Plant Swap


Sun Aug 14 2022 at 10:00 am to 12:00 pm


8400 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78231-1900, United States | San Antonio, TX

Plant Swap Information:
1) The main focus of the plant swap is to swap plants, learn from each other, and mingle with like minded plant lovers!
2) Although plant swapping is the focus, selling or giving away of plants or plant related items is allowed. However, do not solicit.
3) Please be respectful of others!!!!
4) All plant and plant related items are allowed (plants, cuttings, trees, seeds, pots, hangers, art, ect.)
5) Feel free to bring non-alcoholic drinks and snacks, just be sure to leave nothing behind.
6) Do NOT leave any live plants or seeds behind. We do not want to introduce any plants into the park!!!!!!!
7) Most of us are not experts. Please know about the plant you are acquiring and swap/buy at your own risk.
8) It is the responsibility of the person brining the plants to ensure that their plants are safe from damage or theft, bring plants at your own risk.
9) DO NOT TAKE PLANTS without asking. Some people may give a plant away out of their own kindness but it should not be expected.
10) Plant owners have the right to respectfully decline a trade/offer. The person offering should also respect the owners decision.
**Please note that this is in a public place and plants are cool. This means people who may have never read the rules may wonder up to our group. You are responsible for your own plants. Although most people are good, a small few will take advantage of the situation so stay vigilant so your plants do not get stolen or damaged**
About Phil Hardberger Park:
1) Please follow all park rules
2) There are no reservations for outdoor areas and use of the outdoor areas is free. That means first come first serve. It is highly recommended that you bring a table and chair in case we run out of space.
3) This is a public space and greatly loved by the public. Please be kind and considerate to others enjoying the park!!!!!
4) There are public restrooms in the area we are utilizing.
5) Please see the map in the discussion to get to the Urban Ecology Center.

Where is it happening?

8400 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78231-1900, United States

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Megan M

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