Open Reading: The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (Musical)


Wed Oct 27 2021 at 05:45 pm to 08:00 pm


Elberton Arts Center | Elberton, GA

Open Reading: The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (Musical)
Script to Be Read: The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (A Musical)
Date: Wed. Oct 27, 2021
Time: 5:45-8:00PM
Location: Elberton Arts Ctr, 17 W. Church St. Elberton, GA 30635
Monthly meetings where the scripts of shows that are being considered for future seasons at the Elbert Theatre will be read out loud by volunteers. It is a great opportunity to learn what the shows are about that are coming up in the schedule – especially if you plan to audition for any of them! It will be very similar to a first read-thru rehearsal of a show. Folks will be randomly assigned roles to read out loud and the show will be read from start to finish. (If the show director is present at the reading, he/she can decide who reads what part.) Feel free to bring snacks to share. This event is very casual, free to participate and will usually end around 8pm depending on the length of the script read.
Feel free to suggest shows for future seasons! We keep a running list every year and try to do shows that our audiences would like to see! Contact [email protected] for more info.
Show Synopsis: Shy and Amber arrive at Chicken Ranch knowing full well what goes on there. They've been used, had hard luck, and are lonely. They confide to Miss Mona that they have never done anything professional but plead for the chance to get some money together for a fresh start. Mona is taken with their honesty, hires them on, and sees to their training. She can use the extra help for the upcoming Texas Aggies/ Longhorn football-game party. The alumni associates of each school traditionally treat the winners of the annual rivalry to a night of frolicking at the Ranch. Some important political and business leaders are involved, too. (Miss Mona always has the right people to call on for advice). Things are pretty much as they have been for 58 years-until Melvin P. Thorpe, a Houston TV reporter and do-gooder, sets out to spoil everybody's fun. His Watchdog exposés do little to prompt Sheriff Dodd to close the Chicken Ranch. In fact, when Melvin visits the Ranch, Sheriff Dodd runs him off. It seems there is a romantic interest between the sheriff and Mona. In retaliation, Melvin raids the Ranch with his camera crew. The surprise visit proves embarrassing for all the above. Chicken Ranch is now too public to remain open in face of the state law against prostitution. Melvin P. Thorpe wins again. The girls ponder their futures as they await the bus from Amarillo. Mona and Sheriff Dodd pause for a moment of nostalgia before locking up after the girls have gone.
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Elberton Arts Center, Elberton, United States
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