Shadow Work ⚡ Embrace your Inner Darkness to Manifest


Tue Oct 26 2021 at 08:00 pm to 10:00 pm


Dallas City Hall | Dallas, TX

Shadow Work \u26a1 Embrace your Inner Darkness to Manifest
ONLINE EVENT!! YOU can have the ability to heal your current self, your shadow self, and your highest authentic self ❤︎ →
About this Event

Manifestation is an incredibly powerful tool . . . for people who know EXACTLY what they want.

But most people have buried their true desires.

They are disempowered and feel guilt or shame. When we uncover these desires through shadow work we can supercharge our ability to manifest.

<blockquote>“When the sun shines down on us we are able to see our shadow.” </blockquote>

This also happens when we do our inner work.

In this workshop, we will explore how the shadow self can become a source of empowerment.

YOU can have the ability to heal your current self, your shadow self, and your highest authentic self. Merging these three is a powerful integration that allows us to uncover unrealized dreams and unlock your true powers of manifestation.

Join Nicole Lovince for this powerful workshop specifically designed to integrate your shadow self. Trained as an Intuitive Theta Healer, Nicole will take us on a journey to connect with the pieces of ourselves we have been hiding in the shadows

<blockquote>We want to get to the point where we can say “I may not like this about myself, but I’m going to love it anyway.”</blockquote><blockquote>-Nicole Lovince</blockquote>

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What is Theta Healing

One of the most powerful energy-healing techniques, Theta Healing is a process of meditation that creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing using the Theta brain wave.

Through this transformative technique, you can …

⋑ Stop being afraid of your dreams and manifest a life of true, effortless abundance.

⋑ Be set free of fears and restrictions so that you can step into your goddess energy before your own luxurious ritual (more below).

⋑ Be aligned with your desires and experiencing the high-vibe state needed to supercharge your manifesting abilities.

Love for Nicole ❤︎<blockquote>“Nicole did a beautiful job extracting my personality, asking all the right questions, and carefully curating a beautiful bath recipe that I can’t wait to treat myself to? grateful to have done a session with her.”</blockquote><blockquote>— Natasha D.</blockquote><blockquote>“I felt so LITE after our Goddess Circle! It was very powerful and totally a beautiful way for me to show up for MYSELF this week which I didn’t even know I NEEDED until I assessed how I felt afterward! I am SOOOO happy that I met you! I am sooo thankful! More than you know and I have been prayyyyying for this! Please keep shining your light because it is SO inspirational!”</blockquote><blockquote>— Darmirra B.</blockquote><blockquote />
In this free workshop, you will . . .

→ Access transformation through rituals and manifestation tools

→ Gain clarity and freedom and empowerment

→ Revive, refresh, and renew your soul's truest desire

→ Heal emotional scars, fears, and restrictions

→ Stop being afraid of your dreams and learn to be abundant and live out your wildest dreams ?

Our Guide

Nicole Lovince is an actress “Pitch Perfect”, singer/songwriter “Free The Unicorn Music”, and an Intuitive ThetaHealer®.

In her workshops, she provides ART (Artistic Ritual Transformation), and she will show you how you get to create the life you want using a ritual known as a Goddess Bath to transform your life.

“You are the alchemist. You are the leading lady. You are the goddess.”

- Nicole Lovince

Nicole is also the creator of The Goddess Bath Experience, an intentional ritualist bath that will transform you inside and out. She brings her unique gifts of performance, ritual guidance, and intuitive healing methods to the curation of The Goddess Bath Experience.

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Dallas City Hall, 1500 Marilla Street, Dallas, United States

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