Reclaim Your Voice: Nada Yoga + Restorative Asana Workshop Experience with


Sat Jun 12 2021 at 03:00 pm to 04:30 pm


811 25th St | San Diego, CA

Reclaim Your Voice: Nada Yoga + Restorative Asana Workshop Experience with Connect your heart and mind to find your own inner states of bliss and joy through the power of your own voice!
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This will be a 90 minute immersion into relaxing your mind and body. Class will begin with 30 minutes of gentle yoga, offered by Lunita. The next hour, students will learn the basics of Nada yoga. And will be able to experience the joy of vocal toning. This class will immerse you into your heart by the healing power of vocal yoga.Nalini’s voice toning will take you through 10 different sounds with the accompaniment of the India instrument “Tamboura”.

Connect your heart and mind to find your own inner states of bliss and joy through the power of your own voice!

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About your Guides Lunita + Nalini:


My spiritual journey on the path of yoga and singing has led me to the core belief that sound is the source of all bliss. I’ve spent many years traveling to India, studying and practicing the unique art of Nada Yoga, which is an ancient

Metaphysical practice from India that merges Nada (sound) and Yoga (a union of the physical and spiritual) to achieve a more complete, overall interconnectedness.

It is believed that resonating sound-energy, not just physical matter, is responsible for the purest connection to ourselves and the universe. Yogis and Indian Saints have always considered music to play a vital role in the quest for enlightenment and awakening, so this tool incorporates both the body and the mind while raising our spiritual vibrations. This approach better assists us in tuning into the areas of our lives that need redirection and/or refinement. I’m excited to share my passion and knowledge with all who are seeking a deeper sense of self and wellbeing.

Singing has been my lifelong passion, but it eventually felt incomplete without a grounding, spiritual routine to accompany it. I am grateful for this opportunity to merge both practices into my life’s calling. I am sure whatever your passion and/or profession, you will benefit from incorporating the techniques of Nada Yoga into your life, while also having a lot of fun. So, come, let's go on a journey to the deepest places in our hearts and minds, because Nada Yoga can take us there.


After completing a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2017 with Mosaic Yoga I knew that it was only the beginning of my exploration as a teacher. I had an immense desire to go deeper, to tap into the mystic realms of the Yogic path.

My commitment to the work of healing has led me to sit with (and learn from) various authentic scholars, healers, practitioners, and lineage based wisdom keepers.

My healing arts education background is diverse and fueled by my personal quest for holistic well being and self discovery. The path has allowed for me to receive direct teachings from pioneering elders in the women’s spirituality movement such as Vicki Noble. Also, initiated devotional study with yogini priestess Laura Amazzone, a year long apprenticeship with Active Culture Family, Reiki Master transmission from Hannah Salas of Open Apothecary, Trauma Informed Studies for Yoga Teachers with Hala Khouri, and Yoga Nidra Healer Training with Katya Lovejoy.

What has emerged from these years of learning and practice is an embodied, organic chronicle of applied tools that I can share from the voice of my lived experience. I do not share anything that is not an integrated part of my life, body, and personal sādhanā.

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811 25th St, 811 25th Street, San Diego, United States

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