Real Estate Investors Introductory Briefing | Philadelphia (Virtual)


Thu Nov 25 2021 at 06:45 pm to 08:45 pm


ONLINE EVENT | Philadelphia, PA

Real Estate Investors Introductory Briefing | Philadelphia (Virtual)
Informative, Life-changing LIVE ONLINE Free briefing on real estate investing, wealth building, tax planning, and debt pay-down strategies.
About this Event

Are you interested in making a passive income with real estate investing, but fearful of starting?
Are you looking to earn another stream of income on the side to eventually replace your full-time job?

You can overcome your fears to start by learning from investors that have made a success from Real Estate Investing. You can start to work side by side with our network of real estate investors to start growing your wealth. We are a community of real estate investors with systems and resources in place to help those who want to be successful in real estate investing.

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To learn more about us and the opportunity we offer, join us for our FREE ONLINE Real Estate Orientation. Our local active team of investors and entrepreneurs from NEW YORK CITY AREA, NEW JERSEY & PENNSYLVANIA are hosting an informative introductory orientation for those who are interested in making a success in real estate investing (REI).

At this orientation, our host will teach investment topics including -
  • Pay Less in taxes to keep more profits to invest with
  • How to start your journey in real estate investing even with no money and bad credit.
  • Strategy to Pay down your debt quicker including mortgages, student and auto loans, using lines of credit, to FREE up CASH FLOW for investing. This strategy could save you thousands of dollars in interest.

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Meet our team of real estate investors
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Hugh Zaretsky
Hugh has successfully taught & trained 10,000+ real estate investors to complete profitable real estate transactions by investing in single-family, multi-family & commercial properties. He has been training investors/students for 12+ years. Hugh is also a former CE Instructor. That means he taught licensed attorneys, real estate agents/brokers & mortgage brokers to think like real estate investors. He is also a Professional Speakers and a published author.
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Jose Fernandez
Jose is a first-generation American who from an early age was in search of financial freedom. Jose went from working a 9-5 and owning an unfulfilling cell phone business to full-time real estate investor and entrepreneur all because of our community's wealth cycle. If he can do it, YOU can do it. The question is: Are you open to it?
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Tamara Book
Tamara has always been an entrepreneur at heart, however, she started out working in the fashion and entertainment industry w/ companies like The NY Yankees and Stella McCartney. It's because of the real estate community opportunity, she has been able to transition into being a full-time real estate investor, entrepreneur, and attain the time and financial freedom she had been looking for. She raised over $2 million in private capital and has 7 real estate deals.
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Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos is a Military Veteran turned real estate professional. With over 10 years in the real estate field, he went from losing money on his first real estate transaction to successfully fixing and flipping properties, cash flowing rentals, and private lending. He now aims to help others overcome the same obstacles and challenges he faced when getting started.
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Newton Mignott
Newton is thankful he found the opportunity with the real estate community in April 2018 and utilized the financial strategies in the education to pay off $26,000 of debt in two months after joining the community. He also pays his children out of his business using techniques found in the Tax & Legal classes. Newton is excited to continue the journey of seeking out ways to help individuals, families, and communities achieve their Real Estate dreams.

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