Trick-or-Treat Film Fest | Kick-Off Party


Fri Oct 15 2021 at 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm


Creative Veins | Jacksonville, FL

Trick-or-Treat Film Fest | Kick-Off Party
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If you're like most people in Jacksonville, you're looking for something fun to do this Halloween! And if you're like us, you've already done the Halloween parties, stood in line at the theme parks, meandered through the poorly done haunted houses, and crawled to the cramped bar only to get a watered-down vodka cran...
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Something that you'll remember for many years to come? It's easy! Grab your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, ??? your cell phones or camera and make a short horror film with us! It's the Trick-or-Treat Film Festival and no experience is needed! In fact, we love fresh blood so let's get to making a fun, cool, (maybe even cheesy) 5-minute horror!
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????: Trick-or-Treat Film Fest Kick-Off
????: Friday, October 15th at 7:00 p.m.
?????: Creative Veins
???: YOU & anyone who'd like to "???? ? ????" at making a short horror film!
???: Zero experience required; most teams will be filming on their cell phones!
???: To learn all the details of the film festival, join or form a team, and register! Then it's onto filmmaking where you're guaranteed to have fun, celebrate the spooky season with something exciting and different, make new friends, get creative, and build lifelong memories!

????????? ?????? ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆
• Randy Havens /// Randy is best known for his role of Mr. Scott Clarke in ???????? ??????, Mr. Rompers in ??????, George Fier on ???? ??????, Dr. Tim Mancini in ????????, & more!
• Chase Paris /// Chase is a two-time Emmy Award-Winning Casting Director best known for casting ?????????, ?????, ????? ???, ???????? ??????, ??????? ???????: ????? ???, ????????? ?? ??? ?????? ???. 2, ????: ????????, ????????: ???????? ???, ????????: ??? ????, and for being the owner of Feldstein | Paris Casting of Atlanta!
• Michael Burnett /// Michael is a two-time Emmy Award-nominated veteran SFX Makeup Artist and best known for his work on ???? ????: ??????????, ????????? ???????, ?????, ??? ??? ??????? ????, ??? ????, ????????, ???????, ???????? ?? ?? ???????, ????? ?????, ?????? ????? 2, ??????? ?? ??? ????????, ??? ????? ??????, ??????, ??? ?? ??? ??????, ?????? ????????, ????????? 3: ?? ???? ??, & more!
• Jayson Warner Smith /// Jayson is best known for his portrayal of Gavin in AMC's ??? ??????? ????, his portrayal of the horrifyingly despicable death-row serial killer Wendall Jelks in Sundance TV's ???????, and the wild-haired snowbird pilot Bill Cooper on ???????? ???? starring Tom Cruise!
• Jon Shroyer /// John is a Make-Up and VFX artist best known for his work on such classics as Zach Snyder's ???? ?? ??? ????, ???? ???? ???? ????: ??? ??????, ???? ??????: ??? ?????? ??????, ?????? ???? ????, ???????? ???, and ??? ?????'? ?? ??? ????? ??? ????????, & more!

????????? ?????:
October 15th | Kick-Off Ceremony
October 18th | Last Day to Register
October 16th - October 25th | Filmmaking
October 25th | Due Date for Films
October 30th | Film Screening & Awards at Sunray Cinema in 5 Points

???? ??????:
⋆ Juiciest One-Liner
⋆ Goriest Gore
⋆ Bloodiest Scene
⋆ Scream Queen/King
⋆ Biggest Budget
⋆ Best SFX Make-Up
⋆ Most Over The Top Performance
⋆ Most Gratuitous Nudity
⋆ Lowest Budget
⋆ Most Creative K*ll
⋆ Most Tragic Death
⋆ Coolest Monster
⋆ Best in Show
⋆ Audience Favorite (Whoever brought the most friends)

