Teacher Training: Meridians and Qi


Fri Oct 15 2021 at 10:00 am to Sun Oct 17 2021 at 06:00 pm



Teacher Training: Meridians and Qi
Level Two Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Meridians and Qi
with Dr. Eric Baumgartner and Leah Adams
Our inner and outer worlds are inextricably linked, and this connection influences our psychological, emotional and physical states. Living in alignment with nature — including our own — is the ultimate form of self-care. Join Dr. Eric Baumgartner and Leah Adams for their fifth iteration of level 2 Yin Yoga Teacher Training. This program offers a blend of lectures, hands-on learning, and practice that delivers wisdom teachings with a sense of lineage and science. Students will gain practical tools that can be applied to their own lives and to their yin and yang style teaching. It is an immersive training—a deep dive into understanding fundamental aspects of your own nervous system, becoming rooted in ancient practices, and learning how to fuel sustainable and healthy bodies, hearts, and minds through the perspective of the Eastern lineages of energetic healing arts.
Our training curriculum covers the following topics:
Origins and philosophy of Yin Yoga
Connection between Yin Yoga and Eastern Medicine
Qi and meridian theory
Fascia and relationship to meridians
Introduction to five element theory
Sequences to balance and enhance energy
Breathing practices through Eastern perspectives
Understanding the autonomic nervous system
Eastern perspective on digestion and detox
Eastern perspective on physical heart and pericardium
Benefits of Yin Yoga
This training is for Yin Yoga teachers and experienced practitioners of Yin Yoga with an interest in learning about Yin Yoga, meridians, and the subtle body. This training does not cover how to teach the foundational poses of Yin Yoga. It emphasizes sequencing and understanding the map of the meridians as they relate to the practice and teaching of Yin Yoga.
Prerequisite: A Yin Yoga teaching certificate or 2 years of Yin Yoga practice
Apply: Email [email protected]
Total training hours: 22 contact hours / 3 hours homework
Tuition: $1050
Refund Policy: In the event of a Covid-related cancellation, we will shift your attendance to a future program. Due to the limited space for each program, we are not able to offer refunds.
Friday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday: noon - 8 p.m.
Sunday: noon - 6 p.m.
Where: Mind Body Hum on Seattle’s waterfront in the historic Maritime Building
Email [email protected] to apply
Where is it happening?
MIND.BODY.HUM, Maritime Building | 905 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104, Seattle, United States
Host or PublisherLeah Adams
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