this event offers everyone a chance to start this dynamic healing process...

I will be explaining and guiding everyone through the process on the day. Please ensure you bring the following with you on the day:

  • suitable,comfy clothes to be outdoors
  • bring something to sit on on the grass
  • and also bring with you a journal (and pen) or something to write on/with
  • as well as some water to drink throughout the event to stay hydrated.
  • If you want to eat something on the break but do not wish to eat at the local eating venue we will be eating at, then please bring your own lunch.


It is taking place in the beautiful outdoors in nature... the seaside in the Worthing area (exact location to be advised to all who RSVP after RSVPs close the night before the event).

A retreat is essentially time away from our everyday lives, whether we need a break from work or the children, or are recovering from a break-up or a personal loss. Whatever you need time off from, a retreat offers an escape to regain yourself, regain control of your life, and discover things about yourself you never knew. A mini retreat therefore is for those that don't have alot of time because they are busy or have alot of commitments but want to make self care and time away with nature, with themselves and others a priority. So instead of spending a whole day or several days away in a retreat,what is being offered are a few hours of respite from the daily pressures of life.


As a , I will be running this nature mini retreat for anyone who is serious about taking their inner healing to the next level.

So this mini retreat offers everyone who attends an opportunity to:

-Tell their story(however or as much or little as the attendee feels comfortable in doing so) and be witnessed by others.

-And within the context of the group energy and space be able to notice what themes or deep emotional wounding seems to come up again and again to be healed.

This is very effective and powerful, because we are in a natural setting (nature), speaking our truth, being listened to and supported by others.

This mini nature retreat gives all attendees the chance to start connecting with their deepest awareness of who they are and what needs addressing and healing. All this is quite powerful within the container that is the group space of like minded people coming together.

Hopefully attendees will come to the end of the event knowing this:

"You are a work in progress and where you are in life is exactly where you need to be for the highest outcome of your experience in this lifetime".



My name is Lou and it gives me great pleasure to offer events that connects people in meaningful and fun ways, while at the same time offering a more bespoke service that does not break the bank! I pride myself in making sure during my events that everyone feel welcome and included as I know how daunting it can be to meet new people!Here are a few things you need to know before RSVPing...

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◼️The listed event fee is not redeemable against any drinks/food or extras. Drinks and extras like food etc..are paid for by each person directly to the venue. There is no minimum spend at venues, unless this is specified. All my events are run as walk-in events at the venues.I am in no way affiliated or representing the venues. Therefore if attendees have any questions on the day please contact me directly on my mobile phone and not the venue.

◼️This event is not being offered as therapy/counselling and so does not constitute as a diagnosis or replacement for medical or psychological treatment. It is being run for self-help, motivation, information/educational and discussion purposes only. You will need to be able to assume responsibility for your own emotional wellbeing as it's not always possible to consider individual triggers in a group setting. If you feel you have deep rooted mental health issues that are affecting your life right now,please do find appropriate, expert help in addition to helping yourself. The results can often mean seeing a significant improvement in your wellbeing,mental health and life.

◼️Please behave with respect and consideration towards others.Inappropriate behaviour from any attendee, will result in said attendee being banned from attending Connected Exclusive Events.

◼️As the organiser, I will take all possible precautions to ensure that this event is run as safely as possible for all attendees. By signing up and attending any of my events , you agree that your safety and personal belongings are your own responsibility and I am not responsible or liable for either.

◼️If you have any personal requirements that you need to be considered to attend this event, please contact me to discuss before you RSVP.

To contact me, see more info about me and see all my events all in one place and also be notified of new events

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Worthing, United Kingdom

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Lucia Santos

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