Part 2 + Part 3: Company matching, Employer contacts, Interview Prep


Fri Apr 14 2023 at 04:00 pm to 05:30 pm


Stockholm | Stockholm, ST

Get introduced to companies, employer contacts. Most jobs go via network contacts and recommendations, Prepare for interview questions.
About this Event


Our workshop is specially designed to give international job seekers in Sweden an insight into what is required by Swedish employers and how to improve their chances of success.

All meetings are held as 1 on 1 sessions via online web meetings over Google meet. Typical duration is 2 hours which includes both Part 2 and Part 3.


This is your chance to work directly with a recruiter, get help on contacting employers, finding employers using special databases, getting interview requests, salary negotiations and work permits.

Identify companies in Sweden fitting your experience, connect with employers and getting applications in front of the right people.

The hardest part of the job application is the interview process. Questions can be tricky especially when it comes to answering questions about Swedish work culture, corporate culture, workplace behavior, company expectations, people management, communications, industry knowledge and technical skills.

There are usually 3 interviews in the job application process and 1 screening call.

Practice the interview questions with a recruiter to help you get past the screening call questions and interview stages.

Once you know the questions to expect, you can prepare and practice your answers, so you are more confident in the real interview with well thought out, clear and detailed responses to questions.

Part 2 contents:

1. How to find employers matching your background and experience?

2. Which industries you should focus on and how to find which jobs are available.?

How to find opportunities at companies such as Spotify, Truecaller, Tictail that are rapidly expanding into international markets.

3. How to present your skills and competencies.

4. Which employers to contact and who to talk to.

5. How to apply via a contact network.

6. What is the right time to apply depending on the industry and company.

7. How to best send your CV and follow up.

8. How to get decisions and interview requests. What employers look for in the interview selection process.

9. How to negotiate your salary and benefits.

10. How to network with employer contacts and send applications with a network reference.

Part 3 contents:

1. Understand the job interview process in Sweden

2. How to prepare before the interview

3. What questions to expect based on the company you are applying to eg. Spotify, Epidemic Sound, Klarna, NorthVolt and more

4. What questions to expect based on the industry you are working in

5. Practice pitch your impact statement

6. Practice pitch your personal story and bio

7. Practice pitch your work experience, what details to include, what to exclude and how to deliver it

8. Practice pitch your tone, voice and delivery

9. What to expect on the day of the interview - individual interviews vs group interviews.

10. How to answer open format questions

11. How to answer closed format questions

12. How to negotiate your salary and benefits

13. What are your rights as a job applicant

14. How to get your work permit


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Stockholm, Sweden

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