TRYBE - Trance Dance, Sound Journey & Ecstatic Dance + Cacao


Sun Feb 05 2023 at 11:45 am to 08:15 pm


2 minutes from Tufnell Park Station (full address in order confirmation email, scroll down in the email please) | London, EN

You are warmly invited to join us for TRYBE - an exploration of
Trance Dance & Cacao, Sound Journey/Gong Bath, Ecstatic Dance & Cacao!
About this Event

TRYBE - Trance Dance, Sound Journey/Gong Bath & Ecstatic Dance + Cacao

Join us for this transformational day of 3 x wonderful experiences: Ecstatic Trance Dance & Cacao, Deep Relaxation Gong Bath & Sound Journey, Plus Ecstatic Dance & Cacao in the evening!

Dance, Move, Connect, Release, Meditate & Celebrate! You're welcome to come for the whole day or drop into individual sessions. All are welcome!


Each of our Sunday Sessions offers Londoners a kind of sanctuary space to come and dance, be themselves, dive deep, have fun, release stress, connect with their body, and stretch themselves beyond their usual way of being. You can attend the whole day or just drop-in for single workshops. No experience necessary.

During the day you will have the chance to dance and dive into a selection of some very beautiful and unique movement & relaxation practices.


◈ 11:45am - 2:30pm Ecstatic Trance Dance with *Cacao Intention Setting Ritual* Trance Dance is an invitation to a dance journey into yourself. You go inwards with your eyes closed and with the help of a blindfold, to see with your heart and connect with the wisdom inside you. *Please note: Use of a blindfold is essential to get the most out of this practice!(No entry after 12pm sorry, this is so we can all journey together. Please bring a yoga mat & blanket, blindfolds will be provided!)

◈ break 60min (selection of teas/coffee will be available in the hallway)a

◈ 3:30pm-5:15pm Sound Journey/ Gong Bath with Dee & Seth: Soothing sounds to support deep relaxation, calm and wellbeing. Release the stress and tension of daily life in London. Our Sound Journeys are an opportunity to let go and reconnect with yourself through deep relaxation practices and guided meditation while basking in Cosmic, Ethereal Vocals and Electronic Soundscapes, Textures, Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs and much much more . A Unique & Beautiful Experience on Sunday afternoon!

◈ break 45 min (selection of teas/coffee will be available in the hallway)

◈ 6pm - 8:15pm Ecstatic Dance/Movement Meditation with *Cacao Gratitude Circle* (with sound system and optional of Silent Disco Headphones to fully immerse into the music! We will provide complimentary Raw Vegan Cacao - super yummy, the best in London for sure! ) Doors open at 6pm, no entry after 6:30pm.

◈ 8:15pm -8:45pm Optional social with refreshing fruit to nourish you after the dance

--> More details about individual workshops, prices, facilitators - please scroll down.


1. Please come already dressed in comfortable clothing suitable for movement/fitness and dress in layers. Bring a set of dry clothes/small towel as you will probably get sweaty during the session. Toilets are available at the venue but there are no separate changing rooms.

2. We dance barefoot, in soft indoor shoes or grip socks.

3. a Reusable water bottle. Tap water & lemon water refill available at the venue.

4. Yoga mat and blanket (essential for Trance dance & Sound Journey). Blindfolds will be provided.

5. Packed Food/ Snacks to have during the breaks, complimentary tea/coffee will be available. There are plenty of shops and cafes nearby.


2 minutes walk from Tufnell Park station (Exact venue details will be in your order confirmation email! Please scroll down in the email to see all details!)

-Nearest station is Tufnell Park. 2 min walk from the station. Please check for latest travel updates.

-If you are driving, please be aware that the venue is in an Ultra Low Emission Zone and you may be liable to pay the daily fee.

-Find parking on parkopedia and use venues postcode. There is no parking at the venue.

-There are bicycle racks at the venue to lock your bike if you are cycling.

-Venue is accessible to wheelchair users.

-Toilets are available at the venue.


+Eventbrite fee. Book online or pay cash/ card on the door.


