Rio Zouk Immersion Course 2023 FBV


Sun Jun 18 2023 at 05:00 pm to 06:00 pm


Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 492, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22020-001, Brasil | Rio De Janeiro, RJ

“If you want to learn a dance you need to understand the body of the people. why they hold & move their body that way is a reflection of their CULTURE. To know the culture is to know the Dance.
-Jaime Aroxa
“To dance is to live, to live well we must balance reason and emotion, to be a great dancer is to express emotion through all of the techniques that you use”
-Renata Pecanha
The World's 30 day Brazilian Zouk & Cultural Immersion Course.
100+ hours of training
Beach style living
Perform on stage
Discover yourself in Rio
Learn to speak Portuguese
Dance Zouk every day
Train w the Creators of Zouk
All-inclusive style program
Bi-lingual Native Tour Guides
Designed with safety in mind
Get to know the Carioca’s
June 18th - July 18th 2023
Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
Powered by the schools of:
Nucleo De Danca Renata Pecana
Centro De Dance Alex De Carvalho
Escola De Danca Jaime Aroxa Copacabana

Featured Artists of RIO30 2023.
Renata Pecanha (CDRP)
Jorge Perez (CDRP)
Raphael Oliveira (CDAC)
Zabel Ramos (CDAC)
Bruna Pecanha CDRP)
Felipe Lira (CDRP)
Michelle Andradi (CDAC)
Gabi Carvalho (CDAC)
Weslley Bittencourt (CDAC
Carol Correa (CDAC)
Jotta Dancer (NDRP)
Luana Rodriguese (NDRP)
Evelyn Vasconcellos (Sao Paulo)
Isador Nascieamento (CDAC)
Yan (CDAC)
Irla Carina (NDRP)
Rodrigo Argolo (NDRP)
Mafie Zouker (Neo-Zouk)
Anna Voskavik (Neo-Zouk)

