Summer night BodyHouse Party


Sat Jun 17 2023 at 08:00 pm to 10:00 pm


De Vlugt - Artist's incubator | Amsterdam, NH

Summer night BodyHouse Party
June 17th 20:00-22:30 in Culture House de Vlugt, Amsterdam
About this Event

Performance Artist – Choreographer, Coach and Founder of BodyHouse Method Keren Rosenberg in collaboration with culture house de Vlugt and We Are Public are opening their doors for participants to experience together with Keren the BodyHouse method:

An individual and communal journey, where together we unleash stored energies from our flesh, spirit, hearts, while commonly creating a sacred trustful space to allow these energies to be released and dance with freedom and passion.

**All that is needed is comfortable clothes, an open heart and available body to move and be moved.

*Doors open at 19:30, session starts at 20:00, entrance through the café,

we will be in studio 2.

***Free Entrance For We Are Public members upon mail registration at:

[email protected]

“It produced the effect of an exploding bomb” Roman

“I felt so ‘energetically shaken’ that I did not really know how to describe it to you afterwards, it felt good!” Marianne

What is BodyHouse?

BodyHouse method is a physically embodied, intuitive, and intentional movement experience that will help you find your way back home into your fully present, energized version of yourself.

It offers an engaging and profound way to discover the wisdom of your body, It helps you to connects with your source of creativity and authentic expression and ultimately offers a new way of experiencing BEING through the core questions of

• How do you feel underneath your skin and beyond it?

• How do you connect and empower your inner voice and its unique expression?

• How do you share yourself amongst yourself, with others and with your surroundings?

It builds confidence and familiarity with non-verbal and with your unique body language, energetic traits, and creative voice.

BodyHouse approaches the body as a vessel that carries energy and vibration, where skin functions as a two-way wall mediating between the personal-intimate and the universal energetic flow that is around and within us. Like a house, our body has windows and doors that have a direct dialogue and connection between our inner world and the world around us.

Who is the Body-House Method for?

Body-House method is open for Every-Being-Body who wishes to step into a physically expressive and authentic experience within an intimate trustful setting.

Everyone is welcome to move at their own level and pace. There is no age limit, and all bodies and abilities are welcome!!

For more information :
[email protected]

Looking forward sweating with you in da flesh.

Love, Keren

Where is it happening?

De Vlugt - Artist's incubator, 125 Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan, Amsterdam, Netherlands

EUR 20.00

BodyHouse - Keren Rosenberg

Host or Publisher BodyHouse - Keren Rosenberg

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