Fully Booked! RESTORATIVE SOUNDBATH - Reset & Recharge


Sun Mar 10 2024 at 05:30 pm to 07:30 pm


Pakhus Yoga | Copenhagen , SK

The 10. March event is now fully booked but there are still spots for the 21. April Spring Reset & Recharge Soundbath! Booking via the same link! ;)
These spring soundbaths are here to deeply nourish and recharge your whole system after the long winter - to massage you internally allowing to clear out the stagnant and create space for all the new! They are here for you to rest and pause, to soothe and restore your nervous system, soften your body in a few optional restorative poses, and wash you over with all the calm, lightness & fresh energy!
Come treat yourself a beautiful candlelit self-care evening taking time to just be with yourself, relax and restore your body and clear the mind while being held by the sounds and vibrations of beautiful instruments such as the gong, singing bowls, chimes, & rain sticks.
We will incorporate a few very simple optional restorative yoga poses to really help you come down in gear and enable you to fully and deeply relax. Otherwise, you will be lying down under a blanket and the only thing to do is close your eyes and relax while allowing the sounds around you to take you on a little journey.

You are wholeheartedly welcome to come and make this gift for yourself to step out of the wagon for a moment to see things in perspective, and to take some time for yourself filling your cup, re-balancing and re-energizing! To bring the attention from outside expectations and tempo back inwards, to yourself, your needs, your tempo and your ways - lovingly and compassionately.

The best way I can describe my experience of participating in sound baths is simply having the time, space and opportunity to effortlessly process everything happening in- and outside myself. Sound therapy is an ancient technique used as a meditation tool to restore harmony in the physical and emotional body and to relax as it stimulates stress relief and gives a feeling of deep relaxation. After a session people tend to feel more clarity, more centred and ‘in tune’ with themselves. Just the experience of being surrounded and embraced by the Marvellous sounds and vibrations and sensing their immediate effect is such a beautiful experience in itself!

Time: Sunday, March 10th (Fully Booked!) or 21. April 17.30-19.30 (Still spots!)
Place: Pakhus Yoga Studio. Njalsgade 19C, St, 2300 København S
Price: 295 DKK*
Doors open 10min before the event
* Tickets are non-refundable but you’re welcome to pass them on to a friend in case you’re prevented from joining yourself!
Book your spot via: https://pakhusyoga.dk/events/
Can't make it this time? Find all upcoming events at www.kikayoga.dk/events

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Pakhus Yoga, Njalsgade 19C, 2300 København S, Danmark,Copenhagen, Copenhagen , Denmark
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