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Tue Jun 06 2023 at 11:00 am to 12:00 pm


Online Via Zoom | Lima, LI

Join us for an energizing hour to prioritize your dating and relationship goals for the rest of 2023!
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"Michelle is a godsend!! When I first started working with her, I was super frustrated and kept attracting guys that didn't want to commit. I felt like any guys that were into me, I simply wasn't attracted to. Michelle helped me completely shift my mindset and beliefs that I could have what I wanted. At the time, the people in my life were saying that dating is rough and I was letting their negative mindsets affect my dating experience. While working with Michelle, I started to attract in high quality guys that were on my level and that treated me amazingly. I would highly recommend working with her!”

"I highly recommend working with Michelle! Not only did I attract an amazing man while we worked together, but the confidence and mindset I built has impacted the way I show up in the world. My life has gotten so much better and I now truly believe I can have what I want, in any area of life. If you have been feeling discouraged and frustrated with dating, definitely book a call with Michelle and get started. This has been an amazing investment in myself and my future!" -Lily M.

Isn't it wild that we prioritize our career, our health, and so much more...
But we hardly prioritize creating the relationship we want?

During our time together, you will release the mindset blocks and actions that aren't serving you, get clear on your dating + relationship intentions for the next few months, and receive high caliber dating coaching + support from Michelle.

If you’re here, I would imagine…
  • You’re killin’ it at work and have an awesome career
  • You take care of yourself and are clear on what’s important to you in life
  • You have an awesome friends that make life fun
  • You’re ready to be in a great relationship with the right person
  • You’re not afraid to put yourself out there and go on dates with people
  • You’re independent and get things done
  • You don’t settle in your life
  • You keep meeting people that only want to hook up, don’t put in any effort, and/or aren’t on your level.
  • You find yourself automatically assuming the worst with anyone you go on a date with
  • Your dating confidence has decreased after multiple bad dates
  • You have a negative mindset about dating which puts a damper on everything
  • You feel like all the good ones are already taken and everyone is telling you that you need to stop being “picky”
You probably have already tried…
  • Spending tons of time + energy swiping on all the dating apps
  • Hoping that an awesome person will just magically show up at your doorstep
  • Going out on dates from apps that seemed ‘good on paper’ but were super boring in person
  • Going out to bars and/or events on the weekend and praying that you’d meet someone in person
  • Maybe you even invested in a matchmaking service that produced subpar people

…and this has left you feeling discouraged, sad, and frustrated because you are trying to date and find your person, it’s just the people you’ve met haven’t been on your level and/or ready to be in a relationship with you.

First off, I want you to know that you are not alone.

Most of my clients feel the exact same way before working together...

  • Feeling like all the good ones are already taken…
  • Wondering what’s wrong with you because *literally* everyone else in your life has found their person….
  • Not feeling attracted to the people you’re going on dates with and/or lacking a strong connection
  • Feeling anxious every time you see an engagement pic on Instagram...
  • Going to yet another wedding or work event alone…
  • Not being invited to things because… “it’s a couples thing, you understand right??”

If you resonate with the any of the above, I want to invite you to sign up to prioritize your dating life by clicking the button!

During our time together, you will release the mindset blocks and actions that aren't serving you, get clear on your dating intentions for the year ahead, and receive high caliber dating coaching + support from Michelle.

At the end of your prioritization hour, Michelle will share ways to work together through high caliber dating coaching to catapult you into an amazing relationship that lasts.

Learn more about Michelle and her client's results at !

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Hi! I'm Michelle Wax and I'm your high caliber dating coach to build the mindset, confidence, and practical strategy to catapult you into an amazing relationship that lasts.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people across the globe to create high caliber dating and relationships that are filled with appreciation, love, support, and excitement.

My signature Be the One method combines practicality, mindset, and science to create the reality you want.

Together, we will shift your internal beliefs about yourself, ignite neuroplasticity + the subconscious mind to create a more empowered future, and tap into the deepest levels of human behavior & psychology to form a deep connection with your dates and future partner. On top of all that, we get into how to meet more people on your level, balance feminine + masculine energy, and learn to see dating as an exciting adventure instead of a boring chore.

A couple of fun facts about me!

-I live in South Boston and absolutely love life, the ocean, boxing, and iced coffee.

-I tried out for American Idol once, and sang the Journey song ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ ?

-I love Jeep Wranglers and driving with the windows down listening to country music

-I believe you can create the reality you want, and your past doesn't define your future.

-My favorite place in the entire world is Santorini, Greece.

-I traveled to all 50 states in a span of 3 months, and filmed the American Happiness documentary along the way.

-I’m fascinated with why people do what they do, and am always reading a book or listening to a podcast on psychology and mindset.

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