Nolanville Smart Museum Reservations


Mon Mar 27 2023 at 12:00 am to 11:30 pm


408 10th St | Nolanville, TX

Have a meeting or party coming up? The City of Nolanville has a great space to fit you and your guests!
About this Event

NOTICE: Filling out a request does not guarantee your reservation. Once your application is received you will be contacted in 48 Hours with approval and next steps.

Community Room Rental

Large banquet room ideal for parties, weddings, banquets and other large events

Rental includes:10 folding tables and 100 banquet chairsUse of kitchen and appliances (refrigerator, freezer and oven / stove)

Rental Rates and Deposits

Nolanville Resident Rates

Regular Rental Deposit – $125.00

Rental with Alcohol Permit Deposit – $250.00* *

Monday – Friday (8 hours) $120.00

Weekend – (8 hours) $200.00

Non-Resident Rates

Regular Rental Deposit – $125.00

Rental with Alcohol Permit Deposit – $250.00*

Monday – Friday (8 hours) – $150.00

Weekend – (8 hours) – $250.00

2-hour short term rental: $75.00

Non-Profit Organizations: $40.00 (4 Hours)

All fees are based on the Fee Schedule located in the City’s Code of Ordinances

*Must Complete Additional Forms for approval of Alcohol (Beer and Wine Only)

Permit for use on Community Center Premises.


FEES Security deposits are due at the time of reservation. Rental Fee is due at time when you pick up the keys for rental. Fees must be paid with cash or a with credit card. A convenience fee is applicable to credit card payments.

DEPOSIT The rental fee and security deposit are deposited. All refunds are subject to the final discretion of the City Personnel. MasterCard, Visa, and Discover credit cards accepted. A convenience fee is applicable to credit card payments.

LIABILITY All renters agree to pay for any damage done to the facility, grounds or furnishings by themselves, their guests, caterers, or employees during or pertaining to their rentals. A signed contract covering this aspect will be required at the time of rental application. If damage should occur, notification will be given to the renter as soon as damages have been determined. If repairs or clean up by Recreation Center staff is required, the renter will be financially responsible for the cost of the repairs and clean up not covered by the deposit. The City of Nolanville is not responsible for anyone injured on the premises, personal property left on the site, or rental equipment. Persons renting a portion of the Community Recreation Center may request use of a designated area (outside or inside) for a bounce house. A “Request for Use” and “Hold Harmless Agreement” must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the rental and, if permission is granted, documentation of general liability insurance ($1,000,000.00 per occurrence) from the company supplying the bounce house must be provided listing the City of Nolanville as an additional insured. This information must be turned in prior to the rental. Other activities/entertainment used as part of your rental may also require the above-mentioned paperwork. Please notify staff if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Smoking is not allowed inside the Recreation Centers or the City Parks.
  • Candles must be securely supported on a substantial non-combustible surface and candle flames must be protected (votives, etc.).
  • “Trick” candles are prohibited.
  • Natural vegetation (live trees, wreaths) is prohibited unless a certificate of flame retardancy is submitted to staff prior to bringing items on site.
  • Decorative vegetation (bales of hay) requires a certificate of flame retardancy submitted to staff prior to bringing items on site.
  • Steno cans are allowed for food warming purposes. All other type warming units must be pre-approved through the Fire Department prior to the event.
  • Pyrotechnics are prohibited (including sparklers).
  • Fog machines are prohibited.
  • Entrances and exits may not be obstructed.
  • Fire Department non-emergency number 911.
  • Parties are required to maintain occupancy capacities. Parties may be canceled with no refund if
    occupancy requirements are exceeded during the rental time.


BEVERAGES The City Council of the City of Nolanville requires compliance alcohol is on the premise. An alcohol deposit must be paid in advance at time of reservation. Officers are paid separately and, depending on the number of guests, will determine the number of officers needed at the event. You must contact the Nolanville Police Department and schedule this with them. Failure to do so could result in loss of your deposits and shut down the event if no security is present. Contact Nolanville Police Department / Chief Daniel Porter at 254-698-6335.

Renters are responsible for set up** and take down of all items used such as tables and chairs. Tables and chairs must be returned to the area they were originally obtained.

CLEAN UP Renter is responsible for all clean up and related items to be completed during the scheduled reservation time. All decorations, litter and other debris must be disposed of properly. Trash must be bagged and left in a designated area. Staff will inspect the facility after rental is complete. Failure to comply with rules and regulations will result in the forfeit of the security deposit.

ENTERTAINMENT After hours, lyric appropriate music is allowed during your event (harpist, string quartets, disc jockeys, and
bands). Music is allowed during your event during operating hours if the noise level is kept to a minimum.
 Staff may determine lyric and noise level appropriateness.

FOOD & BEVERAGES Parties are allowed to bring their own food and drink (non-alcoholic) on-site. If beer and wine to be served, you must complete additional requirements.

After each rental, a designated City Employee will walk through to inspect the premises. Once the city has inspected the premises a refund of deposit will be released, and your deposit will be mailed within two (2) weeks of rental.

I have received a copy of the Nolanville J.W. Sims Community Center Policies and Procedures and will abide by these Policies and Procedures.

I understand that a portion or all of the deposit may be withheld for cleaning and/or damages.

The City reserves the right to close all or any portion of Facilities, with or without notice. The City may inspect the rented Facilities prior to any event. The City is not required to have available staff to monitor the use of the rented Facilities. Renter shall be responsible for any damage resulting from use of the Facilities and other portions of the Facilities caused by use of Renter, Renter’s members, or Renter’s invitees. It is the responsibility of Renter to inform participants, members, and invitees of any closure decisions.


  • No sales of alcoholic beverages are permitted on, in or at the Facilities.
  • Renter shall ensure compliance with state law for the consumption of alcohol and renter shall be held responsible and liable for any non-compliance to use of beer and wine regulations.
  • Minors shall not be permitted, under any circumstances to consume alcohol on City premises.
  • Renter shall remove or cause to be removed any person or group of persons not complying with state regulations as set forth by the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission.
  • The City may from time-to-time adopt ordinances further regulating alcohol consumption on city premises, which Renter agrees to enforce all City and State regulations relating to alcohol distribution and consumption of the Facilities rented
  • Renter shall be held accountable for any act resulting from the consumption of alcohol within the portion of the Facilities rented.
  • The City reserves the right to require additional security for any function serving alcohol.


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408 10th St, 408 10th Street, Nolanville, United States

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