NFThursday: CryptoCorridor Enter the Metaverse


Thu Sep 16 2021 at 05:30 pm to 09:00 pm


Modern Art Theory | Miami, FL

NFThursday: CryptoCorridor Enter the Metaverse
This NFThursday, Miami’s Crypto Corridor enters the Metaverse!
NFT is an evening for Startups, Investors, Innovators, Entrepreneurs & more
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Miami is a wondrous city filled with people who contribute to society through their different backgrounds, passions, and dreams. There is of course no other place worth visiting than Wynwood where unique individuals such as you and I can mingle and connect with future business leaders and influencers.

NFThursday provides access to those all over South Florida and with the fast-paced society we live in currently, this event brings us to date with the current trends, technology, and a look into the future! Be creative and explore, check out the link below:


NFThursday have you paving the path towards success! From personalized, expert-led panels to live art minting, NFThursday connects attendees with specialists, peers, business leaders through educational networking as a key to success.

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The Location:

Modern Art Theory

A fixture in Miami's robust art scene. Home of one of the the city's largest collection of NFT art in Miami.

Event Timeline

  • 5:30 pm – 6:30pm: Networking/social
  • 6:30pm – 7:00pm: Informational Presentation (Brett Lindstrom (Zombie Cupcake)Panel discussion hosted by Bijanca Star
  • 7:15pm – 8:30pm:

Artists: Mikihumo / Mark Diamond / Sebastian Coolidge / Tom Jodice (promoting a Virtual graffiti experience)

  • 8:30pm – 9:00pm: Meet the artists + Social networking
  • 8:30pm – midnight: NFT afterhours

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Sergey Gordienko aka Do What You Love Artist multidisciplinary visual artist with 20 years of experience. He used his creative skills in different areas as Graphic Designer, Art Director, Photo and Filmmaking, Illustrator and even ran his own Creative Agency in Russia and US until in 2015 he came to Miami for Art Basel and decided to become a full time artist and dedicate all his life to inspire people to do what they love.

Sergey’s work is full of colors, positive energy and love. All of his work has one thing in common. His main motto, mantra and message is “DO WHAT YOU LOVE.” He believes that “If you are not doing what you love you’re wasting your time.”

Sergey’s Artwork is not only vibrant and colorful, but it also holds several meanings through symbolism and inspirational quotes. He works in different mediums with various techniques on murals, cars, jackets, shoes and canvases. Recently he has launched his NFT Digital Art Collection.

Sergey also known as one of the pioneers of the crypto art movement. In 2017 he got inspiration from the blockchain and bitcoin rise and he began to popularize it through his art. One of his crypto art pieces is framed in the Mayor of Miami’s office wall for recognition for his contribution in the crypto community.

Sergey has been featured in ‘Forbes’ Magazine, interviewed on TV and other media. His artwork has been showcased in the most well recognized Art exhibitions within the US and Europe


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Brett Lindstrom is a blockchain, defi and NFT expert and has been involved in crypto currency since very early on. He is currently a Creative Director at Citi Bank fighting against centralized authorities from within and has been very outspoken on the injustices the banks have caused the citizens of the world. He has a brand new Defi Protocol and NFT Farm launching in the upcoming months to help fight global drug addiction. The platform is called Zombie Cupcakes.

He served as the Head of Design for CBS Fantasy Sports for 3 years and worked on the 2019 Super Bowl. He grew up writing graffiti and studying design. Among his art related endeavors he is responsible for the Rolling Loud Brand (The Largest Hiphop Festival in the World) and is a Billboard Top 40 Songwriter.

BUT THE most important industry to him is the Blockchain, DEFI and NFT industry because empowers ALL people.

Zombie Cupcakes Instagram:

  • Zombie Cupcakes

  • @zombiecupcak3

  • Personal Instagram:
  • Brett Lindstrom
  • @the_bcuz
  • Twitter:

  • @zombiecupcakes1

  • Discord:

  • Zombie Cupcakes

  • Telegram:

  • @the_bcuz

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Mark Diamond is an image maker in multiple disciplines. As a professional photographer since age 15, Diamond has published over 2000 photographs in his career in international publications as a photo journalist as well as commercial and fine art photography. For more than 40 years he has created world class holograms and 3 Dimensional displays for fine art as well as corporate and scientific applications. He is best known for linking high technology laser holography with a deep commitment to setting creative and aesthetic standards of quality. With works on exhibit in private and public collections in over 15 countries, Diamond has executed and staged holographic installation projects circling the globe. He has also consulted on holography for many large corporations including Coca Cola, Walt Disney, and the Hard Rock Cafés.


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Sebastian Coolidge is a fine art inventor notorious for his enigmatic style and timeless designs. A true self-made entrepreneur and Florida Bay Area legend, Sebastian has an inborn gift for channeling other dimensional ideas into a wide range of creations. He is wildly known for walking his viewers to the doorway of their own creative rabbit holes and pushing them in. Through bizarre renowned murals spread nationwide, surreal inventions with a psychedelic touch, and high fashion threads morphing silhouettes, Sebastian Coolidge demands unforgettable inner experiences that will wake dormant ideas and bring alive your own genius. He credits his success to his pure determination, a playful mindset, relentless creativity, and an unwavering belief in himself.Website


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MIKIHUMO is an emerging multidisciplinary artist from Venezuela now based in Miami, that specially works painting, sculptures and video art also as an architect has been doing stage design, projection mapping collaborating with several artists around the world. His latest works has been featured in L.A. Art Show, Art Miami during Art Basel, Burning Man, Miami Music Week, The New York Times, PBS between others.



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Having been surrounded by technology and new experiences since youth, I have had a chance to facilitate all kinds of art through tech. My first projects being in the audio engineering world I ran a local internet radio station in Rockaway Beach NY and eventually evolved into lighting and rigging as well as stage work. I had a chance to work live shows and festivals all over NYC and surrounding areas. During this pandemic live events had shut down and entertainment was making the switch to streaming from the internet and even hosting festivals like burning man through virtual reality programs. With this project I hope to bring some elements of both live art and entertainment and the Virtual world together to bring a new perspective of art into the NFT space.

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NFThursday exclusively offers its attendees access to many benefits, such as equipping them with the right tools for this digital art world and more. Through art you witness how both attendees and sponsors benefit from one another, creating a mutualistic relationship. It is never too late to become a part of the future of art, crypto & technology at @NFThursday

Contact us to participate or sponsor today!

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The Spot Wynwood is the home to Wynwood Spot Film Studios. A @PBMdigitalmedia NFT Studio located in the heart of Miami. @WSFStudios is the perfect setting for all your event and production needs located on the Crypto Corridor Miami, FL .

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Modern Art Theory, 3400 Northwest 7th Avenue, Miami, United States

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