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Fri Apr 14 2023 at 08:15 pm


Gigi’s Bar Hoxton | London, EN

"Monyo Project- Redolent of Garbage maybe, though with a grimier, grindier, slack rock context- and a nigh on Lee Anne Rimes country tinge too…brassy, sassy female fronted pop rock. Cool. " Bugbearbookings (UK)
Monyo Project are the Mickey Mallory Knox couple of rock music. (Szimplamusic)
Cold Rock band from Transylvania founded in 1999.
The band members are Monyo (guitar, analog instruments, vocal), and Baba (lead vocal, analog instruments), they are a songwriter couple. The other members, drummer, keybord, bass player are always changing around. Sometimes just the two of them are playing, on analog instruments. They had four tours in London, big philharmonic concerts, a documentary about them and many gigs in Budapest and Transylvania. Songs played by the radio: Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, U2, UUU, I’m the Stone, Feel the Wind, Black Winter, Red Monkey etc.
2000: Freedom
2007: Szlogenek Szlengek Vakerok
2008: FreedomII
2009: Blues Balkán Chill Out Yoga
2010: Cold Rock
2011: Sex n Drugs n Cold Rock
2012: UUU single/Magneoton
2013: Sex n Drugs n Rock n Roll/Magneoton U2/Magneoton
2014: 15 Years In – Toxication
2015: A.H.A./Dextramedia Minimal Cold/Launching gagarin Records and Management
2015: I am the Stone/ with National Philharmonic Band of Marosvásárhely Sláger/ with National Philharmonic Band of Marosvásárhely 10th Harmonia Cordis International Guitar Festival/split with Al Di Meola
2015: Monyo Project Symphonic Live in Marosvásárhely DVD
2017: Feel the Wind/Dextramedia
2018: E.R.A./Dextramedia/NKA
2019: Shaman/Dextramedia/NKA
2020: Black Winter/Dextramedia
2021: Black Winter 2
2021: PUNK.HU
2021: Mist
2021: Time
2021: Tribal Robot
2022: Paradise
Monyo Project-I’ve got my rules

Monyo Project feat Dj Titusz-
I’ve got my rules

Monyo Project-You remain

Monyo Project-Deeper

Monyo Project-Red Monkey

Where is it happening?

Gigi’s Bar Hoxton, 11 Hoxton Square,London, United Kingdom, London, United Kingdom
Monyo Project

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