WarSaw Tournament IX - NAF National


Sat Apr 20 2024 at 08:30 am to Sun Apr 21 2024 at 03:00 pm


ulica Polinezyjska 10, 02-777 Warszawa, Polska | Warsaw, MZ

Date: 20-21.04.2024
Place: Centrum Sportów Umysłowych ul. Polinezyjska 10, Warszawa
The entry fee is PLN 70/person, sent by bank transfer:
PL32 1140 2004 0000 3702 7774 3133
Name: Milosz Dziembowski
Title: WarSaw Tournament + "NAF Nick"
Payment till 14.04, after people from reserved list may replace latecomers!
Friday 19.04.2024, 19:00
Place: Vyčeska - Czeska restauracja i Multitap, ul. Polinezyjska 10, Warszawa
Saturday 20.04.2024, 19:00
Place: Vyčeska - Czeska restauracja i Multitap, ul. Polinezyjska 10, Warszawa
8:30-9:00 – registration
9:00-11:15 – 1 match
11:30-13:45 – 2nd match
13:45-14:45 – lunch
14:45-17:00 – 3rd match
17:15-19:30 – 4th match
9:00-11:15 – 5th match
11:30-13:45 – 6th match
14:00-15:00 – awards ceremony
Competition: We reward Top 3 places in the tournament and the following categories: Stunt Team Cup, Biggest Brutal and Most Touchdowns Scored
RULES (Based on Greek Eurobowl ruleset):
Win: 7 Pts
Draw: 3 Pts
Lose: 0 Pts
1. Head2Head (only when two players have the same score; is used
at the end of the tournament)
2. Sonneborn-Berger
3. TD netto + CAS netto
If you are late for the match:
15 – 30 minutes - the opponent automatically rolls 3 on d3
for Fan Factor and chooses which team is kicking.
30 – 60 minutes - the opponent leads 1-0, automatically rolls
3 on d3 for Fan Factor, and the match starts from the second half,
with the opponent choosing which team is kicking.
Delay longer than 60 minutes - W/O (loss 0 - 1).
If both coaches agree, they may use chess clock, where the one
coach has more time than another.
Clocks and slow games:
If both players agree, they can play with a chess clock (can be
an app). If there is a risk that the game will not finish on time, the
referee may order the game to be played with a clock, dividing the
remaining time in the round equally between both players. In the
event that the game extends beyond the time frame of the round,
the referee have the right to determine until which turn players
continue or to end the game immediately. The referee's decisions are
final and indisputable.
Tournament will be using TourPlay as its host platform. You will
enter all touchdowns and casualities on TourPlay (there is no need
to enter them on the player that was the actual scorer). All rounds
except first will be paired fully by TourPlay. In order to be able
to use TourPlay in real time, you need to have charged mobile
phone on you. If you have any questions regarding TourPlay or you
will not have mobile phone at the tournament – please contact us.
A coach may choose one champion race to represent him in the Clash of Titans!.
Team needs to be paitent on battle ready standard level.
Champions of Zeus (Tier1): Chaos Dwarves, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Lizardmen, Shambling Undead, Underworld Denizens.
King of the Gods. God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order, and justice.
Champions of Hera (Tier2): Amazons, Norse, Orcs, Skaven, Wood Elves
Queen of the Gods. Goddess of marriage, women, marital harmony, and the protector of women during childbirth.
Champions of Poseidon (Tier3): High Elves, Humans, Necromantic Horror, Tomb Kings, Elven Union, Vampires.
King of the sea. God of the sea, storms, earthquakes, and horses.
Champions of Demeter (Tier4): Chaos Renegades, Khorne, Old World Alliance, Slann.
Goddess of the harvest, agriculture, fertility, and sacred law.
Champions of Hades (Tier5): Black Orcs, Chaos Chosen, Imperial Nobility, Nurgle.
King of the underworld. God of the dead and riches.
Champions of Hestia (Tier6): Goblins, Ogres, Halflings, Snotlings.
Goddess of the domestic and civic hearth, sacred and sacrificial fire, virginity, family, and the state.

Gifts of Apollo: A coach must take the appropriate Starting Gold and Skill Points (SP), according to his/her Tier.
Tier 1: 1150k & 06 SP,maximum 1 secondary skill
Tier 2: 1160k & 07 SP, maximum 1 secondary skill
Tier 3: 1170k & 08 SP, maximum 2 secondary skills
Tier 4: 1180k & 09 SP, maximum 2 secondary skills
Tier 5: 1190k & 10 SP, maximum 3 secondary skills
Tier 6: 1200k & 11 SP, unlimited secondary skills
Primary Skill = 1 SP
Secondary Skill = 2 SP
0-8 Re-Rolls, cost depending on race.
0-6 Assistant coaches for 10k.
0-12 Cheerleaders for 10k.
0-1 Apothecary, depending on race.
1-6 Dedicated fans for 10k,
be aware that every team begins with 0 in Dedicated fans.
God of oracles, healing, archery, music and arts, sunlight, knowledge, herds and flocks, and protection of the young.

