Public Speaking Masterclass - SPEAK & PRESENT (Manchester) 1-Day Course


Sat Feb 25 2023 at 09:30 am to 05:00 pm


WeWork - Office Space & Coworking | Manchester, EN

1-Day Public Speaking course - for anxious professionals who want to overcome nerves and communicate with authentic charisma.

About this Event

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The Short Version:

  • A full-day of high-impact public speaking training for professionals.
  • Strictly small group size to ensure everyone gets personal coaching.
  • Led by an expert public speaking trainer who regularly coaches leaders & executives.
  • Ideal for beginner/intermediate speakers who wish to overcome nerves, build confidence and develop outstanding communication skills.

Are you ready to become a Powerful Business Communicator?

Discover what the top 1% of presenters know that 99% of Public Speaking courses will never teach you.

We’re looking for 6 ambitious professionals, managers, consultants, business owners, or future leaders to join us for a one-day masterclass in Public Speaking and Leadership Communication.

Are you like any of our other clients?

  • You’re great at what you do, but you struggle to communicate your knowledge with confidence.
  • You start sentences with “so”, end sentences with “yeah”, or fill your sentences with “um” or “ah”.
  • You regularly speak at work or for business, but people say you sound monotone or lack charisma.
  • You get opportunities to speak, but don’t know what to say or how to express your ideas.

The BEST way for you to be known, liked and trusted in your industry, your workplace, or even in the meeting room is to become a great public speaker.


Did a voice pop into your head and say "you can't do it"?

Maybe you feel like an imposter when you stand up in front of an audience?

This is the reason why most people never become great at public speaking, but we've helped hundreds of professionals to do precisely that.

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Over the past five years, we've worked with:

  • Business owners, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs
  • TEDx speakers
  • Management consultants
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Sales professionals
  • Newly appointed managers
  • Senior Executives
  • IT and technical managers
  • Academics and pHD students

And many more types of people to help them experience the joy of feeling powerful in challenging circumstances.

We won't just show you how to speak better - we will turn you into a Powerful Business Communicator.

Powerful Business Communicators:

  • Have a powerful elevator pitch ready and rehearsed
  • Can stay calm under pressure
  • Sound conversational: whether on stage, in a meeting, or face to face
  • Seem charming and friendly while professional at the same time
  • Use natural gestures and body language to emphasise key points
  • Are great storytellers and have a way of weaving words and phrases to ignite the imagination
  • Speak to themselves in an encouraging and compassionate way

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What you will learn in this course:

`As well as a complete introduction to the fundamentals of public speaking and confident communication, this masterclass will also teach you:

> The secret formula TEDx speakers use to set the standard for world-class presentations which millions of people can view.

> The top ways to engage an audience within the first 30 seconds of starting a speech to keep them hanging on your every word.

> The actors' techniques for developing charismatic body-language, a captivating voice, and authentic stage-presence.

How different would your life and career be if you could:

  • Hook your audience in and keep them engaged while you deliver your message?
  • Stay on point and eliminate mumbling and rambling?
  • Come across as confident even when you feel the butterflies in your stomach?
  • Release your mind from worry and organise your thoughts?
  • Assertively deal with distractions?
  • Lead a room with only your ideas and your voice?
  • Rid yourself of ‘imposter syndrome’ and begin expressing yourself authentically.

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Who you'll be learning from:

Ed Darling is a professional Speaker, Actor and co-Founder of Project Charisma.

As a public speaking trainer, Ed works with executives, business leaders, academics and professionals of all backgrounds who seek more impact in their communication. He regularly delivers corporate team-training, as well as personal 1-2-1 coaching.

As an actor, Ed has performed in theatres around the UK, Europe and the NYC. He has starred in award-winning film, and worked as a professional voice-over artist.

Ed has been a former Toastmasters club President , and regularly delivers talks on subjects ranging from mindset, psychology and performance.

By fusing the best techniques from the world of professional speaking and acting, Ed delivers training which is modern, highly effective, and 5-star rated by previous clients.

Remember you will get:

  • A full-day workshop in a modern and calming venue with all-day refreshments included.
  • A dedicated expert trainer with a unqiue background in speaking and performance.
  • Personalised feedback on your speaking style and development (with a final recorded speech to take away)
  • Access to a network of similar individuals who want you to succeed as much as they do.
  • The opportunity to overcome fears and develop new skills in a safe, supportive environment.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us for this one-day spectacular event and change your life forever.

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Common Questions/Answers:

Q. How many people will be on the course?

Places are strictly limited and you'll be learning within a small group of 4-6 people. Unlike other courses, we insist on small group numbers to ensure each attendee gets the maximum amount of practise, coaching and personal feedback.

Q. How will the course work?

The course is a highly practical mixture of group exercises, personal speaking, and individual feedback. Our ethos is "learn by doing" - and you'll have the opportunity to speak, practise and build genuine confidence throughout the day.

Q. What if I'm REALLY nervous?

The majority of our attendees have some level of public speaking anxiety. We have first-hand experience working with severely anxious speakers, and you'll be learning in an encouraging, supportive and positive environment where it's safe to practise. (We promise it won't be as scary as you think!).

Q. What outcomes can I expect?

You will come away with a complete understanding of the fundamentals of public speaking. Your confidence will have improved dramatically, and you will feel ready to deliver outstanding speeches & presentations that will accelerate your life, career or business.

Q. Will I get to speak on stage?

We don't do "sit and take notes" workshops. Your improvement is our priority, and this is done through practical learning and experience. By the end of the day, you will have crafted, rehearsed and delivered your own speech that you can start using immediately.

As well as recieving personalized feedback on this, you'll have your speech professionally recorded, edited, and sent to you afterwards.

What Our Previous Attendees Say:

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Who Are Project Charisma?

Project Charisma was founded by three expert public speaking coaches, known for helping people in business to develop outstanding communication skills.

We've been running professional public speaking courses and coaching since 2014, and have helped hundreds of past students - including TEDx speakers, business leaders and academics.

How We Teach:

We believe that real confidence is earned through competence.

This course will be dynamic and experiential. You'll be learning, discussing, and then applying what you've learned.

We use systematic desensitisation (baby steps) to help you quickly build confidence, and embed new learning.

After years of experience delivering professional training, we combine the very best techniques to accelerate your progress, and provide results that last.

What You'll Achieve:

  • Overcome anxiety, remove limiting beliefs, and build genuine self-confidence
  • Master your body-language and learn expert communication techniques to look, feel and sound more confident
  • Transform your voice by eliminating filler-words, overcoming monotone, and learning the art and science of high-impact vocal technique.
  • Learn how to create, structure, and deliver a world-class speech or presentation that will captivate your audience and present you as an expert
  • Develop the authority and charisma needed to advance in your career or business.

Additional Outcomes:

  • Gain a decisive advantage in job interviews and assesments
  • Be seen, heard, and listened to in meetings and discussions
  • Deliver high-quality presentations, pitches, and speeches
  • Develop leadership skills, authority, and assertiveness
  • Become a key person of influence within your industry
  • Learn alongside (and connect with) other ambitious professionals

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Final Thoughts:

Helping people grow in confidence and become outstanding speakers is our passion and our speciality.

This will be a popular course and places are limited - If you have any other questions for us, please get in touch!

E. [email protected]


All the best for your public speaking success,


Head Coach at Project Charisma

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Where is it happening?

WeWork - Office Space & Coworking, 29 John Dalton Street, Manchester, United Kingdom

GBP 350.00

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