Online Artist Talk: JULM Studios and Emily Larned


Thu Oct 14 2021 at 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm


Center For Book Arts Inc | New York, NY

Online Artist Talk: JULM Studios and Emily Larned
JULM Studios (Jason Urban & Leslie Mutchler) speak with Emily Larned about their exhibition at CBA, 'Impracticum: Mining Books on Color.'
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In conjunction with their CBA exhibition, 'Impracticum: Mining Books on Color,' JULM Studios (artists Jason Urban and Leslie Mutchler) present the free online program 'Color Impracticum: Books, Pedagogy, & Collaboration.'

This lunchtime discussion – moderated by publisher, designer, and educator Emily Larned – explores a range of subjects related to 'Color Impracticum' – Urban & Mutchler’s interactive web project – including art as education, education as art, the translation of books from analog to digital platforms, and the role of collaboration in the creative process.

For 'Color Impracticum,' Urban and Mutchler applied their unique pedagogical lens to considering how artist educators have confronted the possibilities and limitations of the virtual classroom during the coronavirus pandemic. While online courses are a new and exciting way to share content and create a multi-media classroom, they have also increased the distance and widened the social gap between faculty and students.

The title, 'Color Impracticum,' spoofs on the term “practicum,” which is defined as a course emphasizing the practical application of a field of study. Instead, Urban and Mutchler’s “impracticum” is untethered by usefulness and applicability. It is a laboratory and a playground offering a series of interwoven prompts that invite users to explore the visual, aesthetic, and conceptual effects of color.

This event is free, though we ask that you please consider making a donation of $5 or more in support of CBA’s programming!

This event is free, though we ask that you please consider making a donation of $5 or more in support of CBA’s programming! Thank you for your generosity.



Jason Urban and Leslie Mutchler aka JULM Studios have been working collaboratively since 2012 and are based in Brooklyn, New York. Through an interdisciplinary, research-intensive practice, they explore facts and fictions of pedagogy. With a shared background in traditional and digital printmaking, they employ a kind of pseudo-bibliology through the utilization of books, printing, and publishing. Photographs, video, and sculptural objects serve as facsimiles for research, experience, and exploration. Their projects investigate the evolving meaning of printed matter and the “sacred spaces” print occupies in the context of analog and digital technologies.

Emily Larned (b.1977, she/her/hers) has been publishing as a socially engaged art practice since 1993, when as a teenager she made her first zine. She is co-founder of Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts (ILSSA, est. 2008), a union for reflective creative practice, which explores the immaterial working conditions of impractical laborers through participatory projects, publications, and exhibitions. Through her imprint Alder & Frankia (est. 2016), she publishes new collaborations and reissues of feminist archival material. Read More


For 'Impracticum: Mining Books on Color,' JULM Studios (Leslie Mutchler & Jason Urban) is exhibiting a body of work about a fictive academic course called Geochromatic Studies. The project is a pedagogical inquiry that focuses on applications of color in science, pseudo-science, and the spiritual. As part of a larger curricular sequence, the classes explore both rational and irrational applications of color in the context of historical precedence and speculative interpretation. Special emphasis will be placed on geological matter as it pertains to the physical origins of color.

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