  • £45 Lower waged
  • £55 Regular
  • £65 Abundance


  • Trance Dance & Cacao 11:45am-2:30pm £30
  • Gong Bath/Sound Journey 3:30pm-5:15pm £15-£25
  • Ecstatic Dance & Cacao 6pm-8:15pm £15-£25

CHILDREN: unfortunately these sessions are not suitable for children.

EVENTBRITE ORDER CONFIRMATION: Email might be in the spam folder. Please check the email you used to purchase the ticket, might not be your primary email account. Do not print any paper tickets, we will check you in by your name.


We also offer limited FREE *crew spaces in exchange of you helping us set up and/or pack down. (*Requirement - you need to have attended at least two of our indoor events before you can join the crew) Please complete the crew sign up form and we will get in touch:


We do not offer refunds/ticket swaps for another event if you cannot attend if less than 72h notice if provided. You are welcome to pass on your ticket to a friend, colleague or family member however please let us know the date & time of the booked session, name and email address of the person attending in your place. Send us an email with replacement person's details to: [email protected]

If you are showing any , please DO NOT attend the session.

If we need to cancel the class due to unforeseen circumstances, we will issue a full refund. If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email: [email protected]


Seth Newman: ''My purpose is to facilitate rituals that empower “the whole human being” through dance and music. Like Bioenergetics and other somatic processes, for me, Trance Dance was another door to inner discovery and transformation. I have always been passionate about contemporary forms of music and dance that reclaim our vital energy and our creative potential. I believe that “letting go into life” is synonymous, with our “surrender to the body”. Letting go to the natural flow that moves through us. Letting go, to let flow! It is through “the flow experience” that we express, feel and find ourselves, without being connected to “flow” nothing creative happens.'' - Seth Newman

As a coach, Seth is dedicated to helping people calm, empower and rejuvenate their busy minds and bodies to achieve the best versions of themselves. Seth brings a wealth of experience holding heart-centered spaces. He integrates the roots of Humanistic therapies, Bioenergetics & Body Psychotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology and Tantra in creative and life-transforming workshops, retreats and trainings.

His in-depth studies, trainings, personal experiences of many therapeutic modalities such as Humanistic & Body Psychotherapy, the Human Potential Movement, 5 Rhythms, Active meditations and the teaching of the Indian Mystic Osho who he grew up with in India in the 1970s, infuse his approach to living a creative, holistic & embodied life and sharing his unique offerings with others. Seth has been facilitating regular workshops for many years.

As a musician, Seth is very passionate about rhythm & drumming, has an MA in Community Music from Goldsmith College, worked as a world music percussion teacher in East London schools for almost 20 years, created URUBU collective back in 2009 as a Live Music Ecstatic Dance experience with Afro-Brazilian drummers & musicians and started his journey as an avid DJ with a love for Afro-Beat, Cuban and Brazilian music and created an Ecstatic Dance scene in London and the UK. Seth has a life-long passion for 5 Rhythms and other movement and Ecstatic Dance practices.

Diana Upite: Trained in classical music from a young age, and later in contemporary music, Diana carries a life-long passion for singing, improvising and re-imagining traditional Celtic and folk songs with her own melodic vision.  A singer at heart, she connects deeply with the melodies and harmonies of ancient Europe and beyond.

Diana is passionate about bringing practices of rest and embodiment to others. Through her singing, her intention is to guide you on a journey of reconnection and self-discovery, reuniting you with the source of who you are.

Diana also has a keen interest in making delicious raw chocolate and drinks for cacao ceremonies, events, private clients and is constantly experimenting with new flavours and also makes amazing chai brewed from fresh spices! Diana is a co-creator of many wellbeing classes, workshops, retreats and festivals.

URUBU has since evolved into a School of Transformational Arts - offering a variety of powerful holistic body-mind tools and practices.

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11:45AM - 2:30PM

A beautiful experience including Cacao Ceremony & Blindfolded Trance Dance Ritual.

