Ocean City, Maryland to Bethany Beach, Delaware - Smart-Guided Bike Tour


Mon Mar 27 2023 at 09:00 am to 02:00 pm


CycleNuts Selfie Cycling Tours in Ocean City, Maryland - Boardwalks, Bikeways, Beaches | Ocean City, MD

Experience Ocean City Boardwalk by bike! Explore this Atlantic Coast playground of boardwalks, bikeways, beaches, bars, amusements and more!
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Experience Ocean City to Bethany Beach seashore by bike!

CycleNuts Selfie Cycling Tours

CycleNuts Selfie Tours tie together fun, interesting, scenic, historic, tasty, and refreshing points of interest along a bikeway focused tour route where you ride at your pace and your pleasure. You are the tour boss.

With these smart-guided bikeway cycling adventures you bring the bike and smart phone, and CycleNuts provides the Smart Guide. The Smart Guide gives you voice and visual turn-by-turn instructions along an expertly designed and tested tour route.

Do the tour solo or bring along your crew. Easily stop anywhere along the way to visit attractions or refreshments and the Smart Guide will continue the route from wherever you are when you are ready to roll.

Ride on the iconic Ocean City Boardwalk and explore numerous attractions along the gorgeous Atlantic seashore north to Bethany Beach, Delaware and back. From beaches to bars to museums to amusement parks to restaurants to people watching to art shops to unique boutiques there is no shortage of discovery opportunities while enjoying this great Atlantic coast environment by bike.

The tour starts on Ocean City Boardwalk. Biking is allowed only between the hours of 2 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the summer season (Memorial Day through Labor Day). It is allowed anytime of the day and night in the off-season from the Tuesday after Labor Day to the Friday before Memorial Day. You can ride the wooden planks or choose the cement pathway running alongside it. With so much to see and take in there just is not enough room here to provide an adequate list of recommendations.

From Ocean City Boardwalk the tour route continues north into the state of Delaware. The feature attraction here on this segment of the tour is Fenwick Island State Park Beach. "The white sand beaches gradually slope into the Atlantic, creating a broad swimming area patrolled by lifeguards during the summer... features a modern bathhouse, showers, changing rooms, park office, and a snack food concession." If you are planning to swim - this is the spot! It is CycleNuts tested and approved. Entrance to the park is free on foot and bike (usually there is a long line of cars waiting to get into the park - but by bike you just ride on past the line).

Beyond Fenwick Island State Park Beach, the adventure continues north to the turnaround spot at Bethany Beach Boardwalk. Here there are lots of little shops and tasty spots snuggled around this scenic boardwalk (bikes only allowed on the boardwalk between 6 to 9 AM - but plenty of bike racks to lock up to if choosing to explore the boardwalk and beach by foot). The tour attractions do not end once you leave Bethany Beach to return to Ocean City. Adventure awaits all along the way. Often there are festivals, community events, and live music in parks along the route.

All bikes are appropriate for this smart-guided tour. Bring your bike or rent one near the starting spot (see confirmation information for listings). This 33-mile smart-guided route is 83% bikeway and comes with CycleNuts' 50% downhill guarantee. In most places the bikeway is a full lane - big enough for buses, which share the lane. It follows the topography of the land which is very flat. The ocean breeze may at times give you some opportunity to use your bike's climbing gear. Sweating is optional and perhaps unavoidable due to the wondrous sunshine and ocean front humidity. You set your own pace, starting time (keep in mind that bicycles must be off of the Ocean City, MD boardwalk between 11AM and 2AM), and touring agenda with CycleNuts' expert smart-guided cycle tour guide.

Points of interest along the way: Ocean City, Ocean City Boardwalk, Fenwick Island State Park and Beach, Bethany Beach Boardwalk, Atlantic Ocean, Little Assawoman Bay, and two CycleNuts tested and approved optional tasty spots Brass Balls Saloon and Big Peckers Bar & Grill. The area is chock full of interesting places to see and experience - much more than can be listed here.

HERE'S THE PLAN: You bring the bike. CycleNuts provides the smart-tour guide! Via email you receive an expertly designed and tested tour route. Simply click on the emailed link and follow the expertly designed Selfie Tour route using your smart phone as your personal smart-tour guide for the Voice and Map guided turn-by-turn instructions.

  1. From your location simply click on link 1 provided by CycleNuts (using your cell phone) and follow the Google Maps directions to the starting spot.
  2. Unload your bike (if you transported it to the starting spot), or if you rode your bike to the starting spot then you are good to go.
  3. And then click on link 2 provided by CycleNuts and begin the tour (for more complex tours there may also be a link 3 or 4 to click on along the way as well as additional instructions).

WHERE TO RENT A BIKE: See your ticket purchase confirmation information for local bike rental listings.


GET YOUR TICKET TODAY! - take note that the tour starting and ending times on the ticket are only a general guideline to give you an idea of how much time the tour may take at the minimum. Your time in the saddle, on the trail, and starting times are your call - it is your tour.

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