Overcome Dating Anxiety by Mastering Your Mind - Dating Confidence for Men


Mon Sep 25 2023 at 08:00 pm to 09:30 pm


Newark | Newark, NJ

Attention Men...ready to overcome your anxiety when dating women, become CONFIDENT, and create your dream dating life?
About this Event

Are you needy and desperate in your relationships?

Do you fear losing the women you date?

Do you feel like you come off as creepy when you flirt with girls?

Does rejection hurt you so much that you don't even bother talking to women you are interested in?

Do you dream of having an amazing girl by your side but you can't even put yourself out there?

It’s time to discover your CONFIDENT and True Authentic Self when you are dating

women and living your life

When you struggle with anxiety it’s stressful to go to go on dates and become intimate with women

Any guy who wrestles with dating anxiety knows that becoming self-confident and at peace with who you are in

a relationship with an amazing woman can be challenging.

Your mind hangs onto old beliefs and thought patterns, blocking you from your potential, causing

frustration, discouragement, blocking your ability to be your best self around her, and more anxiety!

In this workshop you will learn how to:

● Stop finding yourself afraid of rejection

● Manage your fear of meeting new women

● Really be yourself on dates

● Stop feeling depressed and unmotivated to meet women

● Eliminate negative self-talk

Have NO FEAR, you CAN breakthrough your fear of meeting, connecting and dating

women who are excited to get closer to you!

It’s time to stop the suffering and live a life without limits and a lifestyle that is limitless.

You’ll feel more connected with other women, and romantic relationships in a way that you’ve always


This workshop will show you how to begin to overcome your fear of dating and connecting with women so

you can become your most confident version of yourself...Imagine a life with NO Limits!

This is NOT some cheesy pick up artist class.

This is a 4-day workshop that will help you learn to love yourself and who you are so you can have the ability

to share who you are CONFIDENTLY with women you want to pursue.

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Meet Shawn:

My name is Shawn “Sheshn” Heshmatpour, you can call me either Shawn or Sheshn. I’m not only a playful soul who always sees the fun in life, I am also the first life coach in the industry to have my hairy arms mistaken as tattoo sleeves. At a young age I had extreme social anxiety, would get bullied a lot, and I didn’t have much self confidence. I had anxiety making friends, building relationships, and was absolutely frightened to put myself out there to date women.

However, the early negative conditioning and trauma could not stop my persistence in personal growth. Towards my last couple years of streaming on Twitch, I dove into books and listened to audio content on self development. I continued this journey with multiple mentors and within months at a time, my momentum of personal development skyrocketed. I was learning things about myself and the world in a matter of weeks that may have taken years to learn without coaching and reading.

As I become more confident in who I am as a person and took more risks on myself, I became a life coach for people who struggled with social anxiety and lack of self-confidence. I did that for over a year, coaching over 50 people one-on-one to help them gain the confidence to make new friends, build relationships, build businesses, go on dates, become better parents/spouses, and become confident in ANYTHING they wanted to do. Most importantly, teaching them to expand their heart and heal from their pain by turning it into light.

Now, I coach and teach men how to do the same but with dating and relationships. I used to hold in so much fear of putting myself out there because of my dark past and as I have expanded as a person and a coach, I have learned to become confident with women while being my authentic self and showing up from a place of genuine love.

The truth is, as healthy men, we don’t need to be in our egos and play games in order to meet women. You can be genuine without being walked all over or rejected. My coaching methodology, cognitive mastery and emotional ownership is a self-development and spiritual process for men who want to date confidently by being their completely authentic self.


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Newark, United States

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