Samara Yoga workshop


Fri Jun 11 2021 at 03:00 pm to 06:00 pm


Uma Center | New York, NY

Samara yoga workshop : a moment of peace, serenity, presence and calmness to go out of our busy life and come back to ourselves
About this Event

Samara yoga is a traditional art of meditation in movement.

It enables us to better understand, better inhabit this instrument of our incarnation which is our physical body.

It relaxes the muscles by freeing them from the unnecessary tensions and giving back the tonus needed for activity.

The body may straighten up, finds again its vertical position which is the very nature of the humain being, with his feet well on earth and his head in the stars and which enables him to feel more upright i the world and to go more freely towards other.

Samara yoga is a gentle method of yoga which can be practiced from 3 to 99 years old.

Beyond its effect on the muscles, the spine and the joints, Samara yoga has an action on the organs and all the bodily systems. The practice of exercices called major arkanas brings bacl the movement of energy everywhere it was locked : in the cardiovascular system, in the nervous system, in the hormonal system, in the immune system.

Samara yoga enables to face all situations of life with more force and energy.

Moreover, Samara yoga is practiced with specially created music which enhanced the effects of the movements not only on the body, the organs and all the systems but also on emotions and thoughts.

And the most important aspect of Samara yoga is his practice with attention and presence :

- both to stillness and movements,

- to the breathing,

- to the sensations of the body,

- to emotions that emerge and thoughts that pass,

It is a state of attention to what is here and now with the feeling of experiencing moments as out of time, moments of eternity.

Samara yoga combines the effects of yoga to those of meditation.

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Where is it happening?
Uma Center, 786 Lexington Avenue, New York, United States

USD 45.00

Host or PublisherThe Free University of Samadeva
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