Sorinuri Art Group from Gugak National High School


Fri Sep 30 2022 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm



The 3rd Performance by Sorinuri Art Group from Gugak National High School
국립국악고등학교 소리누리예술단 세 번째 캐나다 공연
About this Event

Gugak National High School has carried on the grand tradition of educational institutions specializing in traditional Korean music, such as the Eumseongseo of the Silla Dynasty, the Aakseo of the Goryeo Dynasty, and the Jangakwon and Aakbuwon Training Center of the Joseon Dynasty. In 1972, Gugak National High School became an educational institution to nurture young professionals in the performing arts of traditional dance and music.

Introduction of ‘Sorinuri Art Group’

The ‘Sorinuri Art Group’ in Gugak National High School was established in 2012 to disseminate traditional Korean music to the public, carry on music traditions, and develop and modernize. It is a traditional cultural and art delegation composed of excellent resources among first and second-year students.

The ‘Sorinuri Art Group’ will promote the excellence of traditional Korean culture and arts through various traditional performances such as chamber music, solo music, traditional dance and Gugak orchestra, contributing to cultural development. The Gugak orchestra consists of traditional strings, winds, and percussion instruments, such as gayageum, geomungo, daegeum, sogeum, piri, taepyungso, haegeum, ajaeng and percussion instruments, including traditional drum Janggu. And like the Western music orchestra, the music starts with the conductor’s signal.

The ‘Sorinuri Art Group’ has performed in more than 20 countries, including the U.S., Britain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Cambodia, Japan and China. In addition, it has performed more than 300 domestic performances, including an invited performance at the Incheon Asian Games and an invitation to the National Assembly building. It also plans to actively communicate with the public annually through regular concerts and concerts in connection with overseas communities.


1. 고취악 ‘대취타’ | Processional ‘Daechwita’

2. 창작무용 ‘조선의 여인’ | Creative Dance ‘Woman of the Joseon Dynasty’

3. 대금독주 ‘경풍년’ | Daegeum Solo ‘Gyeongpungnyeon’

4. 창작무용 ‘화랑무’ | Creative Dance ‘Hwarangmu’

5. 민속악 ‘산조합주’ | Folk Music ‘Sanjo Ensemble’

6. 민속무용 ‘장구춤’ | Folk Dance ‘Janguchum’

7. 국악관현악 ‘아름다운 나라’ (한태수 작곡) | Gugak Orchestra ‘Beautiful Country’ (Comp. by Han Tae-soo)

8. 국악관현악 ‘신뱃놀이’ (원일 작곡) | Gugak Orchestra ‘New Boat Ride’ (Composed by Won Il)

9. 국악관현악 ‘방황’ (이경섭 작곡) | Gugak Orchestra ‘Wandering’ (Composed by Lee Kyung-seop)

10. 국악관현악 ‘오 캐나다’ & ‘애국가’ (손성국, 이동희 편곡) | Gugak Orchestra ‘O Canada’ & ‘Aegukga’ (Arranged by Son Sung-guk and Lee Dong-hee)

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