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Mon Mar 27 2023 at 09:00 am to 09:30 am


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Train and Dance at your pace, your level, your time.
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One-On-One Private Dance Lessons

Studies show that dancing is the best exercise to keep you physically fit because it uses all the muscles and incorporates music, rhythms, and memorization of steps and sequences. It’s also a lot of fun!

My technique offers you a transformational way to train your body using jazz and ballet technique with a creative spirit. Let’s work together.

Private Dance Lessons
One-on-one private training.
Live virtual sessions.
Weekly sessions.
You set the time and duration.
15 minutes to 45 minute sessions.
Your timing.
Your pace.
Your schedule.
My technique.

In your private sessions:
  • We will work on exercises that focus on your specific needs and level.
  • We will practice foundational movements of jazz and ballet technique.
  • We will practice yoga stretches and muscle strengthening exercises.
  • You will learn the language of dance.
  • We will work all parts of the body at your current pace and level.
  • You will learn choreography.
  • You will build muscle, strength, balance, and grace.

My students notice a difference. They are more flexible, stronger, have greater balance and breath in their bodies. They move with grace and have more confidence.

45 Minutes: $50
Packages available.
If none of these times work for you, please email me and we will schedule another time.
For more information email or visit my website:
Email -->> [email protected]
For More Info -->> Private Lessons
What people say about my classes:

I love Bonnie's classes because it is a head to toe workout. I come so that I can stretch out every single muscle in my body, starting with my head and neck, all the way, systematically done to my toes. The dance aspect to the workout frees my mind and spirit. I feel uplifted moving to the powerful music you have selected as the backdrop of the experience. I absolutely love Bonnie Wallace Dance! -- Tara G-H.

The stretches are an entity in themselves not just a prelude to activity. Some of the stretches are included in my physical therapists’ recommendations for my hip and groin. I enjoy the choreography portion as it provides an opportunity to translate stretching and technique into movement/action to music. One is allowed to infuse one’s own interpretation and character into the combo, in lieu of dancing behind the teacher like a robot. -- Adrienne B.

Taking Bonnie's dance class allows me to connect to my inner self; awareness of breath and connection to the body is achieved every single week through her guidance and instruction. When I am unable to take her class during the week, I suffer physically and emotionally. I find that I am sore and unable to connect to my body in the same way! It is truly transformative and I look forward to it each and every week! - Lindsay D.

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If doing a group class isn't your thing we can work privately together.

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Bonnie Wallace Dance where Art and Exercise Unite.

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Hear what people say after they danced with me!


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