Paper Flower Making: Kusudama Style with Bobbie


Thu Nov 30 2023 at 05:00 pm to 07:30 pm


Midland Sailing Club | Birmingham, EN

Learn how to make beautiful paper flowers in the kusudama style with reused materials
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Join us from 5:00 PM for food and refreshments

In this class, Bobbie will invite us to make paper flowers inspired by the Japanese Kusuama style, using scrap materials that otherwise would have been waste. Bobbie hopes to share this craft as a mindful, soothing activity to create beautiful flowers that we can give as gifts to others or to ourselves.

Similar to origami, Kusudama is a form of paper-folding craft but differs by pasting or sewing elements together to form more intricate shapes. The word Kusudama can be translated to ‘medicine ball’ and were often used with incense, though now are typically given as gifts.

Together we will learn each step of how to fold the paper petals, assembling them into a flower shape and finally using wire to create the stem. You can personalise your flowers by choosing the size, colours and style of paper.

Some parts of this activity are a bit fiddly and so Bobbie will provide a simpler alternative of flower collage + colouring sheets for anyone who prefers.

All materials will be provided, though you are very welcome to bring in pre-cut squares of paper that you’d like to use - 8cm or 12cm works best.

What To Bring
  • Scrap paper cut into 8ch or 12cm squares (optional)

What's The Exchange?

Neighbourhood Trade School is based on the principle that everyone has something to share and everyone has something to learn. We invite each class host to choose items that they would find useful and delightful to receive in return for their time and experience in sharing a skill, so we invite you to explore which of our host's barter items you would like to bring along with you, if you are able to do so.

Bobbie's Barter List:

  • Old newspapers
  • Share your favourite mindful activity
  • Share an art/craft/story recommendation


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Bobbie is a wellbeing coach and contemporary folk crafter with an extensive background working for the NHS in mental health and organisational development. Bobbie is an advocate for lifelong learning, inclusive practises and bringing creative approaches to wellbeing in life and at work. Her art pracitce is rooted in folk craft and uses a range of mediums to create decorative, joyful gifts that often reuse materials.

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Neighbourhood Trade School is based on the principle that everyone has something to share and everyone has something to learn.

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Midland Sailing Club, Icknield Port Road, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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