THE WAY OF ORIGAMI AND TEA CEREMONY: going beyond cultures


Thu Feb 02 2023 at 05:00 pm to 06:00 pm

Location Amsterdam Tea Culture Club | Amsterdam, NH

Would you like to step out of the daily routine and re-balance your mind and body through natural materials and hands-on experience maybe find your own Zen?

This event will open a uniqueness of Japanese culture and traditions which is about finding living a meaningful life. We will provide the opportunity to restore connections with people around you our society and our own inner self by combining each experience into one unified artwork.

The event will infuse new ideas and meanings into traditional Japanese philosophy of origami and tea ceremony.

Origami has been recognised as being an effective way to practice mindfulness and to increase well-being. It possesses a meditative quality. It will need your full attention so your mind wanders less quickly! 

Japanese (“wa”) and paper (“shi”) known as “washi” is a traditional Japanese craft. This paper is made from the fibers of the bark of gampi trees (or bamboo hemp rice). A traditional product mostly made by hand. During the workshop we will use this Japanese paper to make cranes.

And the art and ritual of the tea ceremony is not only about enjoying tea but its significance in Japanese culture is wider. It is about harmony respect and purity as well as the aesthetics such as the beautiful items used in the tea ceremony and those decorating the tea room.

Join us for this fascinating event and learn how a simple act like origami or tea making can help you to slow down absorb the imperfection of what is in life and take a moment to rebuild your own sense of balance.

Where is it happening? Amsterdam Tea Culture Club, Rozengracht 92H, 1016 NH Amsterdam, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Netherlands

EUR 95.00


Host or Publisher Wabi-Sabi

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