Saturate Your Senses~ Sound Healing, Reiki & Essential Oils


Sat Oct 15 2022 at 06:00 pm to 07:30 pm


The Healing Collective | San Diego, CA

Join us for an adventure through your senses. Dropping away from your mind and into your body.
About this Event

Join us July 16th at 6 PM. There is nothing you need to do, other than relax and just be. We will take you on an adventure to your inner stillness. For 90 minutes surrender to the healing vibrations of intentional sound, energetic touch, light massage, and aromatherapy.

You will be guided through a transedental meditation. Ian will then “bathe” you in the rich, healing resonant tones of crystal singing bowls and other vibrational instruments. The music frequencies permeates the mind and body to bring your system into balance.

Simultaneously experience Reiki. Reiki is the use of light touch and channelling of light that relaxes, makes you feel safe, and increases the white-blood cell count in your body.

The synergy of sound (auditory), reiki (touch), massage, and essential oils (olfactory), touches every sense activating every cell in your being. You will walk away feeling refreshed, renewed and closer to the essence of you.

So what exactly is happening that makes me feel this good? The vibrations offer deep healing by releasing stuck emotions and trauma from the body, cleansing negative energies, and breaking old patterns of unwanted behavior (by reprogramming the subconscious mind). Sound and Reiki act directly on the nervous system by shifting the body out of sympathetic mode (fight or flight) and into parasympathetic mode (rest and digest), which activates the body's natural healing mechanisms.

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The Healing Collective, 4967 Newport Avenue, San Diego, United States

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