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Sat Apr 01 2023 at 12:30 pm


Ter Gouwstraat 3, 1093 JX Amsterdam, Nederland | Amsterdam, NH

Yes! Every other first Saturday of the month we present to you: PlayCastle! Your bi-monthly fix of loving connection, community, inner growth, practical workshops, and conscious s*xuality ❤️
Whether you're new, experienced, nervous, excited, anxious, completely relaxed or everything at once, you're most welcome exactly the way you are.
(See program at the bottom.)
PlayCastle is a mini s*xpositive festival, where we build a conscious, sexpositive community with workshops, group and embodiment practices, and free play space.
Call us dreamers, but we believe and strive for a s*xpositive world, where intimacy and s*x are considered to be a healthy and joyous part of life.
During PlayCastle we practice and celebrate living in this kind of world. We offer a space where we can shed the s*xnegative culture, free ourselves from shame and unwanted beliefs, and grow together. Or just practice and play with whatever you learned at a workshop or wherever
And mostly: to enjoy our time here on this planet! ❤
Every PlayCastle we start with s*xpositive community & consent practices, followed by workshops and afterwards we create space for a s*xpositive free flow; time and space to go freestyle.
Nudity and sexuality are possible here, keeping your chill clothes on and going for that wholesome tea, cuddle and nap just as welcome. :) You can enjoy being with others in as many ways as you want.

?Every month we’ll invite a different guest facilitator.?
This way we’ll offer two workshops to choose from, something for everyone no matter your level of experience, like a good mini-festival ought to do. (Check out the program below.)
*Please note this is a substance free event. For more info on this policy check out our Terms & Conditions webpage.
This month:
Conscious Lapdance - A workshop by Ariane a.k.a. SoulSeductress ❤️‍
About the workshop:
I know I know.. Conscious & Lapdance put together?!
But let's pause here; what's the conditioning telling you that these two don't go together?! And what if we decide that it can... MUST be combined??
I will teach you ways to tap into your pleasure through sense activation and embodiment tools. I want to cultivate an authentic way of expressing and relating. And honestly, lapdance is such an interesting mirror to work with.
Tantric Embodiment
Tools for Pleasure & Presence
Attunement & Alchemy
Lapdance moves
Polarity & Power dynamics
About Ariana:
Ariana is a mistress in creating a safe space & teaching the most sensual moves in a lighthearted way.. Holding space for both the masculine and feminine, she perfectly knows how to welcome & intertwine them, while staying connected to oneself is key on each (dance)step along the way. She practices what she preaches, and has already guided hundreds of women ánd men on how to embody their sensual self.
Impulse Play, by Play Partners
One mat. Two people. No talking. You got 3 minutes.
The invitation is to show yourself authentically and act on your first impulse(s) during the time on the mat. If you want to do something; do it! If you don’t like something; show it!
It sounds so easy, but the amount of social conditioning that stops us from truly acting on our first impulse is profound. Let’s play around with it, see what still serves us and what does not, and allow ourselves to really play and show ourselves (again).
This is a really good practice for staying true to yourself during interactions with others.
For showing yourself. And for finding what feels good to you and owning it!
Before playing we start with a grounding exercise to get into the body, go through some theory regarding authentic play and experiencing pleasure, and discuss the format and guidelines of Ritual Play.
Then we play!
There are different rounds. Per round you:
Find a partner (or not; also so much to learn by being a witness)
Discuss boundaries and injuries beforehand
Step on the mat and play
Finish with sharing
And repeat. There will be time for sharing, and to learn and integrate the experiences together.
Want to explore intimacy and honest dynamics, have fun, or want to challenge yourself in a safer space
Might feel a little scared, or not. It’s all good <3
Have an open mind (or working on it) towards others and yourself regarding intimacy
Take responsibility for your own wellbeing. This means that you can always voice your boundaries. We will never force you to do anything.
Come as you are: any gender and s*xual orientation is welcome!
Love to see you there!
Maxime, Joey & Jeronimo
Play Partners
(PS if you don’t know us yet, see a short description of who we are below❤️‍)
Furthermore, and we can’t stretch this enough: you are welcome just as you are. We welcome everybody from diverse cultural backgrounds, sexual preferences, gender identities, size, shape and colour.
Whether you’re as introvert as an earthworm or as extravert as a skippyball, whether you want to meditate and watch on the side or you want to dance your f*cking legs off… You! are! welcome!
Celebrating freedom, expression and love together. And hopefully having some fun along the way ??

