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Wed Jun 14 2023 at 07:00 pm to 10:00 pm


Mindshop Online Classroom | San Mateo, CA

“There's no one without purpose in a game. That's what Gamification is all about.” ― Vineet Raj Kapoor
About this Event

What is this MINDSHOP about?

Do you know the difference between mHealth gaming and gamified mHealth? Gamification refers to methodologies on how to booth engagement and retention for a specific purpose. In this sharing TechTalk, we shall discuss how gamification can be integrated into the mobile health solutions: challenges and opportunities

We will dive deeper into the several ways to gamify a health app:

  • Set goals and challenges: By setting specific goals and challenges for users to complete, you can encourage them to engage with the app on a regular basis. For example, you could set a daily step goal and allow users to earn points or rewards for reaching it.
  • Use a points or rewards system: A points or rewards system can be a powerful motivator for users. You can allow users to earn points for completing challenges or meeting their goals, which they can then redeem for prizes or rewards.
  • Use leaderboards: Leaderboards can be a fun way to encourage competition among users and keep them engaged. You could create a leaderboard for the most steps taken, the most challenges completed, or other health-related metrics.
  • Use gamification elements: Elements like progress bars, unlockable achievements, and power-ups can make using the app feel more like a game and keep users motivated to continue using it.
  • Make it fun: Above all, make sure the app is fun to use. This can involve using interactive elements, engaging graphics and animations, and overall making the experience enjoyable for users.

Key takeaways:

✔️The current landscape of consumer health apps

✔️Gamification vs Game mechanics in mHealth

✔️Integration of Gamification (Use case(s))

✔️You will receive the slides and recording post-event

✔️Certificate of Attendance powered by Techversity Program

Who needs to attend?

✔️Entrepreneurs at early-stage of their startup (esp. mHealth)

✔️Managers who are committed to solving healthcare problems creatively

✔️UX designers tackling health-related design challenges

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