~ Return to Self ~Coming Home to You, Weekend Retreat, in Wilton, 23rd Feb - 25th Feb 2024


Fri Feb 23 2024 at 05:00 pm to Sun Feb 25 2024 at 03:00 pm


Brahma Kumaris Inner Space Retreat Centre | Wollongong, NS

~ Return to Self ~

Coming Home to You, Weekend Retreat

Where: Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre @ 150 MacArthur Dr, Wilton NSW 2571 (around 25 - 30 minutes drive South from Campbelltown)

When: Friday 23rd of February - Sunday 25th of February 2024

Time: 4:45pm Friday - 3:00pm Sunday

Super Early Bird Room Options (ends November 1st 2023):

- Shared twin room with single beds & ensuite - $749.00pp

- Private room & ensuite - $804.00pp

Tickets at: https://www.source88.com.au/products/return-to-self-weekend-retreat-23rd-feb-25th-feb-2024

Just some of the Return To Self Weekend Retreat Benefits

♡Connecting with Soul tribe and like minded people on their own spiritual path

♡Deep inner healing opportunity with like minded heart centred people

♡Relaxation away from the World nestled in beautiful natural environment

♡A fun, transformative and yet healing weekend to look forward to

♡Super cost effective way to treat yourself to a weekend of healing and spiritual experiences

♡Providing an opportunity for a deeper understanding of the path you are walking

♡Connecting to yourself at a whole new level for healing and understanding

♡A deep sense of knowing that you do “fit in”

♡Unlock your inner wisdom to bring more peace, understanding, joy, laughter, love and harmony into your life

Find out what Return to Self is all about

The World around us is seemingly in a state of chaos in the 2020’s. It is a veritable sand storm of external fear mongering, fear driven news, control driven Governments, out of control inflation, manipulation and coercion, continually rising rents and mortgages, division, judgement, distortion, War and goodness knows what else is just around the corner. We are continually being buffeted by the winds of change and they seem to be blowing hard and fast.

Everything happens for a reason and by everything we mean EVERYTHING.

What if the answers to all your external distortions and headaches are within you!

What if the solution to your vibrational out of balances, stress, pressure and anxiety is lying dormant within you ready to blossom you back to a point of trust and surrender!

What if instead of searching for your answers and solutions externally you delved within yourself to connect back to your truth, You have the answers, in fact You are the answer!

What if all the upheaval in the World is a beautiful opportunity to stimulate spiritual growth, expansion, awakening and reveal the indoctrination we are needing to disconnect from!

What if everything that has happened is completely counterbalanced by the rising of yours and human consciousness and that this process would not be possible without the discomfort and the challenge being provided by the duality of this reality.

What if you really are here to be amazing and create your own magic in the World through your own beautiful divine gifts and your inner wisdom!

How different would your life be if you could just ground more deeply into YOU for your safety and guidance!

Our Return to Self, Coming Home to You, Weekend Retreat is a heart centred collaboration between Ruth Pirie (My Yoga Space) and Tim Lassig and Elise Kovacs (Source 88).

The Return To Self weekend retreat is designed to be a safe place to unlock your inner wisdom and develop your own heart centered awareness that will see you understanding yourself at a deeper level over the weekend and beyond.

It is a place away from all the madness of your normal World where you can connect with people that truly “see you” and embrace you just the way you are. It is an environment where you can find peace, revelation and yet gently return to the safety of your true self. It is a place where the distortion and low vibrations of modern living fade away to a point where you can connect to your true essence, your Soul being which is the truth of who you really are and that is that you are Love and you are loved.

It is an environment where we will create safe and loving experiences for you to feel whole and complete and truly return to yourself.

Our commitment to YOU

We will hold the space for the development and awareness of your own self-autonomy

♡We will open our arms to embrace the beauty within you and assist you to open your arms to embrace yourself

♡Bring all the beautiful and powerful modalities we use in our businesses and in our own lives to help you to return to yourself

♡Create an environment of safety where vulnerability and sharing is a natural occurrence in the void created by this sense of safety

♡Have you feeling grateful and deeply loved by the time you drive away on Sunday afternoon

♡Offer incredible affordability with the pricing of our retreat , we do not want you to miss out because of financial challenges.

If you need to discuss payment options then please contact us.

♡Be nestled in the embrace of nature's beauty.

At the heart of "Return to Self" lies the intention to support your nervous system, open your heart, connect with like minded Soul tribe and stoke the flame of spiritual awareness within you.

The Return to Self weekend retreat is an opportunity to explore the landscapes of your consciousness and unlock your inner wisdom to bring more peace, understanding, joy, laughter, love and harmony into your daily life.

This retreat invites you to embark on a journey of homecoming. Here in the quiet and natural beauty of the Brahma Kumaris meditation centre, the pace of life slows to a gentle cadence, inviting you to immerse yourself in the embrace of ancient practices that enliven, rejuvenate and support a soul level healing to take place within you.

What you can expect:

♡Gentle yoga practices, allowing your body to stretch, release and create space for a deep sense of grounding and heart centered awareness.

♡Guided Compassionate attunement practice and Loving Kindness meditation to assist you to quit the mind and come back to your heart

♡Relaxing, expanding and grounding with ethereal Crystal Bowl Sound Baths with vocal toning

♡Delving into your own depths with Breathwork, Sound & Vocal toning sound journey

♡Moving, laughing and dancing around the fire to a Chakra Dance

♡Heart opening Cacao Ceremony with group intention setting

♡Cultivate a deeper awareness and understanding of Mantra and Sound medicine through practices that support you to land into the essence of your heart.

♡Kirtan- group call and response chanting, A devotional/heart centred group practice

♡Connecting to your intuition with a group Soul Constellation session

♡And much much more

Each practice is designed to assist you to return back to your true self. That quietly confident and loving Soul that always travels with you as you traverse the traumatic and yet healing journey of the human experience.

Accommodation & Meals

Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre - 150 MacArthur Dr, Wilton NSW 2571 (around 25 - 30 minutes drive South from Campbelltown)

All of your accommodation and meals are included in the price of your retreat.

Each meal consists of home cooked vegetarian meals prepared with love and intention to deeply nourish your body.

The Brahma Kumaris meditation centre is a beautiful space nestled in nature away from all the hustle and bustle of the modern World. With birds, trees and wildlife abounding it is an amazing place to disconnect from the City and just be.

Their dedicated meditation hall is equipped to create a grounded and magical place to experience the many practices and modalities that will be on offer over the weekend.

Where is it happening?

Brahma Kumaris Inner Space Retreat Centre, 150 MacArthur Dr,Wilton,NSW,Australia, Wollongong

AUD 749.00


Host or Publisher Source88

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