IMPORTANT: our workshops are all consent based. You only have to do things you feel a YES for (or not, if that’s your spiritual practice at this moment), and NEVER ever ever will we force you into doing anything you don’t want.
We have a team of spaceholders, in case you need some emotional support.

Yes, we believe in building community. Play Partners is hosting PlayCastle events, but in the end we cocreate the magic together.
So we aspire to build a community where we don’t only teach about a desired Consent Culture, but where we carry the Consent Culture together, team members and participants. Together we create a field of community members that know how to navigate s*xpositive spaces consciously, set their boundaries, communicate their desires and are willing to talk to each other and the team if unsafety arises. We’d love for you to take part in this.❤️

- Don’t forget to bring the most useful thing a s*x-positive human being can have: a towel. Preferably a large one, or multiple. You can be naked on it, accidentally spill oil on it, dry yourself off with it, maybe even cuddle with it. (The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy was right all along;)
- Water bottle.
-A nice lunch and/or dinner for yourself (don’t forget a plate and cutlery if you need them), and some easy snacks for the breaks. Make sure you have enough, days like these can be quite intense.
- Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. For example yoga clothing, jogging pants, or anything else that makes you feel comfortable.
- Bring your sexy outfit (or outfits? ?) as well. Sexy outfit meaning: what do YOU feel sexy in? Whether that’s your pyjamas, your alter ego outfit, roleplay character outfit or your most sexy string and socks. There will be an opportunity to change clothes for the play party. We have a video about what to wear to a play party, feel free to watch it ?

- Whatever serves you in your s*xual expression. Anything from toys to your favorite brand of condoms.
Tip: Natural, clean scents are the best! Heavy parfume can be overwhelming for others.

If you are coming with your partner, make sure you have made agreements about what you expect from each other during the workshop and free flow of PlayCastle.
If this is your first play party together, make sure to watch this video where Maxime explains all you need to know to prepare yourself regarding partner agreements ? It takes 6 minutes of your life, and it can save hours of regret later ?

Woops, we forgot to introduce ourselves. We are Joey, Maxime and Jeronimo, together we are Play Partners. Joey and Maxime are twin sisters, Jeronimo and Maxime are romantic partners, and all three of us are friends for life!
We are workshop facilitators, intimacy coaches and (tantric) sex workers. We practice non-monogamy and are passionate about personal growth, intimacy, sex, and relationships.
Want to know more about us? Check us out:
You can also check out more of our videos. They are a little outdated (Maxime unfortunately doesn’t have rainbow hair anymore xD) and we’ll make new ones soon, but still the content stands:
? What is a play party?

? What to wear to a play party?

? Partner Agreements

? Expanding the range of sexuality

If there are any questions feel free to ask, preferably using e-mail: [email protected].

We are super excited to see you there!!
Much love,
Maxime, Joey, Jeronimo

Doors open 12:30. Doors close at 13:00.
Doors open again at 14:00 for those who are not first timers. Doors close at 14:30.
12:30 | Doors open
13:00 | Community Circle (Obligatory for first timers, fun & recommended for everyone)
13:20 | Consent Culture Practice (Obligatory for first timers, fun & recommended for everyone)
13:50| Sharing Pods
14:30 |★ Main Room: “Impulse Play” by Play Partners
★ Room 2: Conscious Lapdance
17:15 | Community Embedding (sharing circles)
16:45 | Early Dinner break & dress-up time
17:40 | Safer Sex Flight Attendants
18:00 | Sharing Pods
18:15 | Free Play (play party)
21:30 | Closing Circle & Cuddle Puddle Chill Out
~Early Birds (till 3 weeks prior to the event)
€79 Early Bird Female Identifying
€79 Early Bird Male Identifying
€79 Early Bird Otherwise Identifying
€150 Early Bird Duo Fem - Fem (€75 per person)
€150 Early Bird Duo Fem - male/other (€75 per person)
~Regular Birds
€89.50 Regular Female Identifying
€89.50 Regular Male Identifying
€89.50 Regular Otherwise Identifying
€160 Regular Duo Fem - Fem (€80 per person)
€160 Regular Duo Fem - Male/other (€80 per person)

~Community Birds (You'll get a physical stamping card when showing your online ticket)
€210 Community Card 3x (€70 per event)
€300 Community Card 5x (€60 per event)
*For the Terms & Conditions and our Cancellation Policy please check out our website.

Where is it happening?

Ter Gouwstraat 3, 1093 JX Amsterdam, Nederland, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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