MindFree Friday: Sound Bath


Fri Nov 26 2021 at 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm


Karma Yoga Center | Denver, CO

MindFree Friday: Sound Bath
MindFree Fridays are a unique collection of sound healing and meditations to help you free your mind. Each Friday, a different meditation or sound healing will be offered. Sound, external or internal, allows the body to open on a subtle level. As energy pathways open, they are cleansed and cleared by sound. The pure vibrations of mantras, singing bowls, gongs, musical instruments, song/kirtan, is like riding the first-class train to peace and tranquility!
Regular: $27
Karma Members: $24
Sound Bath Description: We call it a ‘sound bath’ because we gently immerse ourselves, with an aim of relaxation, and become quite literally washed with sounds. With an array of gongs, crystal bowls, bamboo, chimes, and more, Arin creates a sonic environment that envelopes an energy. One that breathes with you, lives with you, perhaps guides you. This practice allows the self to slow, be patient, and trust the sounds to bring you to a place of resting peace. There is no wrong way to experience a sound bath, you are only asked to invite the sound and its energy into your space, and into your heart.\
About Dr. Arin Levy
Dr. Arin Levy (they/them) has studied music their entire life, earning degrees in western percussion and experimental sound art. Arin has combined those skills with their experience as a student of mindfulness practices through yoga, meditation, listening, and sound creation. They do not claim to be a sound healer, but strongly believe the events experienced can allow the self to heal in remarkable ways.

Where is it happening?

Karma Yoga Center, 1705 S Pearl St, Denver, United States
Karma Yoga Center

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