WORKSHOP: Filtaton with Maro Lesioti


Sat Jun 29 2024 at 11:00 am to 05:00 pm


ImproSynthesis | Athens, AT

What about the Workshop and the Instructor?
On stage, our body is our main tool, and it is essential not only to nourish it, but also train it in various ways. Through physical exercises and techniques, we can develop our body and voice to effectively communicate with the audience, universal values such as justice, the oppression of peoples by the authorities etc.
Workshop Focus:
Physical and Vocal Training: Develop your body and voice to effectively communicate complex and universal values such as justice and the oppression of peoples by authorities.
Character Embodiment: Learn to truly embody the characters you portray, connecting deeply with the audience and enhancing your performance.
Ancient Greek Theater and Lecoq'sTechniques: Learn how to use tools from those techniques to enrich your stage performance.
Price: 60€
**As part of the Worlds Apart Improv Residency, this workshop is partially co-taught by Tim Hearn.

Maro Lesioti is a Greek actress that works in theater and music industry for almost a decade. She is a graduate of the Hellenic Conservatory and “Modern Times'' Drama School.
In 2018 she founded the improv troupe “RAINING CATS AND BATS” and since then the group performs regularly in Athenian theaters, but also in International Festivals. In 2022 she created the movement improvisation performance “TOXIC AF” which was presented in “Camp-ers” Festival in Athens and in 2023 the improv format “Edmond - Jean - William” that dealt with the concept of archetypes and Aristotle’s “filtaton”.
Maro recently got back from LAMDA (London Academy of Music And Dramatic Art) where she had the chance to work on Shakespeare’s play “ Much Ado About Nothing” and “The Merchant of Venice” under Amy Sayers and Karen Tomlin and ImproAmsterdam where she taught one of her workshops. She performed and acted as an assistant director, in Keith Johnstone’s “THE LAST BIRD”, directed by Frank Totino. Currently she is producing improv shows under the name "Improv Nights", she is curating the "Worlds Apart Programme" along with Tim Hearn and is working as an actress in the theater-documentary play “White Rose '' under the direction of Dimitris Mavros.

Where is it happening?

ImproSynthesis, Πτολεμαΐδος 6, 118 54 Αθήνα, Ελλάδα,Athens, Greece

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