THEATRUM MORTIS HUMANAE TOUR : Srd x Ater Era x Britof x WielkiMrok I Warszawa I @VooDoo Club


Thu May 02 2024 at 05:00 pm to 11:00 pm


VooDoo Club | Warsaw

THEATRUM MORTIS HUMANAE TOUR : SRD x Ater Era x Britof + SPECIAL GUESTS: Wielki Mrok @ Warsaw, Poland
On Thursday, May 02 VooDoo Club will be occupied by three superpowers of the Slovenian metal scene - SRD, ATER ERA and BRITOF with Polish special guests Wielki Mrok! The concert is part of the 11-date European tour under the name "Theatrum Mortis Humanæ"
Witness a dark ritual - the ritual of human death!
VooDoo Club [ stage 2 ]
Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia 48A (dawne Bema 65),
01-242 Warszawa
Wejście - 20:00
Start - 21:00
– 40 PLN ( dostępne na wejściu w dniu koncertu, płatne gotówką )
Zagrają :
21:00 Britof ( doom / heavy / sludge metal )
22:00 Ater Era ( doom / sludge / black metal )
23.00 Srd ( black metal / black'n'roll )
00:15 Wielki Mrok ( black metal / punk )
Wspierają Nas :
Strefa Music Art / Kraken Magazine / Komis Goth Metal Punk
▶ BRITOF - Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia
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This trio, bonded over a love for music that shakes the soul, has since carved out a niche for themselves in the rich tapestry of rock.
With tastes that are both strikingly similar and refreshingly diverse, Britof draws from a broad sonic palette that includes heavy metal, doom, sludge and black metal, among many other subgenres. This eclectic mix has allowed them to forge a sound that is unmistakably their own, a sound that has come to define their distinctive musical identity.
Britof is, at its core, a live band. Known for their electrifying live performances, they've proven that even as a trio, their sound is anything but small. Power, intensity, and fullness characterize their live shows, making each performance a memorable experience.
Their debut album, self-titled "Britof," released in 2017, laid the groundwork for their sonic exploration. It was followed by "Ruins" in 2022, an album that further established their prowess and unique sound.
⚡ LIVE Ozzfest Metaverse (video)

⚡ Ruins (Full Album 2022)

⚡ Nightstalker (audio)

▶ ATER ERA - Slovenia
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Ater Era is a Slovene extreme metal band characterized by a primal black metal sound and an unusual tendency towards psychedelic and ambient interferences.
The band was born as a solo project in June, 2006. The initiator was S.S., band's vocalist, guitarist and songwriter.
In summer 2008, the debut album entitled »In autumn's solitary decline« was entirely recorded in solitude by S.S, and was released later in 2011 by Mater Tenebrarum Records.
⚡ Cuneal Paradigm (audio)

⚡ Beneath Inanimate Grime (full album 2013)

▶ SRD - Slovenia
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With the genre’s old-school approach of using their own native language, yet on the other hand not conforming to black metal’s musical standards or it's status quo, Srd marked their beginning in 2016 with the release of Smrti sel.
A welcoming reception of the debut quickly outgrew the idea of what was first considered to be a solo project. A band formed, live performances followed. Live shows at home and in neighbouring countries proved fruitful, cumulating Srd into the exclusive support act of Shining from Sweden on their European tour in 2019.
In the following year, the sophmore album Ognja Prerok was released, proving to be a worthy and mature succesor, yet brought into the world at unfortunate times. Only a handful of shows followed since and a reformation took place within the band.
Srd’s third album vragvmesiton is set to be released on the 19th of April this year and supported with a brief European tour, joined by Britof and Ater Era. It is said that vragvmesiton differs from the two previous releases and expands the artistic horizons, although with new vigour still carries the core aesthetic of what is music of Srd.
⚡ Mrtvaški ples (audio)

⚡ Kupa trpljenja (audio)


▶ WIELKI MROK - Warszawa, PL
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Urodzeni na przełomie wieku, fani dźwięku rewolucjoniści, pewni siebie tak, że o człowieku, zero lęku, aż sen się ziści. WielkiMrok. GrungeDark. CzaryPunk. MetalBlack.
WielkiMrok to:
Czacha - perkusja
Ćwiara - bas
Szrama - gitara i wokal
⚡ Zasłony Tajemnic (video)

⚡ Mrok (video)

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