World Water Summit and Expo 2023


Wed Jun 07 2023 at 09:00 pm to 10:00 pm


POLAND | Warsaw, MZ

World Water Summit and Expo 2023 will feature panel discussion and presents the platform where experts and researches around the world will reveal the untapped recourses of waste water.

The Director Globe chambers of commerce and industry announced the theme of the forthcoming world water summit and expo to be “waste water-reduce and reuse” to combact the growing impact of climate change on water resources.

The Director made this known at a press conference while addressing members of the press he said waste water management is especially appropriate as a record number of countries around the world grapple with devastating droughts while seeking to meet the increasing water demands of the world’s growing population.

“we have witnessed an increase in global average air temperatures as well as ocean temperatures and the rise in temperature is an irrefutable evidence of climate change and this has already started to have serious consequences for our water resources and will have even more dire consequences in the future he added.

The director further saidCompounding the dire consequences of climate change are population growth land-use changes and urbanization increasing demands for water and energy rising standards of living changing dietary habits changing agricultural practices increasing industrial activities increased pollution and changing economic activities. All these will likely have adverse effects on water resources’’. 

The GCCI Director buttressing the need for water security explained that “Water is a fundamental part of all aspects of life and is inextricably linked to the three pillars of sustainable development and it integrates social cultural economic and political values. With climate change profoundly affecting our economies societies and environment water is indeed the biggest deal breaker to achieve the internationally agreed water-related goals and target.

He further told the press that this year World water summit and expo will broaden out beyond its traditional realm of water use sanitation and hygiene to attracting participants from across the development sector including actors in health agriculture and energy and outside of it including private sector players such as businesses insurers financiers and manufacturers to seize the opportunity for a great economic cooperation and business development.

“ Water is in high demand and already has an estimated increased need to feed the industrial energy and food production needs this calls for more smart and efficiency in the way we handle this scarce resource” he further said.

 He Enjoined a more joined up approach by actors in the water industry to solving the multiple dimensions of the water problems saying recent climate changes has opened our eyes to seeing the need of water as a ‘’resource’’ and a scares commodity that is fundamental to a wide community factors.


Where is it happening?

POLAND, Warsaw, Poland

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