Zero Forms and Movement Situations: Mixed Modal Movement Training w M JMK


Mon May 20 2024 at 11:00 am to 12:30 pm


The Berkeley Alembic | Berkeley, CA

In this all-levels class we will explore various facets of physical preparedness and foundational movement-skill development.
About this Event

In this all-levels class we will explore various facets of physical preparedness and foundational movement-skill development. We will work to establish readiness for culturally meaningful disciplines like dance, contemplative arts, sports, or martial arts, as well as the “mundane” choreographies of everyday life. Content is grounded in the movement pedagogy of Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea (“Fighting Monkey Practice”), and we’ll also draw on training methods from Hatha yoga, classical strength and conditioning, contact dance, and more. We will work on multiple layers of body awareness, physical and cognitive vitalization, and athletic potentiation.
Our practice is animated by questions rather than fixed protocols. How can our daily movement practices be self-corrective, generate insight, preempt injury, and forestall physical degeneration and cognitive rigidity? How can we skillfully and safely channel energy and force through our structure, distribute stresses evenly across our joints, and enhance our expressive power? How can we better attune to each other, supporting each other’s kinesthetic learning and problem solving?
Our work in this class will involve a variety of durational stillness and postural exercises, integrative joint articulations, and dynamic rhythmic coordination patterns. We’ll also explore interactive partner- and object-based games and engage with playful, accessible improvisational scores to provoke spontaneity and re-patterning. You can expect to gain practical knowledge of embodied concepts like bases of support, bodyweight centers, rotational axes, weight shifting, locomotion, elasticity, and more, shared in a manner accessible to all skill levels. We’ll also develop our capacity for intersubjective awareness, physical empathy and communication, and adaptability to changing rules. All are welcome who come with curiosity.

Michael JMK is a movement teacher and physical training coach. He is a student and authorized instructor of FM Practice which he has studied since 2016 under direct guidance of founder Jozef Frucek and senior teacher Natalia Pieczuro ( He holds 10+ years of professional experience in classical strength & conditioning, having taught at some of the most well loved gyms and movement facilities in the SF Bay Area. His focus is on adaptive physical preparedness and movement-skill development for culturally and spiritually motivated disciplines like dance, yoga, bodywork, and martial arts.


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The Berkeley Alembic, 2820 Seventh Street, Berkeley, United States

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