Rosangela Silvestre Denver Dance Workshops 2023


Sat Apr 01 2023 at 12:15 pm to 01:45 pm


Denver Dance Center + United Capoeira Association | Denver, CO

Announcing the return of Brazilian Master Teacher, Choreographer and creator of the Silvestre Technique, Rosangela Silvestre!
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“Dance translates what I cannot say in words. Dance connects me with the Universe. Dance connects me with you. '' - Rosangela Silvestre

Experience the unique teachings and spiritual wisdom of Rosangela Silvestre as she guides us through the Silvestre Technique and Symbology of Orixa Dance. Classes will be accompanied by Jorge Alabe, world class master percussionist, teacher and artist, Samba Colorado musicians and special guests.

Arrive in comfortable clothes that you can move in, bring water. Tips for the musicians can be sent to our Venmo account @SambaColorado.


April 1 - United Capoeira Association, 910 Santa Fe Drive, #1, Denver, CO

12:15 pm - Symbology of Orixa Dance

2:00 pm - Silvestre Technique

April 4 - Denver Dance Center, 2496 W 2nd Ave #3, Denver, CO

6:00 pm - Samba de Roda/Samba de Caboclo

7:30 pm - Symbology of Orixa Dance


April 8 - My Boulder Studio, 1810 30th St, Boulder, CO

11:15 am - Symbology of Orixa Dance

1:00 pm - Silvestre Technique

Arrive in comfortable clothes that you can move in, bring water. Tips for the musicians can be sent to our Venmo account @SambaColorado.

You and your family are invited
AGO! will premiere on stage-  April 7th and 8th at the Dairy Arts Center and April 9th at Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, we would love to see you there! AGO is a family friendly event, all ages welcome.
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Event is non-refundable. No one wil be turned away due to lack of funds. Contact [email protected] if you need tuition assistance.

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Workshop Descriptions- OPEN TO ALL LEVELS

Silvestre Technique

Silvestre technique, native to Salvador Bahia is a continuously evolving contemporary dance technique with the objective of conditioning the dancer through physical and expressive training regardless of level or prior training. In 1982, Rosangela Silvestre began the early stages of developing her technique, which over time has developed into a series of exercises working to train the mind, body and spirit. Exercises are based upon fundamental symbols of African Ancestral Memory and gestures, the four elements of Nature, Earth, water, air, fire, the chakras and the triangles intuition expression and balance. Classes are accompanied by live music to further awaken expression and inspiration. All levels are welcomed and encouraged.

Symbology of the Orixá – African Tradition in Brazil

Examines and interprets symbols, gestures and movements derived from the Yoruba deities. Traditional movement and sequence interpretations are introduced as we identify their specific energies and traits in relation to the 4 elements: Earth Water Air and Fire.

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Rosangela Silvestre ( is a master dance teacher and performing artist who offers instruction in Silvestre Technique and Theory, Symbology of Orixa dance movement worldwide. Recently sponsored as a featured artist in Noche de Celebracion, Rosangela has been recognized repeatedly as one of the living masters of African Diaspora and Indigenous dance in Brazil. She fuses dance and spirituality, shifting the ways students experience intuition, balance, and expression.

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Jorge Alabe ( is a master percussionist whose music, dance, and artistry is derived from his youth in Rio de Janeiro and his leadership in the candomble religion. His title, Alabe, means that he has achieved the highest level of drumming and leading rituals in candomble. He has devoted his life to performing and teaching artists worldwide, helping these performers differentiate between traditional sacred and secular rhythms and melodies so that they might perform and appreciate Brazilian and African traditions without appropriation. He is considered one of the foremost living experts in these artforms and is a master teacher who has trained artists who perform across these traditions.

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Kebrina Josefina De Jesus, MFA in Theatre & Contemporary Performance, from Naropa University, is a choreographer and performing artist who founded Samba Colorado dance school in order to create an artistic space devoted to welcoming all people to experience the freedom inherent in dances of the African Diaspora. A queer Puerto Rican woman who has studied salsa, samba, and African Diasporic dance for more than twenty years, Kebrina has made inclusivity central to her teaching and performance. She is a long-time student of both Rosangela Silvestre and Jorge Alabe, and has worked with each of these masters to ensure that her choreography honors the traditions inspired by Orixa song and dance without appropriating the stories or movements associated with sacred traditions.

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Denver Dance Center + United Capoeira Association, 910 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, United States

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