Pagan Ritual (dance) Party #18 - Ostara: The Spring Equinox


Fri Mar 22 2024 at 06:00 pm to Sat Mar 23 2024 at 04:00 am


It's a Secret To Everyone! | Boulder, CO

Idunna Goddess of Renewal invites you to celebrate the coming Spring in the old ways of the ancestors at the 6th anniversary spring party!
About this Event

Idunna, Goddess of Renewal, Frigga, the All-Mother, Freya Goddess of Love, and Nerthus, Queen of the Vanir... invite you to celebrate Ostara, honoring the old ways of the ancestors - !!at the 6th annual!!- Pagan Ritual (dance) Party #18: Spring Equinox!


Read here about Ostara, according to our ancestors’ ancient traditions:

1) (


-Costumes are encouraged!!!

??‍♂️??‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♀️❤️‍? Elves, fairies, witches, wizards, vikings, and magickal creatures! ❤️‍???‍♂️??‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♀️


-Fire Spinners and Flow Arts welcomed! ???


-THREE Bonfires, going all night & into the AM ???


-Sound provided by: Golden Turtle Sound ( ???


? ??Food by The Hungry Tree Hugger? ??


??Chocolate Bar by Billy Zonka ??


???Elixir Bar by Evolved alchemy/Lux Elixirs ???


∞Rhythm of the Evening (full schedue below):


Doors open in early evening with face and body painting of Runes and benevolent magickcal symbols and designs, Scandinavian-style hair braiding, food and Jun, and two outdoor bonfires, going all night. Our first 2, of the 7 DJ/Producers playing this evening will take you through a musical journey ? followed by a short interlude.

We will all gather in circle, give thanks, and meditate together, anchoring our own Divine Light, honoring our ancestors, gods & goddesses, - concluded with a Mead Ceremony & toast.

While in circle, we will then flow into into the dance as Nihzoni musically bring us into the into evening.

Finally, the night concludes with legendary author and priestess Freya Aswynn (, live from Spain, to answer your questions and draw Runes, in private readings for those who have purchased upper tier tickets.

We will have friendly black-belt security staff available all night and into the AM, at the door and outdoors, checking your Rune-blessed wristbands and removing anyone unworthy of being a guest of a Son of Odin ?




6:03pm - Doors Open!


-Hair Braiding: Scandinavian-Viking style by Abby Neuman (IG @dream_weaver_hair)


-Live Artist & Face/Body Painting: Temple Body Paint (IG @temple_bodypaint)


Dinner, Snacks, & Elixirs available for purchase:


The Hunger Tree Hugger


Evolved Alchemy / Lux Elixirs


Visuals / Screen throughout the evening by Mote.


•••7:00-8:00 - Soulstice - DJ/Producer Set (

•••8:00-9:00pm - DJ Devine - DJ/Producer Set (

∞9:00-9:45pm - Asatru Circle/Ritual: By Ubbe MacLean ( with Soulstice, Angelia LaRue ( & Priestess Sunniva (

•••10:00am-11:00pm - Nihzoni - DJ/Producer Set (

•••11:00-12:00 - Magnetik Moon ( with Gold Dust Tribe -- DJ/Producer Set & Sacred Dance ( (

•••12:00-1:00am - Erothyme - DJ/Producer Set (

•••1:00-2:00am - Fathaum - DJ/Producer Set (

•••2:00-3:00am - Nyrus - DJ/Producer Set (

∞3:00-4:00am - Talk & Rune Readings (for upper tier ticket holders) with the legendary author and Priestess of Odin Freya Aswynn (, considered by many to be the all-mother of the folk; Ubbe’s teacher and co-author.

Get a personal, private Rune Reading with Freya as we bring her in from Spain (8 hours ahead of us).

Healing from the Tree: Using Runes & Herbs for Emotional, Physical & Soul Healing ( by Ubbe MacLean, Freya Aswynn & Brigitte Mars.


* This is a purposefully intimate and sacred event. Space is limited 180 Ostara spring revelers!

$44-111:You will receive event location and password after ticket is purchased.

Tickets are tier-based, with a limited number available at each tier.

Upper Tier Tickets include Rune Readings (with Ubbe or Freya) & Signed copies - signed by Ubbe MacLean & Brigitte Mars - of Healing from the Tree: Using Runes & Herbs for Emotional, Physical & Soul Healing and Passport to the Cosmos by Dr. Johm Mack.


Ubbe MacLean (event creator/organizer) ( is a practitioner of Asatru, clinically trained psychotherapist, educator, life enhancement coach, reiki master and author of the guidebook -- "Healing From the Tree: Using Runes & Herbs for Emotional, Physical & Soul Healing" ( with renowned authors Freya Aswynn ( & Brigitte Mars (

One of his goals is reinvigorating the spiritual and shamanistic traditions of the Northern Ancestors in their descendants in the West, and create an understanding that we all have the ability to anchor the Divine Light of the higher realms, both individually and as a community in ritual and conscious celebration.

Ubbe, a student of the Runes under Freya Aswynn for 3 years, is the great grandson of Ubbe Ragnarson (see his family's book “

1000 Years of Hubbard History ( and his family proudly flies the "Black Raven Banner” of Ragnar Lothbrok at various homes across three states in the US.


Where is it happening?

It's a Secret To Everyone!, TBA, Boulder, United States

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USD 44.00 to USD 111.00

Ubba MacLean

Host or Publisher Ubba MacLean

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