Wolf Den Investors Summit 2023


Sat May 20 2023 at 09:00 am to 07:00 pm


Mayor Hall, CD Barfiwala Road, Zalawad Nagar, Juhu Lane, Yadav Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | Mumbai, MH

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WOLF DEN (referred as ‘Organiser’) is a networking event and a property of Venture Wolf. Purchase of this ticket DOES NOT guarantee you funding.  A separate Letter of Appointment will need to be signed with Venture Wolf if investors show interest in funding you.

The rules of entry are as below:

1. Patrons entering the Venue must have a valid Event ticket, Photo ID proof (Aadhar Card, Driving licence, Passport, Election Commission ID Card). All Patrons must have their ticket scanned at the dedicated entrances. 

2. Patrons are requested not to line up at the Venue before 9:00am on the day of the Event. 

3. On arrival and for the purposes of entry into the Venue for the Event, the Venue may exchange a General Admission ticket for a wristband OR lanyard.

4. Any person entering or attempting to enter the Venue without prior authorisation or not in possession of a valid ticket to attend an Event, will be liable for prosecution.

5. Patron are requested to display the wristband OR lanyard throughout the day for better networking opportunities. Colour codes may be used on wristband OR lanyard for easy recognition of various categories of participants and does not intend to discriminate anyone.

6. All tickets sold are non-transferable.

7. Tickets once sold will not be taken back. No Exchange. No Refund.

8. If a Patron holds a ticket acquired in breach of the terms and conditions of sale, the ticket may be cancelled without refund or the ticket holder may be refused entry.

9. Patrons who are late for an Event may not be admitted until there is a suitable break in the Event. The Patron must only occupy seats on first come basis. 

10. Patrons are required to be aware that once inside the Main Auditorium lighting levels may vary.

11. Patron are requested to maintain decorum at the venue.

12. Any Patron, 15 years or under, must be accompanied by an adult.

13. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the Venue except for those specifically designated as a smoking area. Smoking includes the use of electronic cigarettes and other electronic imitations or simulation devices. Patrons who fail to obey a direction from authorised person/s to cease smoking, may be immediately evicted from the Venue.

14. Alcohol drinking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the Venue. Any person found to be under influence of alcohol will be immediately evicted from the Venue.

15. The Organisers, its agents, or the Security Manager may, in their absolute discretion, conduct searches of Patrons for any items which are prohibited by law or prohibited by these Conditions of Entry. Walkthrough metal detectors, x-ray machines, visual searches, handheld metal detectors, bag searches and external pat-downs of persons are types of methods which may be used to search Patrons attending the Venue. 

16. Possession of the concealed items such as weapons or illegal drugs or any other item deemed by the Security Manager in its absolute discretion, to be inappropriate, illegal, unsafe or hazardous in any way are strictly prohibited at the Venue. The Security Manager reserves the right to, at any time, add items to the prohibited items list. The decision of the Security Manager will be final.

17. Patrons are responsible for their own personal possessions and must not leave bags or possessions unattended at any time. Management will not be responsible for your lost belongings.

18. All Patrons must adhere to the dress code of business formals and always wear appropriate attire, including footwear. Any clothing with lewd or offensive writing, images or imprints may not be worn at the Venue. The Organisers reserves the right to determine whether attire and footwear is appropriate to access the Venue, including in regards to accessing a general admission standing floor and corporate areas.

19. A Patron shall not transmit or aid in transmitting any description, picture, account or reproduction of an Event without the authorisation of the organiser. If the Patron makes such a transmission, description, picture, account or reproduction of an Event which is subsequently confiscated by the organiser, it shall become the property of the organiser.  Organiser, their agents and licensees may utilise the Patrons image or likeness incidental to any photographic record, live or recorded video display or any other visual or audio transmission or reproduction in whole or in part of the Event. Patrons will have no claim over their photos and video recording done by the organiser.

20. Patrons voluntarily assume all risk of all damage and loss - including property damage, personal injury (fatal and non-fatal), economic and consequential loss - whatsoever and howsoever arising (including by negligence) at the Venue including damage or loss caused by the acts or omissions of other Patrons including employees, agents or licensees of the Organiser or any other person or thing present at the Venue. The movement of Patrons within the Venue and its surrounds will be subject to the monitoring by CCTV cameras, in combination with facial recognition technology.

21. For safety and security purposes, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and Body Worn Video Cameras (BWVC’s) may be used at the Venue. BWVC’s may film, photograph and record audio of any Patron while at the Venue.

22. Medical Conditions - If you have a medical condition that requires you to carry medication (i.e. Epi-Pens, insulin pens, syringes etc.) or if you have a medical insert such as a pacemaker, please let security personnel know upon arrival. Patrons are requested to carry the ID proof for pacemaker. 

