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Thu Oct 26 2023 at 06:30 pm to 08:00 pm


Independent Café | Luxembourg, LU

A monthly and casual get-together to discuss nature & environmental topics, meet experts and share a drink. Newcomers are very welcome!
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28.09.2023 || PODIUMSDISKUSSION - FOOD WASTE mit der Expertin Dr. Rachel Reckinger || 18:00 - 20:00h || @ Quartier Stuff

!!!LOCATION: Quartier Stuff - 9, rue Joseph Hackin L-1746 Luxembourg

Organisator: foodsharing & Microtarians

Sprache: LU (with possibility to ask questions in other languages)

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26.10.2023 II Education à la nature & Education au Développement Durable & Education à la Citoyenneté Mondiale II Sonnie Nickels, biologiste et responsable pédagogique chez natur&ëmwelt & Deike Wolter responsable pédagogique chez ASTM

!!!ENDROIT : CITIM - Centre d’Information Tiers Monde, 136 rue Adolphe Fischer L-1521 Gare Luxembourg.Vous êtes actif·ve dans l'éducation formelle ou non-formelle ou simplement intéressé·e ? Alors, venez découvrir différentes activités et coffrets pédagogiques autour de thèmes tels que la nature, l'éducation au développement durable, l'éducation à la citoyenneté mondiale... et échangez avec des professionnels. En plus, vous pouvez vous informer sur les offres pédagogiques de natur&ëmwelt et de l'ASTM et consulter la bibliothèque du Citim.

30.11.2023 || SWAP PARTY · ALL GENDER AND SIZE EDITION II natur&ëmwelt & Lëtz Refashion

!!!LOCATION : LËTZ REFASHION - 8-10 Rue Genistre L-1623 Luxembourg

You have clothes that are still lovely but you never wear them? You wish to find some new favourite pieces to spice up your wardrobe in a sustainable way? Then join us for this special Open Meeting edition!

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31.08.2023 || VISIT OF THE BIRD RINGING STATION SCHLAMMWISS || Eric Kraus, Environmental architect at natur&ëmwelt

***POSTPONED TO WED, SEPT 06*** (due to weather forecast)

!!!LOCATION: Bird ringing station SCHLAMMWISS, 3 Rue de Beyren, 5376 Schuttrange, Luxembourg. Parking near the football field.

Join us for a guided tour of the nature reserve and bird ringing station Schlammwiss. You will learn why birds are an important part of our ecosystem, how research about bird migration and bird habitats helps us to protect them and how other species (plants, insects, etc.) are protected as well by protecting birds.

If you have one, please bring a camping chair and wear warm clothes & good shoes, it tends to get quite cold in the evenings . :)

26.01.2023 || WINTER BIRD COUNT || Katharina Klein, Centrale ornithologique @natur&ëmwelt

From January 27-29, the annual Winter Bird Count, Luxembourg's largest participatory ornithological event, will take place! At this Open Meeting you will learn more about the action and how you can participate.

23.02.2023 || TOAD MIGRATION || Lieke Mevis, biologist / consultant @natur&ëmwelt

Did you know that toads (and other amphibians) need our help? Depending on the weather conditions, the toads migrate from mid-February to mid-April. To identify their routes and bring them safely across the country's roads, we need helping hands! At this Open Meeting you will learn more about the action and how you can participate. No worry, no kissing frogs involved!!!

30.03.2023 || YOUNG MAMMALS || Jill Gaasch, Directrice Centre de Soins/Wildlife Care Center

Well-meant, but often harmful: Again and again, people pick up seemingly helpless young birds or young mammals with the intention to help. But these animals are rarely in need. Learn when and how you can really help.

27.04.2023 || WASPS || Lieke Mevis, biologist / consultant @natur&ëmwelt

You are curious about wasps? In this edition of our Open Meetings you will learn all about those little beasts, their importance for the ecosystem and how you can become a wasp consultant yourself.

25.05.2023 || KITCHEN HERBS || Birgit Gödert-Jacoby, natur&ëmwelt, hobby gardener

Kitchen herbs - grown quickly and easily at the window - can do more than just spice. An exchange of experiences over peppermint tea or a mojito that shows what herbs are about- from the leaf to the essential oil.

27.07.2023 || REGIONAL, SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE - 2000m2 PROJECT || Pol Moes, political campaigns at natur&ëmwelt a.s.b.l.

!!!LOCATION : Haus vun der Natur!!! This Open Meeting will take place at Haus vun der Natur, 5 Route de Luxembourg, 1899 Kockelscheuer. Parking is available at P+R Kockelscheuer.

Did you know that if you divide the arable land available worldwide by the world's population, you get around 2000m2 of arable land per capita? This area should therefore be enough to grow cereals, vegetables, coffee, fodder plants, cotton, rapeseed, etc. for one person.This is exactly what the project - "2000m2 for our food - promoting a sustainable agricultural and food culture in Luxembourg" is about. This Open Meeting will inform you about regional, sustainable agriculture and it might make you question your own eating and consumption habits.

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