National NDIS Review Conference


Fri Mar 22 2024 at 07:15 am to 05:00 pm


Great Hall, Parliament House | Canberra, CT

National NDIS Review Conference, 22nd March 2024, Australian Parliament House, Canberra
About this Event

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About the event:

This Conference is part of Transformation Series.

Embark on a transformative journey at the National NDIS Review Conference, dedicated to exploring and advancing the 26 key recommendations shaping the future of the NDIS. This full-day conference serves as a crucial catalyst to deepen discussions on the recommendations outlined in the NDIS Review and delve into the nuanced intricacies of their implementation across all levels of government—Commonwealth, States, and Territories.

Event Overview:

Welcome to the National NDIS Review Conference, a pivotal gathering designed to explore and amplify the discourse around the 26 key recommendations stemming from the comprehensive NDIS Review. This full-day conference promises a dynamic exchange of ideas, bringing together the foremost experts, policymakers, and stakeholders in the disability support ecosystem. Our distinguished panel of 27 thought leaders will navigate the nuanced landscape of these recommendations, fostering insightful discussions and strategic insights.

With a commitment to inclusivity, the conference invites 500 attendees to participate in person, fostering meaningful connections, while an additional 1000 individuals join virtually, ensuring widespread engagement. This collaborative platform aims to harness the collective intellectual capital, sparking conversations that drive positive change in the disability support landscape. Join us for an immersive experience where knowledge converges with action, propelling us toward a more equitable and effective future for disability support systems.

Key Themes, Panel discussions and Topics covered:

These eight panel discussions comprehensively cover aspects from all 26 recommendations, providing a platform for in-depth exploration and dialogue on critical issues in the disability support system.

Panel 1: Transforming Unified Support Ecosystem

This panel will explore the foundational elements of creating a unified support ecosystem (Recommendation 1) and the integration of mainstream services (Recommendation 2) to enhance participant pathways (Recommendation 3).

  • Foundational Support Fairness: Discuss the need for a unified system for foundational disability supports.(Action item 1.1)
  • Mainstream Integration: Explore strategies for better connecting mainstream services with the NDIS. (Action item 2.6)
  • Transparent Participant Pathways: Address the importance of a consistent and robust participant pathway. (Action item 3.1)

Panel 2: Transforming empowered Decision-Making and Inclusive Living

This panel will focus on empowering individuals through informed decision-making (Recommendation 5) and ensuring fair and consistent living supports (Recommendation 8).

  • Accessible Information for Decisions : Discuss the provision of accessible information for informed decision-making. (Action item 5.1)
  • Inclusive Housing Options: Explore strategies for consistent and sustainable housing and living budgets. (Action item 8.1)
  • Decision-Support Training : Address the importance of providing information, training, and resources to decision-supporters. (Action item 5.4)

Panel 3 : Fostering Quality-Driven Market Dynamics

This panel will delve into reforms to drive quality within the market (Recommendation 11), continuous improvement (Recommendation 12), and active market monitoring (Recommendation 13).

  • Preferred Provider Arrangements: Discuss the roll-out of preferred provider arrangements for capital supports. (Action item 11.2)
  • Quality Improvement Initiatives: Explore strategies to establish a dedicated quality function for continuous improvement. (Action item 12.1)
  • Active Market Monitoring: Address the need for evidence-driven market monitoring to identify issues early. (Action item 13.1)

Panel 4: Child-Centric Continuum and Early Intervention

This panel will emphasise the importance of prioritizing children's needs through a continuum of supports (Recommendation 6) and reforms in early intervention pathways (Recommendation 7).

  • Continuum of Supports: Discuss investments in a continuum of mainstream, foundational, and specialist supports for children. (Action item 6.1)
  • Early Intervention Pathway Reforms Explore reforms to the NDIS early intervention pathway.(Action item 7.1)
  • Evidence-Based Child Support: Address the importance of evidence-based early intervention capacity building supports for children.(Action item 6.5)

Panel 5: Creating an Accessible and Inclusive Workforce
This panel will discuss strategies to attract, retain, and train a workforce that is responsive to participant needs and delivers quality supports (Recommendation 15).