Our Course Program Highlights:
70+ Hrs. Pre-planned, structured, progressive B-Zouk dance immersion
Rio Zouk immersion Team Performance at Renata’s “Zouk in Rio” Festival.
30 Hrs. of Portuguese language immersion (emphasizing dance)
Personalized 24 hour group choreography created just for us
Intimate group of 10 leads / 10 follows maximum
Live in Brazil for one month, train with an amazing team of dedicated dancers
Experience Rio Zouk Nightlife with our “Epic Party Program”
Train in the factory with two of the oldest schools of Zouk in the world
Learn to speak basic Portuguese 5 days a week
Pre planned parties every week & weekend with local dancers!
For more program details visit:
The RIO-30 E.X.P.E.R.I.E.N.C.E.
E- ENERGY, ( Experience the unmatchable energy that is the country of Brazil)
X- EXCHANGE, (Share and learn new ideas about dance and life)
P- PERSONAL CONNECTIONS, (Make new friends from all over in the epicenter of Brazilian dance)
E- EVOLUTION, (Experience Massive Evolution in your dance techniques and communication)
R- RELATIONSHIPS, (Develop meaningful relationships with our international team and many locals)
I - IMMERSION, (Dance, sleep, eat, speak, repeat, Experience Brazil for 30 days straight)
E- EXPRESSION, (Build a solid foundation, new style, and feeling for your own personal expression)
N- NEXT LEVEL, (Boost your current dance level in a way that only 30 days of pure focus can)
C- CULTURE, (Enjoy the upbeat culture of the Brazilian Carioca, the locals of Rio de Janeiro)
E- ENJOY, (Travel and train with ease as all the details are taken care of by us)
Renata Pecanha also known as the “Queen of Zouk” is primarily responsible for transforming what was at the time Lambada/lamba-zouk into what we know as Rio zouk or better named “Zouk Traditional” every style of Zouk that you know such as Zouk Flow, Neo Zouk, Soul Zouk, RnB Zouk, and Zouk Love all share a foundational element in “Zouk Traditional”.
20+ Techniques essential to every great zouk dancer.
40+ beginner/intermediate/advanced movements to turn up your dance.
Up to 20 sequences combining the above movements & techniques.
Mastering musicality module. Take what you know now to a whole new level.
Dancing with Brazilian deliciousness, dance gostosinho.
Students will receive Personal feedback from Instructors.
70 Hr. training certificate from Rio Zouk Immersion Course signed by our Professors.
The program includes a written manual & study guide/technique journal perfect for documenting your experience for further integrations later back home.
International performance opportunity at “Zouk in Rio” Festival.
Personalized Choreography (our groups choreography creation and training will be done by the Queen of Zouk, Renata Pecanha & Jorge Perez.
Created just for us with our group’s growth as the goal.
Get a peek inside the mind of Brazil’s top Choreographers
Perform on stage in Brazil trained by professionals from Brazil
See performance art in a new light only taught in Brazil.
Reach a new level of skill & expression in dance performance training.
Parties 3-4 or more nights per week
Dance with locals from Rio at their parties.
Enjoy music that you will never hear outside of Brazil
Beach Kioski Zouk Parties in Copacabana @ night.
Internationally renowned DJs
Course delivered by the professor of Portuguese Marila Derenusson
Marilia obtained her degree at Universidade Federal Fluminense.
5 days/week Professional Language Classes each morning.
1.5 hours/ day enjoyed at our dance studio in between Zouk classes.
Afternoon walking field trips to Copacabana cafes.
tailored language classes that incorporate the topic of dance as a medium.
This language course is “level one” and suitable for all beginners.
A full 30-day stay in Penthouse apartment “SHARED” safe accommodations near the beach in Copacabana.
Healthy Brazilian Breakfast 5 days a week. (Variety of Local Fruits, Avocado, Eggs, Bread, Cheese, meats, coffee & juices)
Brazilian lunch is made daily in-house Monday - Friday for 4 weeks and delivered to the studio for us right before our language classes begin.
72 hrs. Zouk training Classes all in one place in English just for our team. (this is the only way to get these classes in English in Brazil other than paying for 72 hours of private lessons. (Value of 2880.00 USD)
30 hrs. Portuguese language classes are taught by a professor of language.
Performance opportunity that you can not buy with any amount of money!
Laundry service one time weekly done in-house for your comfort.
House Cleaning services are provided once per week by our staff.
Beachside Capoeira Workshop and Roda with Mestra Thaiane Olivera
CULTURAL ACTIVITIES (small but extra cost)
Visit some of Rio de Janeiro's most famous attractions with us as we set out to see the city each Saturday! Some of the most amazing sites in the world exist in this city! It is truly an enchanting place to visit for any length of time!
Private Penthouse home near beach!
Private, Double or Triple occupancy per room depemdomg on your budget. (we do our best to pair you with a wonderful roommate)
Large kitchen/living room, dining room.
AC in all bedrooms, however we do not usually use them at all.
High-speed Wifi internet included.
2 blocks (3 min) walk to sandy sunny Copacabana beach.
2 blocks (2 min) walk to dance studio also located in Copacabana
Shops, Restaurants & Fruit/Juice stands around every corner everywhere you look
Many many to eat to choose from for dinners out and about.
Bustling Copacabana culture and life right outside the door!
Airport Code: GIG or SDU
1. Passport must be valid until at least January 21st, 2024.
2. Proof of Brazilian Visa provided to us at least 1 months prior or May 20st, 2023.
***Getting your visa for Brazil just got a lot easier!! If you happen to be from the United States, Canada, Australia or Japan you can now legally enter Brazil without a visa at all. ***
If you are visiting from another country then check out the link below for visa details.
Link for online visa submission: Online Visa Application (It has recently become a lot easier to enter brazil check on your country's guidelines)
3. Proof of travel health insurance (Required)
suggested Link for insurance here: Travel Insurance Plan
Please submit a Course Application here prior to purchasing tickets:
We will respond as soon as possible. If you have not heard a response within a weeks time email us at
[email protected]
*Other expenses Not included in the ticket price.
Private lessons
Weekend / Activities
Cultural events
Renata’s Zouk in Rio Festival ** (we get a discount)
Medical insurance **
(** denotes required)

Where is it happening?

Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 492, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22020-001, Brasil, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Rio Zouk 30 Day Immersion Course

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