The Magical Tram Of Thought!


Mon Apr 10 2023 at 08:00 pm to 09:00 pm


Club Voltaire | Melbourne, VI

After the last V-line home was cancelled, Liam Sparrow-Gange wandered the streets of Melbourne in search of some form of transportation that wouldn't steal his personal information. Soon the witching hour came and Liam decided to wait out the night in the Abandoned Caves Melbourne’s Infamous for. While inside A.C.M.I. Liam found the long forgotten mystical Magical Tram of Thought! Seeing his destiny laying before him, Liam is bringing this P.T.V. (People’s Thoughts Vehicle) out of retirement to stick it to the other P.T.V. (Public Transport Victoria). The Magical Tram of Thought can see the thoughts, dreams and horrible dark secrets of anyone who rides it when travelling through the Central Brain Dimension or C.B.D, for short. However the Tram can not share Liam’s thoughts for some reason, but that’s not important. What’s important is the fact that Liam is inviting you to the tram’s maiden voyage! We'll go to Existential Avenue, Bad Idea Boulevard, Crown Casino and many more! Look I know that’s a lot to take in but it's a magic tram system designed to enter the human psyche, you get the picture, It’s kinda like 'The Magic School Bus' mixed with 'Thomas and the Magic Railroad', if you’ve seen those things you'll get the concept.
You won't need a myki for this tram-based absurd stand-up show, just an open mind. But please bring your myki, just in case.
Liam Sparrow-Gange doesn’t really know anything about trams or the human psyche, but he might know a thing or two about comedy, as Liam is a graduate of Collarts’ Comedy Course, and has a Bachelor in the Dramatic Arts (comedy). He’s proved he’s at least a little bit funny as he finished his first solo comedy show Christmas in October during last year’s Melbourne Fringe, but can he do it again? You decide.
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Club Voltaire, 1st Floor, 14 Raglan St,Melbourne,VIC,Australia, Melbourne, Australia
Liam Sparrow-Gange

Host or Publisher Liam Sparrow-Gange

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