23. Patrons may not bring animals into the Venue.

24. The distribution of leaflets, selling of any goods, merchandise tickets or collections at the Venue is prohibited without the appropriate license and the expressed permission of the Organisers.

25. Organisers reserve the right to refuse admission to, or eject from, the Venue without compensation, any Patron whose conduct is, or is deemed by the Organisers, to be prohibited, unlawful, dangerous, disorderly or offensive, or who is not entitled to attend that Event – including those who enter a restricted access area or other area of the Venue which is generally not accessible to the general public.

26. Organiser reserves the right, to add, withdraw or substitute Event participants, and to vary seating arrangements, audience capacity, venues or program times as it deems necessary, and the Organiser exercise of this right shall not entitle the Patron to make any claim whatsoever against the Organiser.

27. Organiser may cancel, delay, interrupt or stop the Event due to dangerous situations, adverse weather or any other causes beyond its reasonable control, and such cancellation, delay, interruption or stoppage of the Event shall not entitle the Patron to make any claim whatsoever against the Organiser.

28. By entering into the Venue, a Patron consents to COVID Safe Policies.

29. Venue rules apply. Decision of the organisers will be final. All disputes are subject to exclusive Mumbai Jurisdiction only.


Esteemed Guests:

Guest of Honour: Mr Pradeep Peshkar - Member, National Board for MSME at Govt. of India

Chief Guest of the Event : Mr Ajay Thakur - Head BSE SME & Startups

Eminent Investors and Speakers attending are:

Name    Fund

Mr. Kapil Hingorani   Credence Family Office

Mr. Ankur Shah   Patni Family Office

Mr. Shashank Randev   100X VC

Mr. Mayuresh Raut   Sea Fund

Mr. Raj Snehil Juneja   Disruptors Capital

Ms Sama Jashnani   Disruptors Capital

Ms Harsha Mundhada   Inflexor Ventures

Mr. Ashwin Raguraman   Bharat Innovation Fund

Ms Sipika Nigam   Artha Venture Fund

Mr. Mahavir Sharma   TIE India Angels / RAIN

Mr. Karan Mittal   EV2

Mr. Imran Khan   Omnivore Partners

Mr. Aswani Chaitanya N   Capital-A

Mr. Shantanu Baviskar   Tuscan Ventures

Mr. Rachit Poddar   IVY Growth Associates

Mr. Devesh Chawla   Chatur Idea

Ms. Sonakshi Gupta   Aditya Birla Ventures

Mr Nimish Thakkar BBEI

Mr. Raghav Joshi - Tentative   Rebel Foods

Mr. Dravya Dholakia - Tentative   Dholakia Ventures

Mr. Mitin Jain - Tentative   India SME Investments

Mr. Sahil Goel - Tentative   Lcatterton

Mr. Sivesh Kumar   O2 VC Fund

Mr. Rajesh Ranjan   O2 Angels

and many more.....


Timing   Day Plan    Minutes

8:15 AM   Gates Open - Registration & Networking with Tea and Breakfast   45 mins

9:00 AM   Inauguration Ceremony - Lamp Lighting   15 mins

9:15 AM   Sponsor & Guests Introduction   15 mins

9:30 AM Guest of Honour: Mr Pradeep Peshkar (Member, National Board for MSME at Govt. of India) 15 mins

9:45 AM   Chief Guest Speech - Mr Ajay Thakur (Head - SME & Startup)   15 mins

10:00 AM   Panel Discussion / Experts Session   1 Hour

11:00 AM   Session 1 - Pitches   2 Hours

1:00 PM   Lunch & Networking   45 mins

1:45 PM   Panel Discussion / Experts Session   1 Hour

2:45 PM   Session 2 - Pitches   2 Hours 15 Mins

5:00 PM   Hi Tea & Networking   2 Hours

(After a long day of business, remove your blazers, roll up your sleeves, adjust yourself to the Mumbai weather and Network with like minded entrepreneurs sipping your Tea/Coffee).


Dress Code: Business Formals. Over Courts and Blazers NOT compulsory due to Mumbai climate.

Apart form all this there will be plenty of other activities happening at the event. We will also be giving away free membership of "Wolf Pack - Mumbai Chapter" for next 1 year to selected startups in each category.

Become a member of the "Wolf Pack - Mumbai Chapter" and enjoy the benefits of being the part of the startup networking for your city.

Where is it happening?

Mayor Hall, CD Barfiwala Road, Zalawad Nagar, Juhu Lane, Yadav Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

INR 7500.00 to INR 50000.00

Venture Wolf

Host or Publisher Venture Wolf

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