Through the use of a blindfold, raw ceremonial cacao, a transforming breathing technique and dynamic rhythms, percussion and ecstatic movements, we enter into the consciousness of our body, to feel, to express, to come home… to be completely Alive!


Trance Dance is an invitation into deep liberation, driven by our breath, our intentions, and energy, and moving deeper than our verbal intellect, we let go.

Our consciousness can then flow, liberating itself into the dance… and then the ecstasy happens…

Natural body movements and intuitive expressive dance are simply forms of an ancient pre-verbal language. It is an expression of the intelligence of our creative unconscious. Honouring the evolutionary intelligence encoded in our cells!

We all seek something to complete us and give us a feeling of fullness and meaning in our lives … – The answer is inside us!


We will set our intentions for Trance Dance with ceremonial grade cacao. Our Raw Vegan Cacao is prepared lovingly by Diana (who makes the best, velvety tasting cacao in town for sure!). She uses ethically sourced, highest quality ingredients from Guatemala, directly from a reliable cacao bean farmer. This rich velvety elixir is a doorway to the heart, celebrated and honoured by the Incas, Aztecs, Mayans and in many ancient traditions. Cacao, chocolate in its purest form, is a heart opening & totally natural NON-psychedelic medicine, containing an abundance of nutritional goodness & natural happy chemicals.

Release what no longer serves you, and invite in what you want more of in your life!

Feedback from previous Trance Dance events:

"An exceptional evening - everything I wanted and more! You know to experience such presence, inner stillness, sacred connection with other people, in such a short time with strangers here in London is rare to find. The body - movement - connection - presence - passion and love. I felt it all... Grateful"

"Fantastic and deeply moving experience. Powerful and blissful dancing expertly guided by Seth. Deeply grateful for the experience!"

"It was a very powerful, letting go, ritual experience. Brilliant!"

"I'm really surprised that I could feel so "high" without having to "intoxicate" myself!!! A great night and no hangover!"

"Wonderful experience. A magical journey into yourself, and an opportunity to just enjoy dance with a lovely group of soul dancers at the same time. Every movement body was a blessing. Thank you to Seth Newman to create this fantastic dance, it has helped me lot after a hard week. May Love connect us all. xxx"

"Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!"

"Such a beautiful evening; powerful experience! Feeling blessed."

"That was, excellent, friendly, well lead very different experience. Thank you"

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⋘ ─ ∗ SOUND JOURNEY∗ ─ ⋙

3:30PM - 5:15PM

We're providing Londoners with a kind of sanctuary space on Sundays, to deeply relax their nervous system, be themselves, release stress, and rest their body.

Soothing sounds will help to release the stress and tension. An opportunity to let go and reconnect with yourself. We will begin with a short guided meditation to prepare your mind and body and then bask in a variety of sound- Cosmic, Ethereal Vocals and Electronic Soundscapes, Textures, Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, Handpan and much much more . A Unique Experience!

As everything is vibrating so are we, sometimes we can become out of tune in either mind body or spirit and dis-ease can start to take hold. Through the healing frequencies of sound therapy our bodies can be brought back in tune and we can begin to feel healthy and balanced once more.

The deep complex harmonics of multiple instruments quickly silence the mind and resonate through your body melting away boundaries between being awake and being asleep, between inside and outside.

Meditate and relax into the deepest conscious rest, cleansing, releasing, healing and harmonizing on all levels.

Now is always the perfect time to journey inward...

A beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

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6PM - 8:15PM

Brought to you by: - We love to dance. We love music. We love to inspire, to connect, to heal and transform!

Discover dance as a moving meditation, body ritual, awareness practice & ceremony

In our Sunday Ecstatic Dance sessions, the musical focus will be more of a World/Medicine music, Afro-House & a Tribal Flow vibe. Our Saturday Ecstatic Dance sessions tend to be more of a celebration with a light-hearted party atmosphere, in these Sunday Dances, you're invited to explore "movement as meditation" with beautiful music to accompany your journey…

Ecstatic Dance is a dance/movement practice to explore the exhilarating feeling of moving your body freely. You are invited to move, play, connect, sweat, stretch, sound, unwind, renew, release, improvise, transform. Be true to yourself, while respecting your body, in this space that we co-create together. Move your body, unleash the wild dancing self without caring what people think, claim your freedom, open your heart & touch the infinite!

