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Local Health Integrative Clinic | Vancouver, BC

Touch is for us is like water to plants.
Not enough of it and we malnourish, don't develop properly and can get sick.
In my opinion touch is the most powerful sense that we possess , as it connects us to our environment, ourselves and other people.
Unfortunately many of us experience the shadow side of touch through traumatic events and it can be associated with pain and suffering.
For some of us we never receive loving touch, or any touch for that matter and that has consequences on many levels.
Learning how to give and receive what I call Intelligent touch is one of the most important skills we can develop in this life. We don't actualize parts of ourselves if we are not touched in that way period.
I always say you are the HEALER , everyone of you if you are aware of it , or not.
Discovering that possibility with guidance, tools and willing explorers , taps into dormant abilities that you might possess.
I invite you to EXPLORE the ART OF TOUCH with me where you will:
*Learn how touch can be part of your Intuition
*How your touch when it has architecture and intention can be healing.
*How touch can be a conversation, better then words.
*How you can help yourself and others with stress and pain relief.
*How touch can be mindful, meditative and playful.
*How touch can be part of your personal & spiritual development.
What you will need:
*Loose comfortable clothing
*Pen and notebook
*Snacks and water
*Open mind and heart
*This workshop is good for ages 16 and up so if you have teenage kids you can bring them if they show interest.
*I am offering a sliding scale for this workshop as I want to make it affordable for those who want to learn but might struggle financially.
*For those who can afford the full amount , know that you will be paying for someone who could not afford the workshop.
*If you have medical issues but still want to attend this workshop and have questions please reach out.
About Mihael Mamychshvili :
Mihael has spent the last 25 years exploring, researching, learning and working with the effects of traumatic events on the bodymind. He has personally treated over 15,000 people with Trauma and Chronic pain as Founder & Lead Therapist of AH Integrative centre.
There he created customized Innovative programs, collaborating and working with a team of , Naturopathic doctors, Chiropractors, psychologists, counsellors, occupational therapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists, nutritionists, yoga & mindfulness therapists.
More Recently Mihael Created NeuroPath Reset Method to teach people how to Release patterns of chronic pain, Trauma, PTSD and Visceral Pain.
"Oftentimes we lack the physical tools to help ourselves when pain, or trauma occurs, which puts us in a hopeless place and a chronic state. When people can see measurable results it empowers them and propels them to heal themselves."
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Look forward to seeing you there in person

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