Running Evolution: The Ultimate Training for People Who Hate Running


Thu Oct 14 2021 at 05:00 pm to 06:30 pm


The Collective | Seattle, WA

Running Evolution: The Ultimate Training for People Who Hate Running
Everything you've ever wanted to know about running and how to start!
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Running sucks...until it doesn’t.

It’s time to get past the suck and into the fun.


  • 30 MINUTE CLASS - I'll tell you exactly why people hate running, how to get past it, and how to start. Evening will include hosted beverages post-jog!
  • SHORT SLOW RUN - I'll go over the basics and we'll do it all together. Did I say slow?*
  • RUNNING SCHEDULES - Easy-to-follow running schedules that’ll get you up to speed in a safe, fun way!
  • "ASK A COACH" MINI BOOK - After coaching THOUSANDS of runners over the past decade, there are few questions I haven’t heard. This handy-dandy guide has a bunch of ‘em!
  • DISCOUNT ON RUNNING CLOTHES - Who doesn't want to look their best while they’re sweating their face off? I’ll suit you up with some of my favorite running swag for an even swaggier price.

PLUS a group of runners at all-levels for accountability at The Collective!

*Please wear running clothes + shoes. Whatever you have on hand is good. We won't run far.


So. You hate running.

It’s time for a...


The ultimate training for people who hate running.

Get ready to become a “real” runner and complete your first 5k!

Raise your hand if the last time you tried to run, you were thinking:

> "Everyone is looking at me."

> “I’m so slow!”

> “I look dumb.”

> "I’m way behind everybody else..."

> “I’m so out of shape!”

> “Maybe I’m just not a runner.”

...And that’s just the beginning of a long list of things EVERYONE thinks when they first start running.

If you’re thinking, “Running sucks!”

...This is ESPECIALLY for you.

Running is pure awesomeness.

(You just haven’t experienced that part yet.)


Here’s what’s on the other side of the suckage:

  • FEELIN’ YOUR BODY. I’m not just talking about feelin’ yourself, I’m talking about feeling in your body like you never have before. Feeling alive.
  • FITNESS. You’re going to get stronger, leaner, meaner, and faster than the fears holding you back.
  • CONFIDENCE. There’s nothing that gets you in your power quite like a runner’s high. And even when it wears off, you’re gonna feel pretty awesome about yourself.
  • MENTAL HEALTH. Have you ever seen one of those movies where a character’s like, “I’m gonna go on a run to clear my head?” You too can become that person!
  • GENERAL BADASSERY. When you conquer one hard thing, you’re gonna wanna conquer more hard things. This goes for running races, launching podcasts, playing instruments on stage, or any of your other scary secret dreams.

You’re about to go from “person who can’t run” to “runner who used to think they couldn’t run.”



Hi! I’m Beth, running coach, taco lover, and beer drinker.

A wise man once told me, “Tramps like us, baby we were born to run...” Well, sorry Boss, but some of us were not born to run. I had to learn how to do it over a long and agonizing year of cussing, crying, and a few tantrums on my way to my first 5k.

Why did it take me that long? Because I was scared. I was scared I was going to die, that I looked dumb, and that I was going to have to stop feeding my body garbage wrapped in beer cans. I even worried that if I was a runner, I wouldn’t be cool anymore. (I was never cool by the way.

Eventually, I fell in love with running. But I also remember how shitty it felt at first, which is why I know exactly how to get you over those hurdles.

I’ve coached THOUSANDS of new runners over the past decade, and I’ve learned that what stops most of us is fear.

(It all comes down to fight-or-flight, which makes us feel like we’re going to die.)

I’ll show you how to conquer those fears in Running Evolution, and after “new thing” will ever seem quite as scary again.

Ready to run like a boss?


- Coach Beth

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The Collective, 400 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, United States

USD 35.00

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