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21-22-23 June 2024 10am to 6pm
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अभिधारणा सं‌स्कार गुरुकुल -
By Bapu Sarvagod (FTII-Pune )
Writer / Director
Script Writing and Concept
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Venue: IMC- Indian Marchants Chambers, Churchgate, Mumbai

Are you passionate about storyt writing for novel and cinema with references to Indian Philosophy?
Indian philosophy provides valuable insights and perspectives when it comes to modern scriptwriting for cinema. Here are a few key concepts from Indian philosophy that can be applied to scriptwriting:
Dharma: Dharma refers to the inherent nature or duty of an individual. In scriptwriting, understanding the dharma of your characters can help you create multidimensional and relatable personas. Exploring their moral and ethical dilemmas adds depth to their journey and creates engaging narratives.
Karma: Karma is the concept of cause and effect. It emphasizes that every action has consequences. Applying this principle to scriptwriting can help in crafting a well-structured and cohesive story, where the choices and actions of the characters have meaningful repercussions throughout the plot.
Maya: Maya represents the illusory nature of reality. It suggests that appearances can be deceiving and encourages a deeper understanding of the human condition. Incorporating the theme of maya in your script can add layers of complexity and introspection, challenging the audience's perception of truth and reality.
Atman: Atman refers to the individual self or soul. Exploring the journey of self-discovery and self-realization can be a powerful theme in scriptwriting. By delving into the inner conflicts and growth of your characters, you can create compelling arcs that resonate with the audience.
Bhakti: Bhakti signifies devotion and surrender. It is a path of intense emotional connection and reverence. Incorporating elements of bhakti in your script can evoke profound emotions and explore themes of love, faith, and devotion, adding depth to the relationships between characters.
Samsara: Samsara represents the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Integrating this concept into your script can explore themes of transformation, redemption, and the cyclical nature of life. It can create a sense of continuity and offer opportunities for character growth and development.
Ahimsa: Ahimsa promotes non-violence and compassion. Incorporating the concept of ahimsa in your script can explore themes of empathy, conflict resolution, and the power of peaceful resolutions. It can provide an alternative perspective to conventional narratives and inspire positive change.
Unity in Diversity: Indian philosophy emphasizes the idea of unity in diversity, acknowledging the interconnectedness of all beings. Embracing this concept in scriptwriting can foster inclusivity, representation, and celebration of diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences.
Mindfulness and Meditation: The practices of mindfulness and meditation are deeply rooted in Indian philosophy. Incorporating moments of stillness, introspection, and reflection in your script can add depth to the storytelling and allow the audience to connect with the inner world of the characters.
By drawing inspiration from these concepts, Indian philosophy can enrich the themes, character development, and overall storytelling in modern scriptwriting for cinema. It offers a unique perspective that can resonate with audiences and create impactful narratives.
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Expert Guidance: Learn from industry professionals with years of experience in content and scriptwriting. Our instructors are seasoned writers who have worked on successful film and television projects, and they are eager to share their knowledge and insights with you.
Comprehensive Curriculum: Our l workshop covers everything from the fundamentals of storytelling to advanced techniques in character development, plot structure, dialogue writing, and more. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced writer, our curriculum caters to all skill levels.
Hands-on Exercises: Put theory into practice! Through a series of hands-on exercises, you'll have the opportunity to apply the concepts you've learned. Get valuable feedback from our instructors and fellow participants, allowing you to refine your skills and grow as a writer.
Industry Insights: Gain valuable insights into the entertainment industry. Learn about market trends, pitching strategies, and how to navigate the professional landscape. Our workshop provides you with the knowledge and tools to take your scripts from page to screen.
Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for storytelling. Our workshop provides a supportive and collaborative environment where you can network with fellow participants, potentially forming creative partnerships that extend beyond the workshop.
Personalized Feedback: Receive personalized feedback on your writing during one-on-one sessions with our instructors. They will provide constructive criticism, identify strengths, and offer guidance to help you elevate your scripts to the next level.
Showcase Opportunity: At the culmination of the workshop, we organize a script showcase event where you can present your work to a panel of industry professionals. This platform allows you to gain exposure, receive further feedback, and potentially open doors to future opportunities.
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