  • Targeted Workforce Initiatives: Discuss the design and trial of workforce attraction and retention initiatives. (Action item15.1)
  • Flexible Migration Pathways: Explore the development of flexible migration pathways for care and support workers. (Action item15.2)
  • Integrated Workforce Development: Address the need for an integrated approach to workforce development in the care and support sector.(Action item 15.3)

Panel 6: Safeguarding and Regulation Evolution

This panel will focus on evolving safeguards and regulations, including individual risk assessments (Recommendation 16) and adopting a graduated risk-proportionate regulatory model (Recommendation 17).

  • Individual Risk Assessment: Discuss the design and implementation of a new individual risk assessment and safeguard building process. (Action item 16.2)
  • Graduated Regulatory Model: Explore the implementation of a graduated risk-proportionate regulatory model for the provider market. (Action item 17.1)
  • Streamlined Worker Screening: Address the need for improved, streamlined, and harmonized worker screening processes. (Action item 17.5)

Panel 7: Transforming Restrictive Practices and Quality Framework
This panel will address urgent actions to transform restrictive practices (Recommendation 18) and establish effective quality institutions (Recommendation 19).

  • Collaborative Action Plan : Discuss the development of a joint action plan for reducing and eliminating restrictive practices. (Action item 18.1)
  • Unified Quality Framework: Explore the establishment of a collaborative Disability Supports Quality and Safeguarding Framework. (Action item 19.1)
  • Evidence-Based Quality Metrics: Address the need for evidence-based quality metrics through an NDIS Evidence Committee. (Action item 23.2)

Panel 8: National Disability Roadmap
This panel will explore collaboration between Australian governments, including a new Disability Intergovernmental Agreement (Recommendation 20) and an implementation roadmap (Recommendation 26).

  • Collaborative Intergovernmental Agreement: Discuss the agreement on a new Disability Intergovernmental Agreement for a comprehensive support ecosystem. (Action item 20.1)
  • Aligned Funding Arrangements : Explore the development of new funding arrangements aligned with incentives and shared costs. (Action item 20.2)
  • Transparent Implementation Roadmap : Address the need for an agreed and published implementation roadmap for a smooth transition.(Action item 26.1)

Why you should attend?

The National NDIS Review Conference provides a unique and invaluable opportunity to actively engage in shaping the future of disability support in Australia. By participating in this event, you will:

  1. Gain Insights: Explore the comprehensive insights offered by the recently published Independent Review on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Understand the recommendations and their implications for individuals, stakeholders, and governments.
  2. Collaborate and Network: Connect with a diverse array of stakeholders, including policymakers, experts, advocates, and individuals within the disability ecosystem. Foster collaborations that can drive positive change and enhance the overall disability support landscape.
  3. Contribute to the Dialogue: Contribute your perspective and expertise to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the NDIS Review. Your active participation will help shape the discourse on crucial issues and potential solutions.
  4. Stay Informed: Stay abreast of the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities within the disability support sector. Gain a deeper understanding of the reforms proposed by the NDIS Review and their implications for all stakeholders.
  5. Influence Change: Be part of a collective effort to influence positive change and contribute to the implementation of recommendations at all government levels—Commonwealth, States, and Territories. Your engagement will play a vital role in advancing a more inclusive, sustainable, and responsive disability support system.
  6. Connect with Experts: Engage with experts and thought leaders who will share their knowledge, experiences, and strategies. Benefit from a wealth of expertise that can inform your understanding and approach to disability support.
  7. Shape the Future: By attending, you actively contribute to shaping the future of disability support in Australia. Join us in navigating the path toward a more equitable, accessible, and person-centered approach to disability care.

Who should attend?

  • People with lived experience, families, carers.
  • NDIS C-Suite Executives
  • NDIS Service and Operations Executives
  • NDIS Digital and ICT Executives
  • NDIS Service Design and Delivery
  • NDIS People and Culture Executives
  • NDIS Clinical Governance Executives
  • NDIS Support Coordination Executives
  • NDIS Business Owners
  • NDIS SDA Providers
  • NDIS Behaviour Support Providers
  • NDIS Supported Independent Living Providers
  • NDIS Support Coordinators
  • NDIS Plan Managers
  • Other Service Providers
  • Advocates
  • Policy Officers

We are aligned with

1 . UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

2 . Australia's Disability Strategy 2021 - 2031


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Where is it happening?

Great Hall, Parliament House, Parliament Drive, Canberra, Australia

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