Our Ecstatic Dance classes create a safe and respectful environment that embraces 'all ways'. We offer a movement practice that supports your free expression of emotions and inner space through movement and music. Our intention for these Ecstatic Dance classes is self-exploration, connection, fun, healing, expanding human potential and community building through freestyle ecstatic dance.

Enter an open space...and with your bare feet explore the exhilarating feeling of moving your body freely. You are invited to move, play, connect, sweat, stretch, sound, unwind, renew, release, improvise, transform. Be true to yourself, while respecting your body, in this space that we co-create together.


1. Next-level, conscious, inspiring electronic dance music

2. A beautiful, sacred, heartful and fun dance journey

3. A safe space for you to dance freely in

4. Vibrant people who love to dance and love music!

PRACTICE SPECIFICS: Warm-up: stretch, move/dance and reflect on the intention for the dance to a gentle sound wave. The Practice: freestyle dancing to a large sound wave featuring Live DJ set. Some guidance & facilitation will be provided. And then we will let the music, the community and our own inner space direct our steps, our movements, our expression, our journey. Relaxation: Ecstatic Dance usually ends with a deep relaxation.


No late comers please. This is a shared journey from the beginning to the end and we aim to create a safe container for all dancers. If you are more than 30 min late, arriving after 6:30pm, we won't be able to let you join the session, this is so we can all journey together.

1. No talking during the dance (if you wish to talk to, you are welcome to chat before/after dance outside the building). When we dance without the chitchat, something alchemical can happen on the dancefloor. A unified field of Being emerges and we feel both wild and free, contained within ourselves And connected to something much, much greater than our individual selves.

2. Drug-Free, Smoke-Free, Alcohol-Free environment

3. No photos or videos, Mobile phones muted and out of sight

4. Care/Awareness for the co-created space and each other

5. Move your body however you wish

6. No spectating. Stay connected to your own body, sensations, emotions, and feelings. Ecstatic Dance is about you and your relationship to the Dance. Dancers feel uncomfortable when being spectated at. Come prepared to Dance yourself free from inhibitions!

7. You can dance alone, or with as many partners as (you) like to join. (If you’d rather not dance with someone, thank them for the offer by placing your hands in prayer position at your heart – Namaste.)

8. This is not a pick up place. Please respect all dancers (especially women) and do not ask for anyone's contact details. If you wish to stay in touch with someone, give them your email instead of asking for their contact details. No means no.

"Our bodies instinctively know what feels good or bad, right or wrong. However, often our heads get in the way. Ecstatic Dance is about finding our way through to what feels good. How can we use dance to consciously transform towards finding joy, without denying our anger or sadness?  Ask yourself: what’s my body feeling in this moment? Does it feel good moving this way, or that? Does it feel nourishing to dance with another, or dance solo? Where do I most feel connected with Self? Let your body lead the way." ~ Abigail Harris

No experience necessary. All welcome.


At Ecstatic Dance London we LOVE chocolate, RAW chocolate-CACAO! We will provide complimentary Raw Vegan Cacao to superfood charge your dance with us!

Cacao is the ultimate heart opener, it will give you energy, revitalise your BodyMind inviting you to express, release & unleash your creativity during the dance!

Our Raw Vegan Cacao is prepared lovingly by Diana (who makes the best, velvety tasting cacao in town for sure!). She uses ethically sourced, highest quality ingredients from Guatemala, directly from a reliable cacao bean farmer.

Join us to explore Cacao + Ecstatic Dance as a potent synthesis for Transformation. After the dance warm up we will take a moment to attune and connect to what we are grateful for, giving thanks for all the abundance in our life.

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2 minutes from Tufnell Park Station (full address in order confirmation email, scroll down in the email please), Tufnell Park station, London, United Kingdom

GBP 15.00 to GBP 65.00

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