Taiji Flow (Tai Chi) THURS 3-class series @ Judkins Central Dist


Thu Apr 18 2024 at 07:00 pm to Thu May 02 2024 at 08:45 pm


Private studio near Judkins Park | Seattle, WA

*LOCATION CHANGE* This event was previously held in Greenwood but has moved to the Central Dist

Thurs evenings Apr 18, 25, May 2


Classes will take place at a private studio located near Judkins Park in the Central District of Seattle. Location details will be emailed to participants after ticket purchase. Also, Allevents likes to erase my commas no matter how many times I add them back in. Apologies for the run-on sentences.

This 3-week mini-series on THURS evenings at Judkins Central Studio is a great way to disperse the burdens of the day, refresh your mind-body connection, and move into Friday and the weekend with a clear, relaxed mental space. We’ll focus on standing meditative movement phrases based in Chen style taiji quan (tai chi) and qigong, examining foundational flows that can be practiced alone or stitched together for a longer sequence. Our practice explores balance, stability, fluid navigation through space, joint flexibility and articulation, how to find ease during exertion, and cultivating strength with minimal force.

All levels welcome, no experience necessary, wear comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict your range of movement. Invitation to practice barefoot other practice shoes ok no street shoes in the studio.

Attendance at all three sessions strongly encouraged but not required; drop-ins can still benefit from the experience.

3-class series $55 on sale at dccreativearts.com now through Apr 18

Single drop-in $20 if space is available on sale starting Apr 18.

Space is limited, get your tickets early! Free street parking and multiple bus stops nearby.

Instructor bio: Deborah combines her professional backgrounds in health and the arts to teach classes featuring movement sound and dance as tools for wellness. As a board certified Chinese medicine practitioner she believes there is great power in connecting each person back to themselves and to the natural rhythms of the earth.

Taiji Flow FAQs

What is taiji quan?

Taiji quan is a movement practice that originated as a martial arts training tool in China traced to the late 1600s. It is a relatively young practice if you consider that the foundations of the movement and its correlating Daoist philosophies had been developing for millenia prior. The practice is generally done slowly and can be adapted to suit a wide demographic. Many people today incorporate it into their regular self-care and wellness routines.

What if I have no experience and have never done anything like this before?

This series is designed to be accessible and modifiable for all levels!

Is taiji quan the same as tai chi?

Yes these different spellings refer to the same practice they just come from different systems of romanization. “Tai chi” comes from the Wade-Giles system that was created between 1850-1900 by two British men whose surnames were Wade and Giles. In the 1950s a Chinese linguist developed the pinyin system which literally translates to “spelling sounds.” Pinyin is most widely used today and is the format that we are using here.

What’s the difference between taiji quan and qigong?

Qigong literally translates to working with energy and is a broad umbrella term for a multitude of practices that involve working with qi. These can be standing seated lying down static moving and there are a plethora of styles and practices. Taiji quan is a movement form that originated as a martial arts training tool and even though it involves the physical body the internal energy component is essential. So in fact taiji quan can technically be considered a type of qigong.

Where is it happening?

Private studio near Judkins Park, Central Dist, Seattle, United States

USD 55.00

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