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Mon Jul 10 2023 at 09:00 am to 03:00 pm


Ash + Willow Hair Co | Fairfax, VA

A visual approach to haircutting education.
About this Event

Ash + Willow Hair Co has so generously offered to host this class and make it open to other hairstylists. :)


If you’re a visual learner like me, I’d loooove to nerd-out with you in this class! :)

Could you relate to any of these?

  • * Cutting hair makes you nervous
  • * You worry that a client might ask for a haircut that you haven't learned
  • * You feel overwhelmed trying to memorize as many haircuts as you can
  • * You're tired of copying tutorials. You want to start designing and "creating" customized haircuts for your clients.
  • * You're a life-long learner, so driven by passion, and want to continually master every single aspect of your craft.

You're not alone!

That was me! I graduated cosmetology not knowing how to cut hair. I went through the first part of my career memorizing haircuts from demos, hands-on classes, hair shows, videos etc. It was exhausting!

Things changed for me when I started to actually “understand” theory …not just memorize a bunch of terms, definitions, rules, angles etc.

See Theory

In this class, you'll learn haircutting by actually "seeing" ...not by just taking my word for it. :)

You will learn from:

  • * string and ribbon visuals
  • * photos and graphics
  • * interactive workbook
  • * 2D animations
  • * 3D animations and more!

It will be a total fun nerd-out session for us visual learners!! :)

You'll learn how to design the perfect haircut for a client based on their:

  • * face shape
  • * head shape
  • * hair type
  • * personal style
  • * lifestyle etc.

Then, you'll learn different ways to execute your design!

No more copying haircut recipes.

No more memorizing terms, "rules", angles...

It's time for the artist in your to start creating!

See Theory in Action

My favorite part!!! It’s because I get to prove to you that YOU GOT THIS and that you are waaay smarter than you think you are! (I promise to try my best not to get emotional during this portion!)

After our break, I'll give a hypothetical consultation. Using what you’ve learned, the class will tell me what design the haircut should be. Then, you guys will tell me how to do each step in the haircut.

I’ll demo the haircut that we come up with on a mannequin. I’ll share 2D and 3D animations so you can see the mechanics of the haircut even clearer.

You’ll be trying the haircut on your mannequin. I’ll go around giving tips, assisting, and answering questions. :)

Who is this class for?

So many have joined the class and learned side-by-side with each other:

* cosmetology students

* newer stylists

* stylists with 35+ years experience

* product company educators

* independent educators

* cosmetology teachers

* barbers

They've come from all over the US, and thanks to technology, from all over the world.

This is for anyone who wants really dive more into “creating” instead of following, copying, and memorizing. It’s for people who want to start thinking independently and learning independently.

There’s never been any egos or walls in this class. Everyone, regardless of their years of experience, has been so humble, so open, so raw and seriously a delight to learn with.

Who is this class NOT for?

We’re all have different goals, current priorities and we are in different seasons in life. So there’s seriously nothing wrong if you can relate with any of the following:

* If you currently just want someone to tell you how to do a haircut step-by-step.

* If you’re planning to attend to learn a specific haircut(s).

* If you won’t be able to study or practice on your own after the class

I do hope that I get the opportunity to meet you later on! :)

Class Schedule

8:50 am - 9:00 am - check in / attendance

9:00 am - 12:00 pm - See Theory

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm - Break

12:30 pm - 3:00 pm - See Theory in Action

* The start of break may vary depending on class participation.


To keep class prices low and more accessible to everyone, lunch won’t be provided. During the break, you can leave, eat somewhere and come back. I personally like to stay with a packed lunch that doesn’t require refrigeration or heating. If you’d like to do the same, stay and hangout with me while I eat and set up for hands-on, I’d looove that! :)

What to bring:

- Uncut mannequin head with medium length hair (not synthetic)

- Tripod (no clamps please)

- Scissors

- Cutting comb

- 4 Clips

- Water bottle

- Pen

More Information:

Visit for more information about the class.

Hope to see you at the class!! :)


Where is it happening?

Ash + Willow Hair Co, 3903 Fair Ridge Drive, Fairfax, United States

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USD 395.00

Shannel Mariano

Host or Publisher Shannel Mariano

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