Nurture Your Nature: A Daylong 'Stay Retreat' for Yoga Attunement


Sat Mar 09 2024 at 09:30 am to 03:00 pm


The Green Yogi | Berkeley, CA

Join certified SATYA yoga teacher, Tina Rath, for a day long “stay retreat”
nurturing your physical, emotional and energetic bodies.
About this Event

Join certified SATYA yoga teacher, Tina Rath, for a day long “stay retreat” at Green Yogi Telegraph to nurture your physical, emotional and energetic bodies!

Our natural state of being is to be still, calm and easeful. Yet daily stressors such as family obligations, work responsibilities and the constant news cycle on top of our individual, personal internal challenges can keep us in a state of agitation and distraction, moving from the sympathetic (fight, flight or freeze) nervous system. We are conditioned this is normal because we are “used to it,” but our physical and energetic bodies become depleted leading to insomnia, feeling sharp or brittle, easily distracted and deeply exhausted.

During this daylong immersion, two yoga practices including pranayama and meditation will leave you feeling energetically calm and restored. When we feel at peace within ourselves, we are able to show up authentically and easily share our gifts with the world.SATYA (Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement), created by Tias Little, guides students away from “doing” movement and toward sensing, feeling, and “being” movement.

The SATYA movements – a combination of dance, yin yoga, Feldenkries and myofascial release – are done on the floor in a flowing fashion without force to increase somatic awareness.The exercises are non-weight bearing and involve sliding, gliding, and circular movements to balance the body’s structure, reduce tension and fatigue and boost immunity. The SATYA practice culminates in a few supported standing poses and inversions. The practice is suitable for beginners though some yoga experience is very helpful.

This "stay retreat" will take place at Green Yogi Telegraph from 9:30am to 3pm with breaks for lunch and self-care. Tickets are $108.

**We offer teacher, student and BIPOC scholarships! Reach out to [email protected] for more info.


Tina Rath is an American artist and a yoga practitioner and teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. More than a guide moving students rapidly from one posture to the next, Tina offers a a meditative practice that encourages students to slow down, to sense and feel, to integrate the movements in the layers of the body in order to develop an open, aware and spacious sense of well being.

Synthesizing 25 years of postural study and anatomy, Buddhist philosophy and yogic texts in combination with her artistic practice, Tina’s somatic yogic practices are creative, inspiring, at times playful that leave students feeling internally calm and quiet. One student described her classes as “a massage for the soul.”

Where is it happening?

The Green Yogi, 2807 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, United States

USD 108.00

The Green Yogi

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