Psychic Workshop: Strengthening Your Partnership with Spirit


Sun Dec 11 2022 at 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm


GreenHouse Holistic Co-op | La Crosse, WI

Psychic Workshop
SPIRIT-CENTERED DEVELOPMENT: Strengthening Your Partnership with Spirit
Sunday December 11, 2-5pm (3 hours)
$55 per person

“Where do I turn for help and guidance when I can’t find or connect with a tutor or mentor?”
“How will I know if I am doing well? Or not?”
“How can I know what are the next steps?”
“Who can I trust to have my best interests at heart?”
“Who will help me make sense of all that is shifting in my life and development?”

The answer to all those questions is … Spirit!

Those of us who aim to collaborate with Spirit in spiritual modalities (such as psychics, mediums, and energy healers) do not act alone. Each of us is guided and supported by a team of Spirit helpers—specially formed for our specific needs and strengths—that helps us long before we conduct our first session. Establishing rapport and communication will benefit members of any working relationship, and that is exactly what we hope to have with Spirit—a working and functional connection. When we learn to work well in conjunction and unison with the Spirits that support us from the other side, we are likely to discover our readings begin to flow easier with more depth of clarity and greater insights.

+ Forge a stronger working relationship with your team of Spirit helpers
+ Increase your awareness of your Spirit helpers and how they work with you
+ Increase your understanding of your unique partnership with Spirit
+ Learn to utilize your Spirit team during sessions for more profound insight
+ Practice using these new skills and strategies in facilitated group exercises
+ Connect with like-minded souls on a similar path of awakening

Join Psychic Medium Melissa Divine and Spirit for an afternoon of psychic and spiritual discovery. Regardless of where you are on your path of psychic development, this psychic experience is designed to highlight and focus on the pressing needs and curiosities of the participants. This is an interactive program designed to enlighten, inspire, and delight you with your own psychic potential.

+ Brief lecture and discussion introducing the topic
+ Guided meditation to prepare you for psychic perception exercises
+ Facilitated psychic experiences and group activities
+ Q&A-style discussion for individual conundrums and curiosities

Melissa creates a safe, supportive, and compassionate learning environment in which all are welcome and empowered to participate at their comfort and discretion regardless of experience level.

+ Beginner (little or no experience)
+ Intermediate (some knowledge, limited experience)
+ Practitioner (experienced/already employing skills)

+ Respect and compassion for all attendees
+ An open mind
+ A desire to learn new skills

Melissa Divine is a multi-talented psychic medium renowned for spot-on readings, sold-out events, and life-changing instruction for a new generation of skilled psychics and healers. In nearly ten years as a professional team, Melissa and Spirit have changed lives, converted skeptics to believers, and taught hundreds of developing psychics--many of whom are now working professionally as psychics, mediums, and healers.

“[Melissa] creates a safe and welcoming space to explore the unknown world of mediumship and is a talented and professional group facilitator. When I attend her workshops, I feel deeply honored and respected. She holds the space for each to have our own personal journey, and this is a rare gift ... I highly--and without reserve--recommend Melissa Divine." -Kim Hammer
“Please have more of these workshops. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by like-minded individuals and to practice in a safe and loving atmosphere. Thank you!” –“Lisa”
“I’ve attended a lot of spiritual workshops and events in my life, and I can confidently say that this program is by far the best and most enlightening one I have ever attended!” –“Traci”

Where is it happening?

GreenHouse Holistic Co-op, 800 Rose St.,La Crosse,WI,United States, La Crosse, United States

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USD 55.00

Melissa Divine, Psychic Medium

Host or Publisher Melissa Divine, Psychic Medium

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