???? ???????:
This October, the deranged, debouched, disturbed, and delinquent will descend on the desolate Jacksonville, Florida! They will bring their most chilling, most thrilling, most killing horror films. Do you wish to offer your film for the horror gods?
??????? ???? | ??? ????-??? ????????:
On October 15th at 7:00 p.m., you will be summoned before the horror gods to Creative Veins Studio in Downtown Jacksonville. During this dark, unholy, and spectacular kick-off ceremony, you will learn all the details of this nightmarish fest, meet-n-mingle with other devilish fiends, form/join/register your team, and select your team captain. Your team captain will then draw blindly from our 4 cauldrons of fate to determine your team's film requirements (Conflict, Weapon, Sub-Genre, and Location). But, be warned, not all is what it seems; both tricks and treats are waiting for you inside each cauldron. If the horror gods favor you, you will receive a treat, a requirement that will help your film. Perhaps they will bless you with a knife to K*ll your characters with? Who doesn’t love the classics? On the other hand, if the gods frown upon your pathetic existence, they will curse you with a trick, and you will be forced to make the weapon of your film something less sinister like a dog chewie or a maxi pad. Good luck writing that!
??? ??????? ??????? ???? | ???? ????????????:
You are welcome to go ahead and register your team using the form at the bottom of this page. Still, please make plans to have at least one team member attend the October 15th kick-off ceremony so they can draw from our 4 cauldrons of fate to learn your film's requirements. Want to participate but don't know anyone or have a team? No problem! We will help you find a team to join at the kick-off!
??? ??????? ??????? ???? | ?????? ????????????:
Don't know anyone and can't make it to the kick-off to find a team to join? Still no problem! You'll have from now until October 18th to register as an "Orphan." Simply type "Orphan" in the team name spot on your registration form (at the bottom of this page), and we'll help pair you up with a fantastically frightful team immediately! We promise they won't bite!
??????? ???? - ??????? ???? | ?????????? ????:
Your team will have just shy of two weeks (including two whole weekends) to complete your 5-minute film. All films must include the requirements drawn from the 4 cauldrons of fate during the kick-off!
??????? ???? | ??? ????:
All films are due by midnight on this date. It is possible that we will accept a late submission, however, late submissions will only be screened and not eligible for an award.
??????? ???? | ???? ????????? & ?????? ????????:
The film screening and awards ceremony will be held at Sun-Ray Cinema on Saturday, October 30th, at 12:00 p.m.
????? ????:
The entry fee to participate on a filmmaking team is $13.13/person. This is for every single teammate who appears on screen as an actor and/or any credited crew member. You're welcome to use as many people as you like without paying their $13.13 fee, provided they do not appear on screen or in the credits.
??????? ?? ????????? & ??????:
Film Screening & Awards Ceremony will take place at Sun-Ray Cinema on October 30th at 12:00 p.m. Tickets are required for every attendee (even if you had a team in the festival) and are available for purchase at $13.13/person.
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Art is for everyone! Painting, sculpting, scrapbooking, crocheting, even filmmaking...everyone has an excellent idea for a scene, a character, or an entire film within them! Still, most people would never dream of making a film because they don't know where to begin. But you don't need to know where to start or, quite frankly, anything else. All you need to know is that you will figure it out.
Anyone can make a film; you don't have to own any gear or camera equipment or be an experienced director or actor. All you have to do is turn your phone sideways and press record! You've seen enough movies to know the basics (beginning, middle, end), and even if you're still unsure, we've created this handy little guide to help you along the way! Besides, we hope that you're new to this; we love fresh blood!
??? ?????...
You must make an original film. It must be 5 minutes or less, and you must incorporate all 4 of the elements (Conflict, Weapon, Sub-Genre, and Location) your team draws from our cauldrons of fate. It's easy to dwell on all the reasons why you shouldn't, wouldn't, and couldn't make a film, but they pale in comparison with all of the reasons why you should! So grab your friends, grab your family, grab your neighbors, grab your co-workers, and get creating!
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Our fondest memories are not of what expensive things we purchased, what restaurants we ate at, or what exotic places we've been. The moments we cherish most are of the things we created with those we love. The time you made a soapbox derby car with your dad, the time you and your grandma baked a special cake, the summer where you and all your friends built that cool tree fort. How often have you wished you could go back and spend just a few minutes experiencing those special moments again? That's what makes filmmaking so unique. You not only are creating with people you care about, but the very thing you create will last forever. Whenever you want, you can revisit that moment with a click of a button.
??? ??? ?????-??-????? ???? ???? ?? ?????????:
Our mission is to build and strengthen the community through creativity by producing an inclusive festival where participants of all experience levels can have fun, celebrate the spooky season, make new friends, express themselves without judgment, and build lifelong memories! Regardless of their education, experience, and background, we believe everyone possesses unique abilities, skills, and experiences that have artistic value. Therefore, we all benefit by inviting everyone to share their unique traits, perspectives, and ways of expressing themselves. We believe that every person who adds value should be recognized and that most of the people who make things great go unrecognized. So instead of mimicking other awards that acknowledge only a few key individuals, our awards seek to recognize all of the things that make films great! We believe that expression should be encouraged and celebrated. Everyone has a right to be heard and feel safe expressing themselves without being judged or labeled. We believe that censorship and demonizing those who don't share our views only further divides us. The way to unity is by first letting people speak freely, allow them to vent their emotions and frustrations, and understand why they feel the way they do. True tolerance requires us to live with people unlike us but still find a way to coexist. And in our experience, we are all much more alike than we think. Our differences make us unique, but our overwhelming similarities are what unites us. Now, on to making your epic horror film...
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Give us a shout! We're available via phone/text or by email anytime at [email protected] ?? feel free to message the studio at [email protected]

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337 East Forsyth Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
904.323.2471 (call/text)
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