Gifts of Hephaestus:
0-1 Team Mascot for 30k available to all teams.
0-1 Weather Mage for 30k available to all teams.
0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs each for 50k available to all teams.
0-3 Bribes for 100k each, for "Bribery and Corruption" teams
50k each.
0-1 Josef Bugman for 100k available to all teams.
0-1 Mortuary Assistant for 100k available to teams with the
"Sylvanian Spotlight" special rule.
0-1 Plague Doctor for 100k available to teams with the
"Favored of Nurgle" special rule.
0-2 Wandering Apothecaries for 100k available to teams that can
include an apothecary.
0-1 Master Chef for 300k, for 100k available to teams with the
"Halfling Thimble Cup" special rule.
God of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges, the art of sculpture, technology, and blacksmiths.

Gifts of Dionysus:
A roster cannot induce bribes if there is a player with the Sneaky Git skill AND/OR the Secret Weapon skill. Goblin and Snotling teams have managed to find a "legal" way to avoid this rule, so they can induce bribes while their roster contains players with the Secret Weapon skill BUT NOT the Sneaky Git skill.
God of wine, vegetation, fertility, festivity, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and theater.
A Coach MAY choose only one of the following Blessings.
Spartan Roster: No blessings(Vanilla Roster)
The roster is created with all the above rules.
Spartans,known for their brevity.
Blessing of Hermes: (Extra gold)
One or more Skill Points can be exchanged for gold at a ratio of 30k per 1SP that will not be used. This MUST NOT take team value above 1200K before added skills.
God of boundaries, roads and travelers, thieves, athletes, shepherds, commerce, speed, cunning, wit, magic, and sleep. Psychopomp and divine messenger.
Blessing of Artemis: (Skill stacking)
By losing a Skill Point, you are able to stack skills to players in your roster, limiting the use according to the tier. Skill stacking refers to a player with 2 skills added to their profile.
1 Skill Stack for Tier 1-2,
2 Skill Stacks for Tier 3-4,
3 Skill Stacks for Tier 5-6.
Additional Primary Skills = 1 SP (Skill Stacking)
Additional Secondary Skills = 2 SP (Skill Stacking)
You only lose ONE Skill point regardless of the tier you have chosen.
Example: A High Elf team (tier 3) would lose 1 skill point to put 2 skill stackings on the roster and give two of their catchers both the block and dodge skill.
Goddess of nature, childbirth, wildlife, the Moon, the hunt, sudden death, animals, virginity, young women, and archery.
Blessing of Ares: (Star Players)
One (1) Star Player can be rostered for Tier 1-4 teams, up to two (2) Star Players can be rostered for Tier 5-6 teams.
Star Players in couples count as two Star Players for the roster.
For every Star Player acquired additional Skill Points cost as follows:
Star player cost:000-099k, lose 1 Skill point.
Star player cost:100-199k, lose 2 Skill points.
Star player cost:200-299k, lose 3 Skill points.
Star player cost:300k-399k, lose 4 skill points.
Exiled in Tartarus:(Banned Star Players)
Griff Oberwald, Hakflem Skuttlespike, Morg 'n' Thorg, Bomber Dribblesnot, Cindy Piewhistle, Deeproot Strongbranch, Kreek Rustgouger, Estelle La Veneaux,Dribl & Drull, Varag Ghoul-Chewer.
The same Champion of Ares cannot play in a game where both coaches have rostered them.
God of war and courage.
Blessing of Athena: (Extra skill point)
One extra Skill Point is gained, as long as the usage of the Skill Points from the coach does not exceed in total 3 times that skill in the roster (including built-in skills). This extra skill should not exceed in total 3 times that skill in the roster too.
Example: A dark elf team with 4 blitzers, 2 witches and 5 LineElves can have this extra skill as long as the Skill Points from the tier and the extra Skill Point from the blessing do not add the Block skill because there are already more than 3 but not from the skill point usage, and can add maximum 1 more Dodge skill because there are already 2 in the roster and by spending 1 Skill Point the total number reaches 3.
Goddess of wisdom, warfare, and handicraft.

Where is it happening?

ulica Polinezyjska 10, 02-777 Warszawa, Polska, ulica Polinezyjska 10, 02-777 Ursynów, Polska,Warsaw, Poland

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