ShamanicSOUL Breathwork with Frankie.


Wed Feb 15 2023 at 06:30 pm to 08:30 pm


Centre of You | Melbourne, VI

Discover the transformative power of ShamanicSOUL Breathwork, a unique modality combining a range of techniques to explore self!
About this Event

What is ShamanicSOUL Breathwork?

ShamanicSOUL Breathwork is a dynamic and powerful breathwork modality. It acts as a quick way to get out of our mind’s way and drop into the body where we can return into reconnection with our inner self.

You will transport yourself by the vehicle of your breath (healing medicine) into an altered state of consciousness. There, you can access and reconcile memories requiring further understanding, release trapped emotions and awaken your imaginal cells and future selves.

This style of breathwork uses a connected, circular breathing technique in conjunction with chakra-attuned music. You will be guided into the centre of you, where your truth is accessible and remembered. Self-understanding is born from a commitment to the process of self-discovery and awareness, unlocking empowerment.

When we know ourselves, our triggers and our limits, we are more empowered to learn how to integrate and move through any blocks to create new relationships and structures that support us to make more conscious, healthy choices in support our wellbeing and growth.

What to expect:

During the ShamanicSOUL Breathwork process, expect nothing & accept everything. At the start of the immersion, you will be taught a variety of Shamanic release tools to help you express during the process.

This highly experiential process unlocks insights & wisdom that may illuminate areas where further integration is required, or ignite healing from the felt experience of the journey. It is possible to experience the full range of humanness within a journey. This sacred container allows permission to surrender and express your emotions fully as they arise, supporting your ‘journey’ to unfold as it is meant to for your self-illumination and alchemisation.

About your Facilitator:

Frankie is the co-founder of Centre of You and an avid student and teacher of healing arts. Previously living in the business world, Frank went on a long healing journey to find Frankie, a journey to get in touch with his true self. He has studied extensively with various teachers from different traditions around the world. Studies & qualifications include Breathwork, Reiki, Bodywork, Yoga, Hypnosis, Nero Linguistics, Meditation & Inner Guidance.

As well as events, Frankie is a philanthropist & intuitive healer. He works with clients from all walks of life for private guidance & healing sessions to bring them back to themselves so they can thrive in all they do.

Important Note:

ShamanicSOUL Breathwork requires a commitment to a cyclical breathing pattern and has the potential to bring about intense feelings which may result in strong physical and/or emotional release. This practice involves the voluntary hyper-oxygenation of your bloodstream, paving the way for reaching an altered state of consciousness where you may experience possibilities that are not grounded in this reality - you can control the intensity of the experience by adjusting your breathing pattern. You are always in control.

This type of breathwork is not recommended for pregnant women, although if you are pregnant and wish to join us, please alert us and you will be offered a more gentle breathing pattern.

Trigger/activation warning:

This practice encourages the authentic and uninhibited expression of all that arises in real-time. This could appear as screaming, crying, laughter or other forms of vocal sounding. While this modality invites you to remain within your own process and interpret visceral reactions to other people's authentic expressions as data to become curious about, if you feel this may be too strong an experience for you then a private session with Frankie may be more suitable.

Things to note:

Centre of You has plenty of bolsters, blankets, and cushions for you to get cosy with. Wear comfortable, lose clothes. An eyemask and journal is recommended as are any familiar personal items that will aid you in feeling grounded (crystal, teddy, scarf, etc).

Arrival: Endeavour to arrive between 6:15pm - 6:30pm. To preserve the experience for all involved, doors will close at 6:45pm. Truly, it breaks our heart to have to turn latecomers away yet the disruption to the whole group experience by virtue of lateness does require management. We ask that you find understanding and consideration for the timebound nature of the container and make every effort to arrive on time.

Driving: Know Centre of You is on Chapel St and ample time to find a car spot is best to be factored into your plans. Park direct on Chapel St (spots unmetered after 5pm) or in Anchor Place, the open-air parking lot in the side street that runs opposite Centre of You (unmetered after 4pm).

Public transport - tram: Both the number 6 tram & 78 tram stop on the corner of High St/Chapel St. This is stop 31 on the number 6 tram (Moreland/Glen Iris) & stop 45 on the number 78 tram (North Richmond/Balaclava).

Public transport - train: Both Prahran & Windsor stations along the Sandringham Line will get you walking distance to Centre of You.

Finding Centre of You: Centre of You is nestled within the arcade that Chapel St Bazaar is in (217 Chapel St). It is up a flight of stairs with a wide landing at the half-way-point. Unfortunately, this current version of Centre of You does not have a wheelchair accessible lift. If you could use support in getting up the stairs or would like to discuss ways to make your experience at Centre of You more comfortable, please reach out via [email protected] or via DM over on Centre of You Instagram.

Accessibility: At COY we aim to ensure our community and events are inclusive and accessible while alongside upholding the needs and responsibilities of our business and the businesses of our collaborating facilitators. Should you be in a time of financial challenge and unable to pay the full ticket price comfortably, please join by donating what you can.

Ticketing T&Cs: We get it, life happens, therefore we will gladly refund you up until 24hrs before the event start time. After that, we have a strict no refund/no transfer to future events policy.

If you are no longer able to attend and wish to pay forward your ticket to someone within the community, be in touch via [email protected] or via DM over on Centre of You Instagram.

Questions? Email [email protected] or reach out via Instagram DM.


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Centre of You, Upstairs, 217 Chapel St, Melbourne, Australia

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